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More Issues

17-09-2003, 07:45
Why cant we get more than just 2 issues?
17-09-2003, 11:05
It's a hard-coded limit.

This belongs in "Technical". Hence, iMove.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
NationStates Forum Moderator
17-09-2003, 14:40
Hmm. Something is not right. Seems to be the same 3-5 issues repeating... Others in my group are complaining of the same problem.
17-09-2003, 14:56
they are more than 5 issues, maybe your nation can't display the other because your political/economical system don't allow them.
see here:
Tactical Grace
17-09-2003, 15:51
He's right, some issues you only get once your nation is big enough to handle them. For example, a nation of 10m people is unlikely to have much of a refugee problem, require electronic surveilance, or be in a position to provide international aid. All my nations got those ones after they had been around for a while. You will get greater variety over the next couple of weeks.