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Help! All my nations have combined! Bug!

17-09-2003, 21:38
It,s really weird, I have three nations and if I log onto one, It's as if they had been mixed together. They have same issues and even if I answer them it always says they are unadress. If I go to settings it shows the discription of the nation the arctic fox, the main nation page says I'm the Eastern Tribes, and the bar with all the links on the left side says I'm my brothers nation, Chronoscion. Has anyone else expirenced this? Okay, I just found that If I try to view another nations main screen, I go back to my own page This is really wierd!
17-09-2003, 21:49
OK,this is a caching thing,try refreshing the page and also go to tools>interner options> history settings> and set it to check for new versions of stored pages automatically or every visit to the page
Tactical Grace
17-09-2003, 22:43
I agree, try clearing history and deleting all off-line content in your browser, I am assuming you are using IE6 or something similar. Then try logging in again. If it is a cache issue, that should sort it.
17-09-2003, 22:54
I've had the same thing happen, and it also seemed to go hand in hand with my Tm's not refreshing properly. I was pretty certain the problem was a caching issue also, but even after clearing out my history, offline content and cookies, it still lasted the rest of that day.
17-09-2003, 23:08
Turn 'auto-login' in the settings off too. Get your brother to do that with his nation as well. Then there may be a lot less confusion. will bring you to the login page.

I've got that in my 'favourites' folder. It makes everything much easier.
17-09-2003, 23:49
Once again.. Why isn't Sirocco a Mod?
20-09-2003, 04:40
isnt it against the rules to have more than one nation?
Super American VX Man
20-09-2003, 04:42
isnt it against the rules to have more than one nation?

Only in the UN.
20-09-2003, 04:59
thank you for clearing that up :)
20-09-2003, 07:52
Happened to me when I was using Mozilla.