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Nag Ehgoeg
01-07-2003, 22:59
How do I get the XML feed to work on my HTML site?
What do I do?
Someone take me through this one step at a time or link me to another explaination.
If anyone wants to do it for me that would be great!
02-07-2003, 00:55
from what I heard, you need to download some kind of XML = HTML translator program
Nag Ehgoeg
18-09-2003, 22:26
great! Where can I get one?
18-09-2003, 23:26
I assume you're looking to use the XML feeds and produce output from it, i.e. displaying it on an webpage?

You'll need some sort of script support from your webhost (and you probably wont get it if you're using ISP webspace). PHP is pretty popular (and free) so if you have no preference I'd recommend that. You get the script to read the XML and then output the data in the format you want.

Normally you would use an XML parser, which is really just a function you call from the script, but you can also read it as a standard file and extract the data that way. Winnipeg has posted a good example of the latter. Have a look at or for more info.

Hope this makes some sort of sense.