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Bug: 'Uncheck-box-ed' Telegrams Deleted

08-10-2003, 01:26
Note: Before I post what I've experienced, I seem to recall that I've also experienced this problem some times ago. So...

Today, I was browsing my telegram box, with 7-8 telegrams. Then, I clicked the check-box for the first, second, and fifth or sixth TG (can't really remember, forgot). I was sure that I didn't click the check-boxes for the rest. Then, I clicked the "Delete Telegram" button. Tada! It showed that only 3 telegrams deleted, but actually all the telegrams were deleted.

Bad thing is, a few telegram are very important telegrams I just read briefly, and one is a proof for a spamming another nation did :(

If other players also has experienced this problem, please post here.

Hope the problem will get fixed soon, thanks.
08-10-2003, 06:14
I konw that we have some odd bugs that can (rarely) arrise with deleting telegrams, but have never heard of any such as you've described. I'll keep my ears open for other similar occurences.
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