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Pressure, Sibling Hatred, and a valuable Crown.

30-04-2009, 06:52
Crown Prince Regent Damoen Wasterin was the nephew of Prince Jadiern Wasterin, brother to King Wasterin X. He and his sister Princess Ameria Wasterin had lived at their father's estate until King Wasterin X, was assassinated after having restored the Monarchy following the fall of the military dictatorship of the Tribunal. In the political chaos following King Wasterin X's death and as the only valid heirs the siblings fled the nation briefly, and were able to return as stability returned to the country. Crown Prince Regent Damoen had served now for several years as the Acting Regent of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion, but to those in the political know was widely considered inept and withdrawn on his spiritual quests. His months-long meditations and time with the High Lama, the head of Aerion's old Makan Buddhist tradition, had caused many at the Royal Aerionian Court to lose any confidence they had in him. He made random charitable and beneficial actions for the good of the people, but rarely made any political decisions. He hardly ever attended the Royal Privy Council meetings, and most knew the wisened Lord High Steward Riden Vesten ran the Royal Government. With the lack of a strong Monarchy, and rampant corruption in the lower to middle bureaucracy of the Royal Government the megacorporations and powerful families which had helped rebuild Aerion with King Wasterin X, particularly Amkarethz Holdings under Morthian Amakrethz, had become another major center of power. Megacorporations almost functioned as sovereign entities, having extensive control over their employees who often lived in corporate-owned residencies and shopped at stores. Amkarethz Holdings was even granted their own autonomous territory with two massive megacities. The megacorporations had far exceeded normal business parameters. What kept the Royal Family with a grip on power were two strict laws put into place by King Wasterin X. By Royal Prerogative, every large corporation in Aerion had to grant 10% ownership to the Crown, in stead of whom the Crown Board which the Royal Family sat on controlled. Also, a Royal Representative by law sat on the Board of Directors of each corporation. The Royal Central Bank, being the central bank, the main creditor in the Grand Kingdom,and the main commercial bank also helped the Royal Family maintain their position.

Yet there was great internal pressure brewing in the Grand Kingdom. Recent red scares within Aerion from various leftist terrorist organizations, megacorporate consolidation of power, and increasing loss of confidence in the Royal Government were becoming real problems. The isolated elite society of the Royal District in the capital city of Astevane was often oblivious to what was happening outside the walls. It had even been joked that it had become the Forbidden City of Aerion. The Royal Aerionian Court at the Royal Palace in Astevane, the center of power in the nation, was rife with bubbling intrigues under the surface. With no firm Crown to keep the various Great Officers of State and Ministers in line, tensions were starting to bubble over. Other powerful families with ownership of the various megacorporations had come to disrespect the Royal Family, and over the past few years far too many of the families of members of the Royal Government had intermarried or associated with these power families to avoid conflicts of interest.