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09-10-2003, 22:22
Is privatization good for the economy? I've heard cases on both sides saying that it is, but I can't figure which one is correct. Thanks
09-10-2003, 22:26
I'm pretty sure it is but I think it brings civil rights down.
Tactical Grace
09-10-2003, 23:01
If you are referring to the beaches, I never bother privatising them, preferring to use that issue to bump my Civil Rights. Also, someone actually argued a while ago that it might be having a detrimental effect on economies, with that particular example of privatisation being one that leads to inefficiency, possibly a becoming a loss-making enterprise. I don't suppose it would have much of an effect either way, but you could try and see if privatisation helps.
10-10-2003, 00:19
Depends on who wrote the issue.
I'm guessing some American, so privatisation would probably boost the economy. :roll:
10-10-2003, 00:33
I accidently privatised beaches once and my economy shoy up to "weak" (It also took me a week to get it back down)
10-10-2003, 00:36
You wanted it to stay down?
10-10-2003, 11:33
Privatising the beaches boosts economy and the environment at the cost of civil rights.
Tactical Grace
10-10-2003, 11:47
Ah. I'm good enough at that anyway, and would prefer to keep Civil Rights high.