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Special characters in settings

29-09-2003, 07:44
Hello. I don't know if this issue would pertain to this particular forum, but here goes...

I was curious whether or not special characters such as í, á, æ, etc...would be permitted for use in the currency and names of nations. Being a native Icelandic speaker, I had to change some of the letters in the names of currency and my original name for the nation.

The Most Glorious Hack
29-09-2003, 07:52
They are not allowed.
29-09-2003, 17:20
That is correct, they are not allowed for currency, animal, or name, however, they are permitted in the slogan, thus that can be in your native tounge.
Tèch Mødlïng

P.S. Oh, I see that you've already discovered this.