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RBC News · National · HM King Raymond III abdicates throne

29-03-2009, 08:35
OOC: Please note, that I have decided to "reboot" Pacifica as a constitutionalized "absolute" monarchy.
29-03-2009, 08:38
RBC News · National

HM The King announces abdication from the throne
HRH Duke of Guildford, Prince Raymond to succeed his father
HM The King (2007).

King Raymond III addressed the Kingdom earlier this evening during the special telecast. He gave sad news to his countrymen, women and their children he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer yesterday.

He thanked the Lords and the Commoners for their dedication and service to their king and country. He announced that he'll be stepping from the throne after consulting with advisors and members of the Royal Family in favour of his heir apparent and eldest son, Prince Raymond the Duke of Guildford

A Gentle King

King Raymond III ascended to the throne by marrying Queen Helen, the eldest daughter of King Raymond II. King Raymond II stepped down from the throne in favour of his son-in-law after being diagnosed with Alzheimers.

HM The King increased the House of Common's role and powers pertaining to domestic issues the Kingdom faced on a day-to-day basis. He limited royalty's involvement in national politics at the Commoner's level. He signed legislation into law where he'd be required to allow the Prime Minister to appoint a politician and, or a bureaucrat to act as a Special Envoy on Commoner Affairs.

Last autumn, King Raymond III signed a royal decree that prohibits members of the royalty for being elected to public office. He also consulted with Prime Minister Sir Thomas A. Grayson on appointing new peerage appointees to the House of Lords on several occasions in the last three years.
30-03-2009, 04:59

Sunday 29th March 2009
S-628 / Statement on the abdication of His Majesty, King Raymond III of Pacifica

Friends and Pacitalians,

I wish to express my deep shock and sadness at the news that His Majesty, King Raymond III of Pacifica, has been diagnosed with a pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

The thoughts and prayers of the republic are with the royal family and with our brothers and sisters in Pacifica. During the reign of King Raymond III, Pacifican democracy and civic participation flourished, gently guided and encouraged by a king who wanted his country's established monarchy to remain close to its people, in their hearts, minds and lives.

I wish continued success, health and prosperity for Pacifica and Pacificans, and for the Kingdom's next ruler, His Royal Highness, Prince Raymond, the Duke of Guildford. Under his rule, may the ties between our two countries continue to grow as they have under King Raymond III, whose rule must end at the hands of a tragic development.

Sincera in domina bene,

Dr Timothy Ell
Archonate of the Pacitalian Republic

- 30 -

Press inquiries: Michelangelo Setrussamo, setruss.m@arc.rp, +2 010 9976 391 738
30-03-2009, 05:19
Even though leading a nation of 11.6 million Sarzonians was not nearly as taxing as having a nation of 300-million plus, ala Archonate Timothy Ell, but Jay Tyler still needed a break. He and first gentleman Brian Patrick traveled to Nicksia to a house that once served as home to once-and-future president Mike Sarzo after his first resignation from the Gray House.

This time, instead of Tyler trying to help his convalescing paramour, he and his new partner were enjoying some time away from the stresses of Woodstock. With Lieutenant President Nicole Lewis on a foreign visit to Daurmont, Grant Haffner was essentially in charge at the Gray House.

He read the reports of the abdication of His Majesty King Raymond III and closed his eyes. He drew in his breath slowly, almost imperceptibly before opening his eyes. He knew the duty fell to him as senior vice president and external affairs officer to provide Woodstock's reaction.

He slowly walked up to the podium in the press room at the External Affairs Building.

"The Incorporated Sarzonian Government expresses its condolences to the people of Pacifica and to her Royal Family in this difficult period.

"His Majesty King Raymond III has been an exemplar in the international community and we wish him a speedy recovery. He will be in the thoughts and minds of the Sarzonian people.

"There will be no questions. Thank you." Haffner turned away quickly and walked briskly out of the room as flashes popped on cameras and reporters called out questions in spite of his prohibition.
30-03-2009, 07:38
RBC News · National

HRH Prince Raymond the Duke of Guildford returns home to the Kingdom
HRH the Prince returns home after representing the Kingdom in Pacitalia for two years

His Royal Highness Prince Raymond the Duke of Guildford landed at New Bristol International Airport this morning. He was returned to the Kingdom after serving as His Majesty's Special Envoy to the Pacitalian Republic for just slightly over two years.
His Royal Highness the Prince is expected to meet with His Majesty the King sometime this afternoon to discuss the details of his ascension to the Throne. The Right Honourable Sir Thomas Addison, 3rd Earl of Appleby, the Chamberlain for the Royal Family issued in an official press release that they have set a date for this Friday.

International reaction to the King's abdication

Pacitalian Archonate Timothy Ell was the first world leader to officially comment on the King's abdication earlier today. The Pacitalian Archonate offered the prayers of the Pacitalian people for the Kingdom, “The thoughts and prayers of the republic are with the royal family and with our brothers and sisters in Pacifica.” The Archonate spoke highly of His Majesty the King for his efforts to liberalize the House of Common's responsibilities in modern changing times.
Sarzonian government issued a statement thanking His Majesty the King for his contributions to regional affairs throughout his reign.
30-03-2009, 08:11
King Raymond is a selfish bafoon! Any monarch is! He does not realise that thousands of proud citizens of Pacitilia die of the same cancer every year! Only now does the king realise it is a serious illness!

Also, is it not true that Pacitilia's debt has doubled in the last 6 years? Anyway the nation is in the past. Democracy is the way of the future!

It is true that he put 1 billion into charities (of his corrupt earnings), but those charities were christian charities. Were those many years of debate over seperation of the church and state for nothing? Such a conservative!

The Democratic Republic of Raconea Spokeswoman, Natasha Smith

"The only good nation, is a liberal nation"