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Ghost endorsement

20-09-2003, 00:31
I've been endorsed by the nation 'Halycon' who, according to NS, doesn't exist. When I click on the link in my endorsements list, I'm just taken back to my own nation. Any ideas?
20-09-2003, 00:38
I think if a nation endorses you and then is deleted,the endorsement remains until the game next updates itself
Tactical Grace
20-09-2003, 00:52
NuMetal is correct, you will have to wait until the next UN update for the change to take effect.
20-09-2003, 00:52
This nation was a friend of mine a LONG time ago before I left the UN with this nation (this is Myrth btw) and when this nation was put back in the UN... BOOM there it is again.
Tactical Grace
20-09-2003, 00:55
I once took over as Delegate after my predecessor was ejected for UN rule violations. Two weeks later, she was reinstated, and all her 20 endorsements were still present, even though 6 or 7 of the endorsing nations had ceased to exist shortly after her expulsion from the UN. At the next update, those "ghost" endorsements vanished. So those sorts of things can briefly happen, but the system reviews them every day and makes the appropriate changes.
20-09-2003, 04:43
Once, many months ago, I was in the UN in one region and got several endorsements. Then I left the UN, moved to another region, and several months later re-joined the UN. I still had an old endorsement from a nation that was deleted and was in my old region. :lol: