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The Altani Federation Trade Mission

The Altan Steppes
26-03-2009, 17:36
The Altani Federation, in the interest of expanding our trade and commerce with other nations, is pleased to announce its Trade Mission to the world. The purpose of this mission is to seek out mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities with our fellow members of the international community.

If your nation or business is interested in discussing trade opportunities with the Federation, please respond to this message and we will be happy to talk with you.

Askar Palanik
Federation Secretary of Commerce


What we have to offer

Agricultural products
Meat (beef, pork, lamb, mutton)
Dairy products
Wool and wool items
Leather and leather items
Legume crops

Natural resources
Petroleum and petroleum products
Natural gas

Infrastructure services
Energy development (nuclear, wind, solar, oil, gas)
Prefabricated housing


What we are interested in

Consumer electronics
Electronic components
Machinery and equipment
Military hardware
Information technology products
Lumber and wood products


Investment opportunities

The following Altani companies are interested in investment and joint ventures:


Royal Crown Motorcars Ltd. (RCM) - founded in 1945, domestic luxury vehicle manufacturer, 10% share of the market; known for producing large, powerful, luxurious cars and SUVs that are exceptionally reliable but have very poor fuel economy
Altan Automotive Corporation (AAC) - founded in 1951 from the merger of seven domestic manufacturers; largest domestic manufacturer; produces passenger vehicles, vans, SUVs and light trucks; 40% share of the market; known for producing medium-size to large vehicles that are above-average on reliability, but not very fuel-efficient or luxurious (spartanly equipped cars)
Goldsun Manufacturing (GM) - founded in 1962, produces passenger cars, vans and light trucks; 40% of the market; produces small to large vehicles that are nicer than AAC cars, but not as reliable
Star Automotive (SAC) - founded in 1943, TFAS' first automaker; produces passenger vehicles and small SUVs; niche automaker, 10% market share; has a cult following; known for producing small vehicles that are very fuel-efficient but not very reliable at all
Askanar Inc. - founded in 1952, produces medium-duty/heavy-duty trucks and military trucks (subsidiary of AAC)
Hargeth Truck Works - founded in 1945, produces medium-duty/heavy-duty trucks and military trucks (subsidiary of RCM)


Royal Minerals and Resources Corporation (RMRC) - founded in 1931, formerly Altanar's state-owned extractor and refiner of oil, natural gas and minerals; now privatized
New Altan Energy Corporation (NAEC) - startup company founded in 2007 with the privatization of the energy market; competes with RMRC to extract and refine natural resources and also specializes in "green" energy (wind, solar, etc.)
Altan Energy Consortium (AEC) - an alliance of 17 regional energy producers
Altan Nuclear Energy (ANE) - operates seven nuclear power plants in TFAS, with plans to open more pending regulatory approval


AKUS Media Group - large multimedia conglomerate, owner of the Ael Khalas Union-Sun, Sun TV and several other TV/radio/Internet outlets
NDRGroup - another large multimedia conglomerate, owner of the Nalioka Daily Record and multiple TV/radio/Internet companies


Altanari Maritime Bank - the largest bank in the Altan Steppes, specializing in international trade, currency exchange and speculation, bond and stock trading through its brokerage, and aggressive overseas investment. AMB is also the preferred bank for the Federation government and the constituent state of Altanar to use.
Royal Akamian Bank - second largest bank in TFAS, specializing in the domestic market. Also handles bond and stock trading, currency exchange, mortgages and construction.

General manufacturing and agricultural production

Altan Agricultural Cooperative - A cooperative of the 15 largest agricultural producers in the Altan Steppes. The largest purveyor of agricultural products, as well as livestock.
Three-A Industrial and Manufacturing - A massive manufacturing conglomerate which makes everything from toasters to prefabricated housing. The nation's largest consumer products manufacturer; primarily a domestic market company but seeking to expand to overseas markets.
Summa Technologies - TFAS' largest computer hardware and software manufacturer.