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NationStates World Grand Prix Championship 7 - SIGNUPS

08-03-2009, 15:41
(NS WGPC 7, brought to you by Liventia Airways!)
08-03-2009, 15:42
Based off what I've seen from here (, there seems to be quite some support for the return of the World Grand Prix Championship.

As I have the scorinator that I used in F1GP 4 and Cas used for WGPC 5 and prior to that, and which Bos and Oli used for the incomplete WGPC6, I think it's time for the WGPC's return.

Each nation may sign up ONE team of TWO drivers and ONE backup, as well as up to TWO tracks each (although ultimately most nations will only get one GP, so please indicate which is your main track).

Each team gets 20 points to distribute in aerodynamics, cornering and reliability. The maximum in any one category is 10. Then, your drivers. The first should, in theory, be the better one, and will therefore recieve a minor bonus. Now, each driver gets a bonus point to one of the three stats. So one could be driving a car that's 8-7-6 and the other could be driving a car that's 7-7-7. If you miss that, you don't get to go back and add it in once we start.

This is how a team sign up should look.

DRIVER 1 (bonus category)
DRIVER 2 (bonus category)
You may also wish to include an IC designation for your car (MP4-24, as a RL example)

Strictly no puppet teams at this point, but we'll see how it goes. You MAY however submit ONE track from a puppet .

To submit a track for a race, you need:

The name of the circuit, a track map, and a fastest lap time would be nice to have. Please, where possible, indicate the LENGTH (km/miles) of one lap.

You may submit ovals, but only as a secondary track and not as a primary one. We will only use ovals if there's a shortage of tracks.

I'm aiming for 10-15 teams and about 25-30 tracks (only 15-20 of which will actually be used).

If any of the above is confusing, please ask below.
08-03-2009, 15:43
Bostopia F1 (Bostopia) 8-7-5

Team Principal
Kevin Sleed

Jack Berry - 8-8-5
Luke Marsh - 8-7-6

Short Background

Bostopia F1 is the longest established team in the Bostopian Formula 1 series, which they won (Constructors) for a record 23rd time, with Jack Berry now a three-time BF1 Drivers Champion, finishing 9 points ahead of closing rival Luke Henrich. Bostopia F1 entered the NSWGPC for the first time in the 3rd season.

NSWGPC 3: Drivers: #20 Adam Teraining - 26th place, 11 points | #21 Dave Prast - 22nd place, 16 points - Constructors: 13th, 27 points.
NSWGPC 4: Drivers: #9 Adam Teraining - 10th place, 47 points | #10 Dave Prast - 8th place, 51 points - Constructors: 4th, 98 points.
NSWGPC 5: Drivers: #5 Adam Teraining - 1st place, 100 points | #6 Dave Prast - 6th place, 59 points - Constructors: 1st, 159 points.
NSWGPC 6: Drivers: #00 Adam Teraining | #2 Dave Prast - Season not completed.

The Motorsport Association of Bostopia (MAB) have put forward the following track to host the Bostopian Grand Prix.

The Fort Boston Circuit

Located just inside the south-west corner of Fort Boston State, the Fort Boston Circuit is the newest track in Bostopia. The fastest lap time in a single seater was set by Jack Berry, at 1:17.543.

History of the Bostopian Grand Prix
NSWGPC 4 (Fort Boston Park Circuit, Fort Boston): Pole: M. Daniels, LEC LivEngRacing 1:24.125 | Winner: L. Ridgewell, Aston-Tickford Racing 1:15:48.799
NSWGPC 5 (Fort Boston Park Circuit, Fort Boston): Pole: C. Troy, Good Car Guys 1:24.25 | Winner: B. Turner, Stellar-WRM 1:42:43.11
NSWGPC 6 (Fort Boston Park Circuit, Fort Boston): Pole: J. KeFlinger, Twin Crescent Racing 1:21.250 | Winner: D. Prast, Bostopia F1 1:36:29.42
Van Luxemburg
08-03-2009, 16:06
(OOC: Pretty much the same one as last year; why change it when it is an OK introduction?)

Van Luxemburg, as a Number 1 Motorsport nation, welcomes Formula One with open arms to it’s nation, and would gladly host two races for the season. Our rich history in automobile racing will certainly come in handy as NSF1 visits Van Luxemburg and can taste the great motoring atmosphere.

