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Yeah, yeah. What happened to...

27-09-2003, 21:29
...Custom names? Did the topic just fizzle and die? Or is it being worked on? Either is fine, I was just curious.
27-09-2003, 21:31
The interface for the mods to edit issues isn't finished yet. When it is, we can start hassling [violet] again. :wink:
27-09-2003, 21:32
lol I am now over 500 million 8)
27-09-2003, 21:36
Siro: Okay.

A custom name might be cool, but I don't know how fast the novelty will wear off...
27-09-2003, 21:42
I am soon to be a hellenic empire or an imperial republic
27-09-2003, 22:59
I shall be the Bi-Planetary Green Democratic Socialist Imperium of Qaaolchoura, (tri planetary when I find people to aid me in wresting Venus from Melemecar).
27-09-2003, 23:35
yah' I'm for that!

gotta have fun
28-09-2003, 00:09
For what? Custom names or wresting Venus from Melemecar?
The Unreal Soldiers
28-09-2003, 18:59
Speaking of custom things for older nations, what about a sig or avatar type thing? Most forums enable so every post you make will have a specific text underneath, so why not have one for NS? Maybe not every post, but instead of having people manually post the info after every post, have it do it automatically. Or maybe have it an option, because sometimes in an RP war thread i want to have a sig showing the post would be coming from my leader.
28-09-2003, 21:50
I would be the Red-Taped Republic of Oglethorpia!