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Population Growth

25-09-2003, 13:04
Just wondering does the political rights, economy, or civil rights have any direct bearing on your population growth? I mean if i wish to have a population boom, would i focus on issues to promote civil rights for instance?

currently my status is @

UN Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
Civil Rights: Few
Economy: Very Strong
Political Freedoms: Rare

25-09-2003, 13:08
Simple answer - Just have a power cut! :oops:
Tactical Grace
25-09-2003, 13:41
I am afraid population appears to grow in a very linear fashion. Even at the level of several hundreds of millions of people, it still grows at 7m per day. I have experimented with liberal immigration policies, but they have had no effect. The only way to increase your population faster is to hope to get the population bug, but it tends to be occasionally corrected, so any benefit is likely to prove temporary.
Nazi Deutschland Axis
25-09-2003, 14:11
I always had the impression that if I answered all of a nations unaddressed issues then the population increased slightly faster than another nation where I simply ignored them.

Please feel free to tell me that you think that I have been hallucinating :!:
Catholic Europe
25-09-2003, 14:49
I would say that pop. growth is a 'set thing' in NS. It gradually increases from 1 million to about 8 million a day, and that is fro every nation...except for those that have had the pop. bug!
25-09-2003, 17:03
Ugh :roll: Cheers for the info....
Catholic Europe
25-09-2003, 17:10
Ugh :roll: Cheers for the info....

That's okay! :D