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Welcome to the City: The Beginning (OOC: Criminal RP)

30-04-2009, 14:47
First of all I am looking for dedicated RPer's who have good RPing history. I will check.

What is this RP?

Basically 4 Crime families compete against, work with, betray ect each other to gain the most profit and business. If someone can do maps, I'll be very appreciative. However none of these are 'made' families. We're starting from the beginning when these people first try to expand their territory.

The city it takes place in is New Greenvale.

What this RP needs?

4 families means 4 dons or leaders. I am taking the lead as one of the dons and so need 3 others to take the other roles. Afterwards, the chain of command will grow as more people join. It is up to them what family they work for, and even in the RP people can switch alleigiances.

We are not focusing on cops, except as background and during criminal activites and mentions of members getting arrested.

What I don't want?

"You didn't shoot me! My guy survived!" "You can't have that, its mine." etc.
No whinging. This is a criminal RP and the most famous criminals were ruthless. This is what this RP will be. Completely ruthless. If your guy dies, move on. Nothing stopping you from creating another character.

Other stuff...

This RP will be time consuming and if all goes well, there will probably be spin offs and such. In the mean time focus. Remember I'm looking for RPer's who are dedicated, can tell a good story and aren't going to mess around. If you think you can't follow any of that then do not apply.

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