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The Cemetary

04-10-2003, 14:21
Tired of life with your nation? Is it annoying to have a bad reputation with it?

Nothing is easier than to march to the region "The cemetary". Almost 30 nations have died there in vacation mode.

If you're bored we invite you to put it there. A very good and free burial service is offered.

Hope to see you there... for the last time.
04-10-2003, 14:32

Very original... but wrong forum...

Modalert: Suggested move to NationStates or General...
04-10-2003, 14:35
Please no suicide propaganda. I'm not ready yet!
The getting help section! ( (for all your gaming problems)
The Central Pacific ( (for The Pacific alternative.)
04-10-2003, 15:03
You really don't need to post the same thread in every forum.
04-10-2003, 15:18
This doesn't belong in "Technical".

I don't know who locked this; another mod locked it while I was locking the other duplicate topics about "The Cemetary".

Biermann: Posting the same topic in every board is considered spam. Post a topic only once. If it is in the wrong place, it can be moved to the right place. If you do this again, I will issue an official warning against you.

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