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Francos Spain, though deleted, still approves UN proposal!

07-09-2003, 19:30
Ban smoking

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights Strength: Significant Proposed by: United Irish people

Description: To ban indoor smoking in resturants and bussiness unless a bussness has a room set aside for smoking and will not interfer with other patrons. "Second-hand smoke is deadly and that's the bottom line." Any admendments or changes you all think could help eamil me so we can work out a democating proccess and tke it to a vote of the people

Approvals: 16 (Katzistanza, Polka Fans World Wide, Dionalka, Lamoni, Cryptos Novus, Die Elite Reich, The Populations, Francos spain, Muleto, Westrogoticae, Kerta, Eikrongar, Freedom for the people, Serenity and Freedom, Sesquepadalia, Goobergunchia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 108 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Sun Sep 7 2003

The Republic of Goobergunchia has approved this proposal. [Withdraw Approval](emphasis mine)

This is probably IMHO related to this problem (
07-09-2003, 19:43
very odd. Like it was said in the other one though, it may very well just go away with the next fix.
07-09-2003, 19:47
Luckily, this proposal is nowhere close to achieving quorum, so the approval won't make any difference if it clears up by the next update.
07-09-2003, 19:53
The Pacific:
# 5 minutes ago: Francos spain departed this region for Lazarus.
# 3 minutes ago: The Dominion of Francos Spain ceased to exist.
# 5 minutes ago: Francos spain arrived from The Pacific.

What the he** ?!
07-09-2003, 21:22