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The fellowship of MrTomo

21-04-2009, 23:45
Salutations, everyone. My name is krevtchintzar the 19th, proud president (from father to son) of the The United Socialist States of MrTomo. I would like to start by stating that i ensure freedom to my fellow citizen.
Anyway, i'm seeking to join a small region were the voice of the liberty of my country can get a chance to be heard.

Signed and approved by
The National Council for diplomacy, economy, video game rating and Boulets sauce lapin rating with frite.
21-04-2009, 23:58
Good day Krevtchintzar! If you are looking for a small region that holds similar views of freedoms to yourself, please join our region. We are fairly small(26 people) and feel very strongly about Social Welfare, the Enviorment and Rights of Citzens. Pray you join. Long live the people!