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can we have...

14-09-2003, 20:07
an option where we can chose if our issues affect civil rights, economy, or political freedoms

it would help me to improve my civil rights rating
Luna Amore
14-09-2003, 20:14
Certain issues affect certain aspects. If you could choose how it affected it, what would be the point? Not to mention that would require a bit of coding, and the mods are already booked.

Luna Amore
14-09-2003, 20:42
Short answer:
Long answer:
It would be pointless then, to have issues at all. you would set your civil rights/economy/political freedom and that would be that. Be patient, you'll get some issues to deal with that.
Bulma Breif
15-09-2003, 00:45
Just like in a real country you can't choose what bills you get. You have to wait for the right one to come. :x