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hijacked nation

26-09-2003, 05:54
the owner of the nation "united free ireland" has hijacked my nation "cletusania" and has since moved all of the other countries that i am allied with out of that region. what can i do to get my countries back??
26-09-2003, 08:45
I'll take a look into this, but don't get your hopes up, if he got your password, there is little we can do.
Tech Modling
26-09-2003, 08:56
I'm sorry, but due to the circumstances here, we are unable to take action,
Tech Modling
The Most Glorious Hack
26-09-2003, 09:15
Just to confirm what Salusa stated, there will be no Moderator action taken in this case. My suggestion would be to talk to whomever shares the house with you.

An IP scans shows that all of these nations come from the same source. My guess is that you left your "autologon" turned on, and someone discovered that they had access to your nation and had a party. Either that, or you let the password slip/have an easily guessable password. Then change your password.

Either that or you "hijacked" your own nation...
26-09-2003, 15:34
this is the (former) owner of neck, as that country was taken last night as well...i guess i will just start over, and definitley bi*ch out my suitemate for being such a douche...thanks for your help though
26-09-2003, 17:34
I'm thinking you should make your password harder.