As in the year before, Monteluci would like to offer several Duca's to the Formula One Organization, for use as safety car and medical vehicle. Because F1 is somewhat more demanding than regular road use, the vehicle has been modified electronically wise to make the standard atmospheric 4.2 litre V8 deliver 413 HP, and modified the exhaust systems, aswell as increased the engine size to 4.7 litres and some other minor adjustments, to provide an additional 77 HP; making 490 HP.
Monteluci expects that the car, which can do 310 km/h in the 400 HP SFS version, has a top speed of about 325 km/h, while the acceleration can take place in 4.5 seconds. For safety reasons, the Duca has been equipped with permanent ‘smart’ 4-wheel drive, distributing power to all four wheels. Furthermore, the SFS has been equipped with a LED lightbar, colour orange, which has an exceptionally high light output. LED strobes have also been mounted in the grille and rear bumper of the car, as well as the blinkers, that have been modified to serve as strobe lights. The Duca is also equipped with a radio system that allows the driver or passenger to contact the F1 organisation or other instances on the course. The system can also contact Van Luxemburgian Emergency Services via the standard Van Luxemburgian network. The medical car will be equipped with a regular medical kit, as well as an AED for emergency situations. It has been equipped with the same lighting solution as the Safety Car, although blue strobe lights have also been added in for road use in Van Luxemburg, in case the vehicle needs to leave the track during an emergency situation.

Entry: Monteluci F1

Monteluci is a company with a long racing history. It was founded by the Monteluci Family, most notably Gilberto Monteluci. In 1907, Gilberto built his first car, the Pangea. Quickly followed by multiple, more powerful models, Monteluci soon joined the top by winning several races since their entry into racing in 1913. His cars were the absolute benchmark in both luxury and speed, while also offering unparalleled driving dynamics. Gilberto was a frequent guest in all kinds of races around the world, especially when his cars participated. In 1934, he built the truly magical Tipo 188, which quickly conquered the racing world and lead the world’s most prestigious drivers to the finish in agonizing races of skill and tactics. The Tipo 188 was constantly improved to remain the world benchmark, and the vehicle remained top-notch until 1940, when the racing leagues were halted to favour the Second World War. During the war, Monteluci mainly constructed trucks and other light vehicles, to fulfil the large orders made by the national Armed Forces. During the war, Gilberto Monteluci died, 63 years of age, due to a fatal accident in the Monteluci factory in Venezia (Venice). After the war, Monteluci had to restart production of automobiles, since their pre-war vehicles were considered outdated by the new direttore generale, Battisto Monteluci, and he immediately ordered the development of new automobiles, which included a new Formula 1 car. Once again, Monteluci reigned the tracks and roads. However, interest in their road-legal automobiles was fading; Vehicles were too expensive and couldn’t compete with the cheaper VLT’s, a nationalised company established in 1946. Due to this, Monteluci relocated funds from their Formula 1 team to their road-legal department, which caused the achievements of the F1 team to slowly degrade, after a few seasons, the Monteluci F1 team was no more than a mediocre racing team, a shadow of what it used to be. The second blow came in 1973, when the oil crisis struck the Monteluci road-legal cars aswell; sales were reduced to a minimum. Through the next years, Monteluci slowly went downhill, upgrading and facelifting the 1973 models due to a lack of money. In 1995, the last update for the Tipo G came, a model which showed slight differences to the previous models, but still building on the same 70’s technologies. In 2007, the Direttore Generale of Monteluci sold the brand to VLT, becoming the manager for the next 5 years. After having run in the last season of NSF1, which was little successful and blamed on a ‘starting team’, Monteluci Squadra Forze Sportive F1 is back with a new car, the RF13, and a team that trained round the clock to improve it’s potential. With the new RF13 and the now well-trained team, they hope to achieve a top position in the F1 world.



No. of cilinders 8, V 90 degrees
valves per cilinder 4
engine displacement 2400 cm3
bore x stroke 98.0 x 39.7 mm
Max. power output 625 kW (850 PS) @
Basic Engine alloy: Aluminium, magnesium & Titanium alloy

Base weight: 635 kg
Estimated top speed (average set-up): 345 km/h

Team ACR:
Aerodynamics – 7
Cornering – 7
Reliability – 6


Paolo Monteluci (Age 27)
Aerodynamics – 7
Cornering – 8
Reliability – 6

Daniel Baer (Age 32)
Aerodynamics – 7
Cornering – 7
Reliability – 7

(RESERVE DRIVER!) Yves Lachapelle (Age 30)
Aerodynamics – 8
Cornering – 7
Reliability – 6

Team Manager: Alfredo Monteluci (Age 46)

Car (High-Res!) (

Pit Crew Overalls (High-Res!) (

The Track:

Pista Autodromo Nazionale Motorsport Moiano, Moiano, Arvaglio, Van Luxemburg (High-Res, again) (
Length: 13.7 Km
Lap Record: 5:14:96 (Driven with a Monteluci RF13 F1 2008 car)
Maximum Spectators: Fire brigade prescriptions list a maximum of 200,000 spectators. Seating for 45,000
Aero 0.4
Cornering 0.6

