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Issue "Death Penalty"

12-09-2003, 07:15
Hi! I've posted something to that issue before and got great help by some People :wink:

And yet i simply can't get over it. If i vote to abolish Death Penalty PERSONAL rights can't be going down i think, that would be illogical.
If anything, POLITICAL freedom is reduced, because the government reacts even more authoritan.

I would suggest to whoever can change that, to change that. By change i mean: Adjust the issue, so civil right's increase if Death Penalty is abolished and political freedom decrease likewise. Or reversed if Death Penalty is allowed.

Until then i just have to dismiss this issue (which makes me sad because i have only two per day =) )
12-09-2003, 21:32
Hmm... *thinks long and hard*

The only thing I can think of doing is actually asking Max Barry himself why, and getting his input on the matter. Try his e-mail address perhaps... although I hesitate about this, here you go: <>

Please tell me if I shouldn't be doing this, mods.
13-09-2003, 00:04
Please tell me if I shouldn't be doing this, mods.

Perspective please...

One side:
Writer, busy writing books, has lots of stuff to do in managing this site anyway. Game is free, so needs to make his money elsewhere. Book promotions, discussions about a movie, next book(s), publisher to keep happy, etc...

Other side:
Player of free game on the internet is annoyed about an issue, and dislikes having to dismiss an issue so once in a while.

My personal conclusion is to not bother Max Barry with anything that won't be useful to him in some way. If he wants to read bug reports, he'll check out the Technical forum anyway. I wouldn't even email [violet] about the issue above (admin @ nationstates . net), but it seems lots of people aren't as strict about stuff like that as I am, as I heard the admin inbox sometimes tends to get insane amounts of email.

You've brought it to the attention of the Mods, isn't that enough?

13-09-2003, 00:08
Thing is, mods can't adjust the issues.
13-09-2003, 00:13
why not send it to
13-09-2003, 00:15
It was Max who wrote the issue. Only he knows why he put those particular stats there...
13-09-2003, 02:10
All nationstates emails should be sent to This is read by both Max and [violet] and is the appropriate channel for communication.
Tech Modling
13-09-2003, 09:26
I've mailed the admins, not Mr. Barry. Thank you all for your help =)
Catholic Europe
13-09-2003, 09:36
I haven't had this issue yet... :(
14-09-2003, 11:15
RE: Suggestion for Death Penalty Issue
From: NationStates admin <>
To: me

Date: 09-14-03 08:07:40

Hi Tom,

Hmm, I think you're right. I've tweaked that issue. Thanks!

NationStates admin.

Soviet Democracy
14-09-2003, 11:19
I am wondering if I can ever get that issue again!
14-09-2003, 16:55
Then this has been dealt with (and yes, you might get that issue again).
Tech Modling