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20-09-2003, 15:29
This morining the only way to eject was to write the nation's name in a field for it, but now the old way of ejecting has been restored.

This mornings way will definitely stop mass griefings... consider changing it.
20-09-2003, 15:30
No one help him the invader.
20-09-2003, 15:58
Shut up.
20-09-2003, 16:36
All right, I'm officially warning the both of you: Stop flaming.

Regional Control switches to a text field if the number of resident nations goes above 100. Below 100, you get a pop-up list.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
NationStates Forum Moderator
20-09-2003, 16:43
Hey, what did I do?
20-09-2003, 16:45
Hey, what did I do?

Your dispute has ended in pointless bickering.
Corinthe, Queen of Eternity.
The getting help section! ( (for all your gaming problems)
20-09-2003, 17:07
I told him to shut up because he was not replying to the question I asked.
20-09-2003, 17:35
I told him to shut up because he was not replying to the question I asked.

There are more polite ways of saying it. Normally, I would probably let a comment slide with a simple suggestion that you be more polite in the future, but given that you and Garrison have been arguing over the reigon "000", I didn't want this topic turning into another battleground.

My amend my earlier statement: You two are flamebaiting, not flaming. Regardless, the warning stands: stop flamebaiting.

Since the question has been answered, I'm going to lock this thread.

Let this drop and cool off a little. A Game Mod will eventually get to your complaints.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitaiton
NationStates Forum Moderator