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UN Proposal

07-10-2003, 20:23
I could be being thicker than tar in a fridge or putting this in the wrong section but I submitted a proposal to the UN that reached Quorum. In fact I had a shade under 200 supporters. Now I find that the resolution is not being voted on... It did reach quorum at the same time as another proposal... This was passed. Is it a case of it has just been dropped from the system?

Either way I'd like my tiny mind put at rest. Thanks in advance.

The Free Land of Majjiland.
Tactical Grace
07-10-2003, 20:27
It would help if we knew the name of the proposal.

One possibility is that it might have disappeared during the server crash. The whole UN got screwed up.
07-10-2003, 21:55
You mean International Space Station? I don't have the text of that one, but I do recall it reaching quorum.
07-10-2003, 22:26
Perhaps the simplest approach is to resubmit your proposal. I know it feels bad to have your proposal reach quorum and watch it vanish, but I don't think a Mod can simply add your proposal back in and force it to be in quorum.

If you didn't get any warning about your proposal being inappropriate, it's likely it was a screw-up by the system. This has happened before.

08-10-2003, 00:40

Yes, it was the space station.... Gutted! Oh well! I don't think I'll re-submit it. I was doing it to increase interest in my region. I'll only annoy people if I have to drum up more support.

Cheers for answering though.