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Will be looking after someone else's puppets, not multiying

07-09-2003, 14:50
OK, not sure how in order this is, but here goes.

This is my UN nation. Another player has asked me to take care of her non-UN nations Playa Chk and Playa Chk 3 while she moves house. This basically involves me logging in, doing her issues, and logging out, and taking care of anyone who spams the regional message board (one of these nations is a Founder).

The thing is, she also has a UN nation Playa Chk 2. I do not have the password for it and so will not be logging in, but it worries me that if I, a UN member, am seen to be logging in to the puppets of another UN member, I might be mistaken for someone who is multiying. Which I am not.

So, just in case this becomes an issue later, I would like to make this clear. Would any Moderators like to comment on this?
07-09-2003, 15:14
Perhaps those other nations could leave the UN while you take care of them to make things less confusing?
The Most Glorious Hack
07-09-2003, 15:26
Shouldn't be a problem.
07-09-2003, 15:29
The mods only monitor if two UN nations log in from the same computer. From what I understand as a non-Mod, non-UN puppet being transferred from one computer to another shouldn't be a problem.

--The Democratic States of Cogitation