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initial setup

26-10-2003, 15:20
I've looked at the FAQs and done a search and if I'm asking something that has been asked before, I apologize (but not really since I AM the King :D ).

I answered the initial questions about government and the description of my country contains something that is 180 degrees from what I meant. I may have checked the wrong box or whatever, it doesn't matter.

How do I correct this? My cyber subjects are VERY upset.
26-10-2003, 15:26
When the issues come, you have chance to treat your subject better or worst. In the settings (left upper corner of your screen), you can set the number of issues to recive every day.
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26-10-2003, 16:46
Thanks Corinthe. They really should have an edit. We monarchs are allowed to change our minds, even :)
26-10-2003, 16:54
Asked, and answered.
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