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15-09-2003, 03:45
Are we allowed to keep our own personal thread about our countries action in one of the IC boards? I just thought I would ask, as then I can prove to my friend, who is dying to go to war, what research my scientists are doing, how my country is, etc. For example:

Spasdom, with a population of a mere 7,000,000 has recently drafted several propositions pertaining to the management of their tiny country:
Started preperations for any army in the future, by starting construction on several military bases designed to train young soldiers.
Started research into renewable fuel sources.
Purchased twelve military light-armoured vehicles for the initial purpose of heavy crowd-control in case of a riot or social uprising.

I know the whole game isn't about war, but by doing this will I leave myself open to attack from larger nations with itchy trigger fingers? I just want a way to keep up on my country, while showing my gung-ho friends who is the strongest out of us. My country are all hippies anyway. Wonder how I can use that in the event of an attack?

But hey, I'm a big fat hairy pile of newb, what do I know?
15-09-2003, 03:55
This is legal, and I know of several nations/alliances that do just that. It allows anyone who cares enough to stay up to date, and also allows them to point at the timestamp and say "Look, I already said I had these, so I'm not just inventing them now to godmod."