NationStates Jolt Archive


24-09-2003, 21:35
Okay, you've gotta start putting some new issues out there. I haven't got a different issue in ages.
24-09-2003, 21:44
Then you make one. The mods and Admins don't make new issues, we do, as people. Make one by going to issues page, and click want to contribute an issue to NS? Click here.
24-09-2003, 22:25
I guess his link got messed up what you wanna do is go back to your nations page, and on the left side you will see a link called issues, under your nations name. Click on it, then scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be a link for submitting issues, click on it and there you go. Dont expect it to start appearing in the game though right away, it will take awhile. The mods and admins are going through alot of them and putting them into the game so they wont be able to put yours in for awhile. However(If you havent done this already) you can go back to your nations page and click settings under your nations name. Put issues to two days a week and eventually you'll probably end up with a new issue
24-09-2003, 22:52
There won't be any new issues until [violet] has finished the interface that'll let the mods edit issues. Then we'll probably get a flash flood of them. For now though, we must wait.