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Issue not resolved, and No new issues...

25-10-2003, 16:29
Hello. I am fairly new here, so I may not completely understand how things are supposed to work. So, here is the situation. I got the "nudism" issue 2 days ago, made a decision on it, and it is stiil showing as "legistation pending." Whereas, I have gotten other issues, and they were resolved the next day, and I got a new issue. I am wondering if some issues will take longer (kind of like in the real world), etc. Also, I haven't gotten any new issues for the last 2 days. I am wondering if there was a problem when I switched my "issue' setting to "two per day." Anyway, I have gotten any issues at all in like 2 days. Can someone help me on any of this? Thanks in advance.
25-10-2003, 16:31
You may join the discussion here:
The getting help section! ( (for all your gaming problems)
The Free Pacific ( (for The Pacific alternative.)
25-10-2003, 17:29
What Corinthe said.

*does the lockomotion*

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