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Nation XML - a request

03-10-2003, 15:26
Would there be any possibilty of having the number of endorsements a nation has included in the XML feed?

It would be useful to see who is being endorsed, and it would be handy for building an early warning system to protect against regional invasions :wink:
Tactical Grace
03-10-2003, 16:12
I find that in regions smaller than 100 nations, ie all but 40 or so, it is very easy to just check for a sudden influx of nations or manually go through all UN member nations to see how many endorsements they have. It is boring and repetitive, but it takes only a few minutes each day, and it works. If it is just the one region for which you are responsible, I do not see how it would be any trouble. My (then) 60 nation region spotted the latest invasion easily enough.

From what I have seen, regions which contain more than 100 nations are pretty much immune from invasion or coup. The Pacific presents us with an exception to the rule, but would you really want a tyrant getting hold of such a tool?
03-10-2003, 16:13
Would there be any possibilty of having the number of endorsements a nation has included in the XML feed?

Preferably both endorsements received and verified. Or better: a list of nations that gave the endorsements (like on the nations page).

Ofcourse, the danger of making XML pages TOO useful is that it can boost data traffic as more people will update their own data / pages more often...

03-10-2003, 17:02
Well the main reason I'd like to have the information is to include it on my website along with the other information I'm already collecting.

I don't really see invasion being a problem in my region (the Anticapitalist Alliance) because we have over 200 members, but general regional policy is that endorsement trading is not to be encouraged and this would make it easier to spot. We also have bi-monthly elections when anyone holding a large number of endorsements is asked to temporarily leave the region to shed their endorsements and create a level playing field. The delegate doesn't have access to regional control at this time, but it would be nice to be able see who has lots of endorsements.

I wouldn't expect the name of the endorsing nations to be provided though, as this would add too much data to the XML feed.

Anyway, I'm probably only wishing :lol: