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Suggestion for improvement

24-09-2003, 03:45
Nations description to include a national sport
a sports hero

Confused States
24-09-2003, 03:50
Sounds interesting but make it optional
24-09-2003, 04:59
see my post in general

seems to be an interest in at least listing a sport on the cover page
24-09-2003, 20:42
Yeah it would be pretty cool, but add a national hero to that as well, instead of just a sports hero.
24-09-2003, 21:26
anybody in charge been reading this stuff??

whats the chances of incorporating these ideas?
24-09-2003, 21:39
I think it's a great idea. Except a national hero as opossed to a sporting hero may work better.
24-09-2003, 21:52
a better and more accurate search, specially for regions and nations.
25-09-2003, 02:10
Note to moderator

please read "What is your national sport?" in General

Lot's of replys and quite interesting

can this be incorporated in the future???

Please respond

25-09-2003, 03:36
I do not forsee the addition of any of the ideas in this thread in the immediate future of NS.
Tech Modling
25-09-2003, 03:48
why not?

25-09-2003, 09:50
There are a few suggestions like this going around (national anthems were a popular one some months back). The bottom line is that they all require new coding and so on to get into the game - either that or Salusa will correct me - and are more likely to appear (if indeed they ever do appear) in NS2.
25-09-2003, 17:59
Enodia is correct. This type of change requires far more work on the coding level than it is worth. This such as this are more likely to be seen in NS2.
25-09-2003, 21:37
OK when NS2?
26-09-2003, 06:31
Does this suggestion keep coming from the same person, or that many independantly?
26-09-2003, 06:49
Does this suggestion keep coming from the same person, or that many independantly?

Sometimes I have to ask myself that same question. :lol: