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Problem in representing warfare

United Faiths
03-10-2003, 17:14
Dear Nation States Friends,

I write to you, as the Founder of Africa and player since January, because of a problem that perhaps you have heard a lot about, when there is warfare between states, it is difficult to ascertain relative strengths and weaknesses. Could the administrator create an indicator that specific values miltiary strength? Furthermore, is there any way the administrator could provide Founders with the power to decrease populations of other states in their regions. This power could even be given discriminately or voted on by other states in the region if there is controversy in having it extend universally as the power to boot did. Providing the power to decrease populations (NOT INCREASE THEM) would assist in realistically representing battle losses that exceed the natural birth rate. It has been quite difficult to manage war effectively and the game is really lacking due to this.

However, I would like to thank the creators for this game which my colleagues and I find exceptionally enjoyable and we have created sub-institutions and legal norms to deal with the rough edges the game still holds.

Please feel free to visit our website: to learn more about our region. Tomorrow, the 160 nations of Africa are invited to participate in a chat room conference. We invite you as administrator to also attend. Instructions can be found on our website by going to the mainpage and clicking on subsection: "8. Meetings of the African Union"


Brian Morales

Nairb Selarom, President, United Faiths

03-10-2003, 17:16
Warfare will (in all likelyhood) be implemented for NS2. There exist no plans to implement any war related functionality in this version of NS. Sorry.
Tech Modling