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Criteria for suggestions

The Dragon Alliance
14-09-2003, 02:57
To help people who wish to submit a suggestion, these are some criteria of how and what you should post-

1. Sound
2. Simple
3. Significant

1- The suggestion should make sense in how it solves a particular problem, also it helps to the credit of the suggestion and the suggestee to use good grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.

2- The suggestion shouldn't be overly complicated in implementation or confounding to users. Also it shouldn't be able to be misused or detrimental to gameplay.

3- Your idea should in essence be of something that is important to change. It is very helpful to only suggest things that would be of a fair amount of helpfullness in the game. The philosophy of "Don't sweat the small stuff" applies here.

If you are still unsure, ask a moderator.
The Dragon Alliance
15-09-2003, 06:25
wow this helped SOOO many people..... lol somebody can delete this whenever they want... fi they ever get tired of looking at it...
Tactical Grace
15-09-2003, 06:28
Relax, it is early days yet.

[Looks off into the distance, suddenly assuming an aura of mystic wisdom]

The newbs will come. They will come. If you post it they will come.
Knights of Solamnia
16-09-2003, 01:02
lol indeed.

thats why they're newbs. they come. if they didn't come, they wouldn't be newbs.
P.S., if you do a line off of Field of Dreams, especially that line, you have to say its in the voice of James Earl Jones.
Knights of Solamnia
18-09-2003, 00:24
I feel this is vaguely true. it should be stickied. :wink: