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Ship Designer Desired

TRIAD Enterprises
16-05-2009, 18:56
I was hoping I wouldn't need to resort to this, however my own efforts have repeatedly proven insufficient to the task at hand.

I am working on a design for an FT ship which my nation will be selling on the open market. I have basic design notes, and some visual mockups using Google Sketchup. However, every time I try to start working on details or overall appearance, I get caught in a mental feedback loop, focusing on ever finer and unnecessary details.

I have been trying to work on this alone for the better part of two weeks, and only have a handful of concept models to show for it. I am posting this to ask for the help of anyone skilled in some 3D medium, and willing to assist me with the visual design of this ship.

Yes, this is asking for free help, so honestly I'm not expecting a large crowd offering to help, but I might as well ask anyway. I have design notes, and can describe the rest, as well as provide whatever mockup models I have.

If you feel interested and up to the task, drop me a line however you like. Here, PM, TG, or MSN (