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search function sux

28-09-2003, 02:07
How about an easier way to scroll through older pages of forum?

Actually all pages

Suggest Jump to page -----

Now we have to wade through these pages two or three at a time

you get the first couple and the last

the ones in the middle take a while :(
28-09-2003, 02:24
Problem is that although you missed the three or four big server crashes (I was only present for two myself), but after them Reploid determined that the search funtion was a major part of this, which is why it is pruned.

Edit: Oh yeah, and it is not "our" game it is Max Barry's.
28-09-2003, 02:41
I play it so it's my game

I did'nt mean I owned it

too bad about the searching thing

this is a pain

it must be Bill Gates...
28-09-2003, 10:54
I have a solution for your "jump to" problem.

Since this is about the search function, I'll use that as an example, even though this works when browsing topics and the thread listings as well.

If you look at the URL, you will see something like this:

Now, start=100 probably won't be in bold, but the point here is that if you want to jump to a certain page, just change that little number to what-have-you. And there are twenty results/posts/topics per page in case you don't know already.

Edited in:
If you haven't changed pages yet, the search_id and start will not show up in the URL. Just go to page two, and then change it.