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Cup of Harmony 37 Bid

13-03-2009, 20:58
The Football Associations of Allemenschen and Peisandros wish to submit their bid for the 37th Edition of the...

Cup of Harmony


This is Daehanjeiguk (aka Han, aka whatever else you might say about me)/Allemenschen wishing to provide a stable environment in which countries that have not qualified for the World Cup may compete for a lucrative prize (one that the Han have never even gotten close to winning). OOCly, we have had experience hosting numerous tournaments. For a time, there was the non-WCC-affiliated OFC tournaments that ran for 7 editions; we have also hosted the 31st Cup of Harmony with Cafundeu (WC39), the 28th Baptism of Fire (WC41), and the 41st World Cup (duh!).

Peisandros is a BoF runner-up (WC44) and one of those few countries whose national football team has reached the World Cup on their first try. This will be their first time hosting a WCC-sanctioned tournament, and with hopefully, the first in a long run of many other tournaments.


We need to have a tournament where people who feel that their unappreciated talent gets wasted in not qualifying to continue feeling that they have a place here. The Cup of Harmony is begrudgingly called the "Loser's Cup", but the only losers are those who never try. And those who trying are equally just as bad; but to those who persist, every step taken is a step forward. This tournament offers those people another chance to gain KPB points as well, offering another venue by which individuals can enhance their chances to qualify for the World Cup.

As to why should you vote to have a former WCC host, we're experienced in dealing with tournaments. Ideally, we'd look to invite another country who has never hosted the tournament before to step up and come host with us, so that they can get a feel for the ropes of hosting a WCC-affiliated tournament. Of course, you tetraphobic peoples should ignore the fact that this is (potentially) our fourth WCC event.


The hosts will use the latest version of NSFooty (2.0.7.merbobber) to score results. Ranks will be determined by their post-Qualifying ranks, to be posted sometime after qualification for the World Cup ends. RP bonus is to be calculated cumulatively, with older posts slowly decreasing by a 1/2(^n) factor:

1st day (n=0), RP is worth full one weight;
2nd day (n=1), RP is worth half weight;
3rd day (n=2), RP is worth 1/4 weight.

and so on. RPs will be graded for quality of the posts, to include humor, intrigue, and coherency. RPs that are interactive with others and/or the hosts are a big bonus, but not necessarily encouraged. The precise manner of calculation will not be disclosed...ever. This system will hopefully encourage people to continue RPing as often, while not penalizing people who can't RP everyday.

Countries that have posted at least one RP and a roster will be invited as a preference; countries that do not satisfy the pre-requisites will not be included into the tournament unless extreme need should require it. That said, we will actively seek active RPers to participate in the CoH and moreover seek to avoid inviting non-RPing individuals.


When the World Cup Qualification Stage ends if we are confirmed as hosts.

A tentative schedule will be posted at that time, with invitations sent out to the qualifying countries. We will look to a number of participatants around 16 or 24 (multiples of 4 most preferable, multiples of 2 next, multiples of 3 next, multiples of anything even less so, prime numbers will be ignored).

A few other important things...

Tiebreaking criteria:
Always a sticking point when there's a tie to break, we'll use the existing tie-breaking criteria used for WC45 -
(1) Points! (of course)
(2) Number of wins
(3) H2H results
(4) Goal Difference
(5) Goals For
(6) Quantity of Wood Chucked by a Woodchuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood (i.e. random lots) <<< (in WC45, a repechage match is used for this spot, and there is no away-goals rule applied here (because you're all away)

Cease-to-Exist Countries:
This shouldn't happen, but if it does, nations that CtE will be dealt a -80 ranks points in the group stage, or will automatically forfeit their next match. Seriously though, if you read a TG from me, you need to log in, so you shouldn't CtE.

Feel free to ask more questions. Otherwise, this is will be a solo bid. Address your concerns about the hosting bid here.
17-03-2009, 18:48
On behalf of Allemenschen:

Just an FYI to those people making their choices;

I will be out for this next weekend (Mar 20, 21) away for a conference. As such, if confirmed for the CoH host, matches would not be able to start until Sunday evening (USA)/Monday morning (Asia)/midnight (Europe). That said, if confirmed, we will make arrangements so that the invitations, the group draw, and such will be performed before then so that the only thing to do by Monday will be the matches. This is just to get a tentative starting date for people to start preparing, and also for the EWCC voters, should they feel that Monday is too late for the CoH to start.

This post will be added into the CoH Bid thread for later reference.