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Split Forums for Diff. Tech Ages?

25-10-2003, 16:00
I know forums are expen$ive, and it's probably a pain to do, but wouldn't it make sense to have different forums (under sound and fury) for different tech ages (Past-Present-Future)

I think it would be easier to keep track of stuff if we separated it into different eras.

Just a thought...

25-10-2003, 16:07
This gets suggested very frequently (I do not see how I forgot to add it to my FAQ), and the answer is that it would be too much work for the current moderators, and they do not want to have to take on more mods just for that.

Peace, Truth, and Justice,
25-10-2003, 16:10
Alright, just thought it would be easier once it was totally implemented
25-10-2003, 16:35
Yeah, let's add this to the FAQ.

I'm going to cut this one short. It's been discussed at length at many levels, and the conclusion has always been, "no". I may open this general topic (not thread) in the future should circumstances change.
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