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The Region Of Heideland

26-09-2003, 20:29
I have just established the Region of Heideland.I wish to become the UN Delegate for my Region, seeing as I founded it. How do I do this?
26-09-2003, 21:06
modalert, wrong forum... but you're new of course.

To become delegate of a region you must have more endorsements by other UN nations than any other UN nations in that region.

Read the FAQ and stickies. It'll make you an NS veteran in less than 20 minutes! ;)
26-09-2003, 23:29
Questions like "How do I do this?" "How do I do that?" usually belong in "Technical". I'll move this topic over there for you, now. :wink:

By the way, Sirocco is correct.

iMove :arrow:

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