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Password Problems

29-09-2003, 23:07
Just yesterday I had problems logging in with my usual password. I requested a new one via email and sorted it out without much problem (though I do wonder why my password suddenly became invalid).

However, after following an external link to the forums (from an external forum) I found mysef having to log into the forums independantly. However, only my previous (NS) password was accepted by the forums.

I then logged into NS and tried to connect ot the forums. It reported that I wasn't logged in.

I subsequently changed my password in NS, back to the previous one and then back to the new one (hope this makes sense) and lo and behold the forums picked it up this time.

So, I don't really have a problem now, but I raise the possibility that there might be an issue concerning the synchronisation of NS and forum passwords.
30-09-2003, 00:40
Odd, normally this works just fine. I'll take a look around.
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