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Political Freedoms etc not changing...

14-09-2003, 04:41
This is probably asked quite frequently, but why do the rankings for political freedoms, civil rights and all that never change for my country? I always choose options that would make them go higher (for example, in the Nazi one, choosing the "let them demonstrate" option)

I can understand why my economy sucks, but I don't get why the others don't change.
Soviet Democracy
14-09-2003, 09:04
Once you get to a certain population and such, your stuff does not really change. Mine have stayed the same for a while now because I have not changed my political outlook since I started. If you choose the one to let the Nazis demonstrate and you also chose that before, nothing will change. But, if you did not choose it before, then it will start to change.
Bulma Breif
14-09-2003, 19:03
That doesn't always raise your stats. You need the right issue to change your stat that you want to be changed
14-09-2003, 19:20
My economy hasen't changed since I was at 500 million, I don't think it will.
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Bulma Breif
15-09-2003, 01:02
Well, just wait for the right issur to come that's all you can do. :lol: