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Repealing a UN resolution...

17-09-2003, 14:57
Apparently some tech work is being done on this at the moment, so I hope I'm not too late to leap in with some ideas and or comments.

Also sorry if this is covered in another thread I can't find it here if it is.

Repealing a resolution
1. Simply allow opposites of all of the strong medium and weak for each of the types of proposals, let us UN kids argue about if such and such is truely a repeal. Let is be self governing.

Anti. This allows for a resolution to be passed that for example increases civil rights to be repealed by a resolution that also in gameplay terms increases civil rights.

Pro. Hopefully quick and easy.

2.Give the option to delegates or UN members who can put forward a proposal to click an "attempt to repeal" button when viewing a resolution. This will dynamically generate a proposal, that states something like Proposal to repeal the "Name of Reoslution". In gameplay terms this were it to be passed has the reverse effect on all UN members that the original proposal did. I'd also suggest that only delegates can do this so that were they to attempt to repeal a resolution that is already awaitng a repeal nomination they simply endoerse the repeal...

Anti. More work

Pro. probably a better solution.

While you're playing with that area of the site, can I also suggest that all of the game play effects of the resolutions passed by the UN affect any country joining, and all are removed on any country leaving. Also that it is made clear that joining the UN means obiding by all of the resolutions.

Yours with love
Today's spokesman for Nebbyland