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[yeah...i cant get in my nation]

09-10-2003, 23:53
what is this? i typed it in right like 5 times, whats wrong with my nation? i can use the forums so i dont think im banned?

[wrong forum, i know. feel free to move]
09-10-2003, 23:56
Perhaps somebody changed your password?
10-10-2003, 00:00
that would be my guess
10-10-2003, 00:01
Perhaps somebody changed your password?

i dont know? noone hates me that much.....
10-10-2003, 00:08
Try and request your password?

If you can't get an email from nationstates with your pass than you should contact them because somebody cracked your pass.
10-10-2003, 00:13
one of my 'friends' got my pass. he just told me. man i hate friends.
10-10-2003, 00:15
10-10-2003, 00:16
oh, that does suck
10-10-2003, 02:02
Ok, this has been dealt with by the parties involved.
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