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UN committees

17-09-2003, 05:54
This may need to be something submitted to the UN in order to get it enacted but it sounds like you are having trouble sorting out UN resolutions and topics. I thought it might be a good idea to somehow elect delegates into commitees. It might go something like this.

You must have 10 endorsements before you are considered for a commitee. There could be 5-10 comittees ranging from economic topics, to social welfare topics to civil rights topics to war... When submitting a document draftees would check what category their thing fell into and then they would send it.

There could be 2 subcomittees and one chairman in each comitee:
Lower: [consists of 100 top endorsed desiring members] needs 10+ endorsements recieves all proposals and votes yes/no to pass to higher. 30-40% yes vote passes. election:

Higher [consists of 25 members separate but elected from the lower sub-comitee] also you need 25+ endorsements for this position. They recieve documents from the lower comitee and then vote on priority of sending them to UN resolution by a Y/N vote. The highest vote goes to ways & means comittee (comittee election comittee) and is decided upon by vote [top 50 endorsed members] to be taken to the resolution for a vote.
election: end of second week of month term:until have lowest endorsements

The chairman has to have 40+ endorsements and be elected by the higher comitee. He can then edit a bill that has the plurality vote by the higher comitee, or pass it to ways and means or veto it and remove it alltogether. election: last monday of month term:last mon.-last mon.

At anytime when people don't think they are being represented by these comitee members, disgruntled persons can petition the endorsing nations to stop endorsing the member state and then remove them from the comitee.

So the idea is
1,000 bills ---> 200/ lower comittee--->10/ higher comittee--->1/comittee*7 comittees for the ways and means.

Also people should be encouraged to elect various people with different views to each comitee so they are representing everyone. So the economic comitees aren't made up of an ideological block unless they can politically pull this off.

Nobody can be in more than one comittee.
17-09-2003, 16:26
What's the purpose of this?
Tactical Grace
17-09-2003, 16:30
I think what he is saying is having a handful of committees dealing with resolutions. That way, there would be a resolution being voted on within each committee. Say, 5 committees, 5 resolutions up for vote simultaneously each week.
17-09-2003, 17:30
Hmm... for the sake of things right now, we'll say that coding isn't an issue.

IMHO I don't really see how this is any better than the current system.
18-09-2003, 06:37
19-09-2003, 04:24
WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS? :shock: :shock: :lol:
19-09-2003, 13:32
WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS? :shock: :shock: :lol:

19-09-2003, 13:33
WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS? :shock: :shock: :lol:

Tactical Grace
19-09-2003, 21:10
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