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Hillpark Homecoming 2009

18-03-2009, 20:37
Homecoming is a National event for Hillpark, which is one of Britain's mighty Nations.

yours Prime Minister Jamie Maloney:rolleyes:
19-03-2009, 01:56
OOC: If you are trying to start a roleplay, you should say something that will let other players join in, such as inviting other nations to attend your "Homecoming" and saying why your nation wants them there.

(OOC means "Out of Character". You use it when you, the player, want to say something that isn't part of the story.)

Read this sticky (link ( for more information.

In this thread (link (, some experienced nations offer to help newcomers learn to RP. You can contact them by posting in that thread or by sending one of them a polite telegram (go to your nation page, click on The World link in the column on the left-hand side, type in the name of the nation you want to contact and then type the TG).