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25-09-2003, 23:27
I can't post pictures

I see HTML is OFF

How do I turn it ON?

25-09-2003, 23:30
Are you talking about just pictures or pictures and links?
25-09-2003, 23:41
Well if your also talking about links you can still post them even if html is off. Just copy the adress and paste it on your post, like this

Pictures i'm not so sure about though I think it might depend on what kind of computer or internet service you have or wether you do have to turn html on i'm not so sure about that :(
Marineris Colonies
25-09-2003, 23:47
use the and tags.


<insert the URL to the picture here>
25-09-2003, 23:49
use the and tags.


<insert the URL to the picture here>

Yeah he got it this link might help you out a bit though anyway
26-09-2003, 00:00
How do I change this

BBCode is ON
Smilies are ON

I see this on Post a Reply screen right below Emoticons
Ultimate Beeurdness
26-09-2003, 00:11
There's usually a series of checkboxes where you can change posting options, but the lack of them seems to suggest that this feature has been removed by the Admin.
26-09-2003, 00:25
HTML is disabled by admin on these forums.
Tech Modling
26-09-2003, 00:30
So it's not stopping me from posting pics?
26-09-2003, 01:57
So it's not stopping me from posting pics?

It's stopping you from using HTML, so you may not use HTML to post pictures.

However, you may use UBB. UBB will allow you to post pictures. What is the URL of the image you want to post?

--The Modified Democratic Sates of Cogitation
26-09-2003, 02:33
the pics are probably on my hard drive
I didn't have a specific one in mine, just wanted to know how the others do it
Tactical Grace
26-09-2003, 16:48
Any images you wish to post must first be hosted on another server. I suggest opening a webspace account with your ISP and uploading anything you may wish to post. Then you can use the <url> tag to link to it.
30-09-2003, 14:06
Had the same question. Ignore this post, just trying.