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I can't get into the UN

imported_Rapacious Rage
08-10-2003, 06:52
On the 2nd of October my main nation, The Commonwealth of Carsaig, resigned from the UN and The Republic of Rapacious Rage, one of my puppets, applied to join. I have still to receive a confirmatory E-mail. This was just before the most recent server crash, so thinking that might be the problem I reapplied on the 4th. Two days ago I sent an E-mail asking what might be the problem, but have, as yet received no reply. Could someone suggest what I do next to sort this out? With thanks in advance.
08-10-2003, 07:03
who is your e-mail provider? some may have mail controls that don't allow certain e-mail from certain people and/or certain e-mail providers.
imported_Rapacious Rage
08-10-2003, 07:37
I had no trouble getting Carsaig confirmed some months ago, and haven't had any change of E-mail provider since.
08-10-2003, 09:44
It might be related to the recent "server hiccup" - the one which caused people to get compliance telegrams for blank resolutions and so on.
09-10-2003, 12:12
A bump so he gets to see this.:)
09-10-2003, 15:35
Give it a day or two more. Then post again if you don't get an e-mail in 72 hours after that.
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