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My nation's issues are not updating.

25-10-2003, 21:56
My nation's issues haven't been updated yet. While they should have been at least a half a day ago. Has this happened to other players as well or am I the only unlucky one? Anyway, if the moderators have time (I assume they don't but whatever) could one of them please check it out?
Tactical Grace
25-10-2003, 21:58
Try moving out of your region, and then back in. That seems to clear up some stuck things.
Icaria III
25-10-2003, 21:59
Myself and everyone in my region seems to be afflicted by the non-updating plague, too. It's been nearly 24 hours now since I've seen a new issue.
25-10-2003, 22:03
It happens to me all the time.

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25-10-2003, 22:04
I'm guessing that this is bug-related....
25-10-2003, 22:05

This topic is already debated elsewhere.
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25-10-2003, 22:11
What Corinthe said, although 'discussed' is probably more accurate than debated. :|

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