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Yes, Prime Minister

Hai Lung
13-04-2009, 00:47
"What's next?"

Taking a moment to take off her glasses and rub her eyes, Josephine (Joey) Bell looked down at the large pile of reports on her desk. Beyond those, arrayed around the large oak table were her senior advisors, namely her Chief of Staff, other aides and advisors, as well as a few cabinet members.

"An open day." Hearing the groans from around the table, the Minister of Trade dug in and resumed his sermon. Everyone else tried to sink deeper into their seat, while Bell assumed her neutral, polite interest expression. "We open our doors, show what we're made of. That economic crisis didn't affect us too badly, since we hadn't grown our economy that much, so we had less to fall and we made it back up much faster than everyone else did."

Bell's head theatrically thudded down onto her desk, then looked up in surprise. "Sorry. Approved." There was chuckling all around. "Let's also open it up to other fields, such as Defence and open ties between other nations as well. Relationship building." There was a brief scratching of pen on paper. "What else?"

"The Picayune." Bell rolled her eyes as her Chief of Staff dropped a newspaper on her desk. "That paper has been slamming us from day one!"

"Of course it does!" The Communications Director (the advisor regarding the public statements, not to be confused with the Minister of Communications) replied. Everyone paused to watch the argument, noting how much entertaining the two could be when they argued. "How else are we meant to get honest feedback on everything we do?"

"And how else are we meant to get Page 3 girls?" Bell asked from behind the newspaper, to more chuckling. "Now really, what's next? If there isn't, everyone go away, I have to write invitations."

Everyone stood, with varying statements of Thank you, ma'am, or Yes, Prime Minister before leaving.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears!

The estate of Shakespeare is so going to sue me for that one. Ahem.

I hereby invite any interested parties to visit the nation of Hai Lung. We seek to get into a relationship... Uh... We seek foreign affairs... No, let me try that again. We want to know you better and vice versa.

We have a moribund. Scheiss I mean, robust economy that could help yours. The economic downturn hit all our economies, but we landed right on our asses and hit the ground at a leisurely walk on a moonlit beach.

I could meet your representatives or leaders or your favourite swimsuit model and we can discuss the state of the world over tea, biscuits and jelly wrestling. Please, we extend the hand of friendship. So give us a high five and bring the whole family, too! Children under twelve get free admission!
13-04-2009, 15:13
To: Prime Minister of Hai Lung
From: Gen. Castro-Stalina, 365th Parachute Division (ret.)

I'm on my way home from an international conference and I'd be pleased to make a brief stop in Hai Lung on my way. I don't know what you mean about an "economic downturn" - I don't think Fatatatutti has such things - but the jelly wrestling sonds interesting.

P.S. I'm afraid I'm over twelve.