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25-09-2003, 09:17
i can't for the life of me work out how to post a pic on threads. any help out there?

and how do you get sigs?
25-09-2003, 09:21
This should be in tech.. but it's late.. so I'll just answer it for ya! :)

Just use this the url to your picture

That should work just fine for you ..

Forum Mod
Nazi Deutschland Axis
25-09-2003, 09:54
Try this

Should tell you all you need to know :)
25-09-2003, 15:24
If the image is very large, then please hyperlink to it; don't post it directly. We do have people visiting this site with 56K modems and dial-up connections and their modems will choke on large images. Thank you.

Put some text in here, like a description (with a "large image" warning) (the url to your picture)

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