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Possible Trojan connection attempts

Tactical Grace
07-09-2003, 17:42
Has anybody else suffered repeated suspected Trojan attacks?

The thing is, recently, whenever I have been logged in here for half an hour or longer, I get suspected attack reports from my firewall. So far in the last few days I have had around ten apparent connection attempts from Backdoor/SubSeven, NetBus and TransScout Trojans. This problem has only really come about in the last week, and I have not tinkered with my firewall settings for a month, so I don't see why this should suddenly be happening. I know that it is often the case that perfectly normal activity can be misinterpreted by firewalls, but from one alarm a month to one or two every day is a bit of a fluke, isn't it?

I am not posting this in Technical because hardly anyone ever goes there and I can't expect anyone to do anything about it, I just want to see if anyone here has experienced anything similar, like Trojan alerts, portscans, etc.
07-09-2003, 18:39
Despite your feelings toward technical, that is really where this post belongs. There are people there that can give you a good answer to your question.

07-09-2003, 18:41
Like i said, look up a program called "the cleaner"
07-09-2003, 18:46
I have those attacks everywhere. I think it's not site related. It is almost impossible to add a trojan to this site. I think you watched to many XXX sites :P


Corinthe, Queen of Eternity.
Kurai Nami
07-09-2003, 18:49
Get Ad Aware and scan your puter for spy ware, and i hope your puter is clean from Virus :)
07-09-2003, 18:49
Eh? You posted this twice...?

And like i said, run a virus scan...
07-09-2003, 18:51
I had a Trojan attack once, but it is hardly appropriate to talk about condoms on this site.
Rapid Dr3am
07-09-2003, 21:10
Many sites will try to retrive user data from you and some firewalls see this as an attack.
Tactical Grace
07-09-2003, 23:36
Thanks for the replies, guys.

No way do I actually have a malicious program on my computer - it is clean - I maintain excellent security and nothing of that sort would last long. I agree that what I am seeing is probably data requests, but I don't understand why it has only started now. I guess it will remain a mystery. Annoying though, getting pop-ups and having to update my IP block list every time.