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Build UN Importance/ Game Changes At Vote

15-09-2003, 05:28
I had an idea about the UN and about game devolpment. I in no way want to take away progressive rights of the Mods, but I would love to use the gme to help build the community that I love so much in this game.

So, the idea, and feel free to smash the idea, because I would like to know the problems with it (and like most of my ideas, I am sure that it is multi-faulted).

I was thinking that it would be great if Mods/[violet] would present Game suggestions through the UN. I am not suggesting that all game changes go this route, just some of the game ideas that they may have on the back burner and might welcome public opinion and vote (tho of course the vote would not negate any game advancement, it would merely be a way to catch the pulse of the people).

In short, the mods could go before the UN, write up a proposal, and let the people vote and debate on the issue. Again, this idea is not to take away the soverntiy of the mods and admin, but a way to use the system already set up to see how the people feel before implementing some game changes.
Tactical Grace
15-09-2003, 06:10
So this would be Mod/Admin ideas under debate, the same way we debate our own suggestions in here?
15-09-2003, 06:42
Hmm, not sure if I was clear enough.

I think it would be interesting if Mods placed game ideas/direction up to the community to vote and debate in the UN, and let us vote on it.

They could actually do what they wanted, but at least would know how we felt on the issue beforehand.
Tactical Grace
15-09-2003, 07:50
Ah, I see now. It might work. It is usually pretty obvious though what changes players really want, because so many ask.
Nazi Deutschland Axis
15-09-2003, 12:26
I totally agree with this suggestion. As we have a mechanism already in place for voting on UN proposals, I think it would be the ideal way for voting upon possible game modifications.
15-09-2003, 16:12
Interesting idea, but it disenfrancises anyone without a UN nation.
Tactical Grace
15-09-2003, 19:15
Yes, but almost every player must have a UN nation, unless they have been banned for a reason. Last time I checked, there were nearly 27,000 UN member nations. The rest are puppets.
16-09-2003, 19:27
True, though I thought of that as well Salsa. I think it is a rare person who does not have a UN nation (unless they cheated, as was mentioned). This would be a fine way to insure one vote per person.

Also, it would be neat to test things out before implentation, as well as giving even more of a backbone to the UN and UN voting.
Nazi Deutschland Axis
20-09-2003, 23:48
So what are the chances of this :?:
21-09-2003, 05:20
Really glad someone else was interested enough in this to bring it up, thought it was dead (it was close enough, with only a few posters).

I don't think it would take away any powers from mods or admin.

It would simply give weight to UN voting, begin debate about game changes before they are made, and at least give players the feeling that they are helping to build the game- tho of course it wold be up to admin to choose what he wanted, despite the vote.
21-09-2003, 11:09
i dont think it should be up to vote in the UN (you'd be excluding a lot of people that way). Perhaps a separate entity, where everyone could vote
21-09-2003, 11:37
I think it's a good idea. Let's face it most non-UN members are only non-UN because they already have a UN nation, and if people don't already have one they can sign their nation into the UN. It would only stop a few people from voting...
21-09-2003, 11:39
some people dont like the UN eg. me
21-09-2003, 11:44
21-09-2003, 11:52
constant bickering for endorsements, and my nation wouldnt look good in the UN.

Plus there is another, much more complicated reason why I cant be in the UN
22-09-2003, 05:30
So, if not the Un, there some does seem to be some interest in the idea at least. I doubt it will happen, but thank you very much for posting all the same.