The Pista di Moiano (as it is abbreviated to from the official name, or sometimes called only ‘Moiano’) was originally a private track built by Gilberto Monteluci in 1909 to test his various race cars and automobiles. As the time progressed and Monteluci grew larger and became more and more infamous for it’s racing achievements, the Moiano grounds expanded until it spanned a staggering 300 hectares of proving grounds in 1946. However, the downfall of the Monteluci brand after the second world war caused the track to fall into disrepair, with large cracks appearing in the banked track in the late 1970’s. When the Motorway Police Driving School moved away from Moiano and Monteluci lost it’s subsidy for the upkeep of the track, it became even worse. Roads in large parts of the grounds, laying in forested areas, were covered over by all kinds of plants, causing the surface to be undriveable. With the VLT takeover, this all turned around. The Autodromo was lovingly restored and modernised, and parts of the track renovated so races could take place in the future. This future is now, and the Autodromo Nazionale Motorsport is open to the F1 season of 2008, being the home of Monteluci SFS F1, and hopefully host to one of the races in the season.

(OOC: If necessary, I can submit the good old Kreuzbadinsel Street track:

Kreuzbad Street Course, Kreuzbadinsel (High-Res, again) (
Length: 20.2 Km
Lap Record: 7:56:88 (Driven with V6-powered touring cars, may not represent F1 times)
Maximum Spectators: Variable, mostly around the 100,000 mark.
Aero: 0.1
Cornering 0.9

The Kreuzbad Street course was originally set up for touring car races, but can also be used for Formula 1 racing. The drivers race straight through the streets of the scenic city of Kreuzbad, the capital of the Kreuzbadinsel Colony. Inbetween the Atlantik-Curve and the Rothschildtener Garten,, speeds of 300 kilometres an hour and upwards are possible, but the driver is required to break for Rothschildtener Garten, to prevent him or her from crashing into the city park. Other interesting corners are the Große S-Kurve, stretching across two bridges over the river Kreuz. The Leeds-Karussell is a place where the cars will have to brake hard, before steering into the hairpin. Then, the Großherzog is also an interesting place, where the cars have to steer past two sharp corners, before heading towards the wide Meer-S. The most dangerous part is most likely the Reisetschanze, where the touring car driver Christian Reiset crashed his Weiß-VLT into the scenery, a wooded area of the circuit. This is because of the small downward slope, and too much throttle means that the vehicles can possibly take off and start a short scenic fly past the trees, before crashing into one of them. Unfortunately, Christian Reiset did not survive the 1976 crash, and the Reisetschanze has been named in honour of him.

A short drive over the circuit.

One starts at Start-Finish, from where one travels across several unnamed corners, before hitting the Großcorniche corner, which leads out of Kreuzbad. Woods, with the occasional villa start to make up the scenery here, with foliage consisting off temperate plants, such as palms, olive trees, but also deciduous forest. The Luxkurve is a sharp corner that offers a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean. From the Luxkurve to the Tal corner, the road descends into a small valley, from where the road starts climbing again, towards the Leeds-Karussell. There, the driver will have to slow down, to take a full hairpin, followed by another tight corner. Then, a very wide piece of asphalt will take us down to Enzelsberg, from where the road is relatively straight and level until the Reisetschanze. From there on, the road descends steeply, obliging the drivers to brake hard for the Schanze. Then we’ll head into the Facheler S-Kurve, which is relatively wide, although the road still descends from the top of the Enzelsberg (which is more of a hill) towards the Atlantic Ocean. Then, two sharp corners that make up the Großherzog. From there, one enters the city of Kreuzbad again andcan accelerate towards the Meer-S, which has a large and wide piece of asphalt in the middle. After the Meer-S, the car can use all of it’s acceleration to head towards the Rothschildtener Garten, past both commercial and residential construction, mainly higher buildings. The driver will then have to brake hard for the Rothschildtener Garten. From there, a short straight piece towards the Vogelsecke, named after the many birds that reside in that part of the Kreuzbad city park. Then the driver will drive from the Vogelsecke to Verstappenergrund, following a slight curve in the last part of the run. After Verstappener Grund, one will have to break for the Große S-kurve, covering two bridges across the river Kreuz. From there, the driver can finish at Start/Finish, having driven 20.2 kilometres.
08-03-2009, 16:23

Windizi Meshe Racing (RENNIDAN)

Windizi is a relatively new company to the racing world, although they have been making family and super cars for the last fifty years. Recently they’ve done their best to spread out, having their vehicles perform in rally, NASCAR, drift, Grand Prix and Formula 1 races (their motor bikes are also prominently used by Rennidanians competing in motocross and super bike races).

In F1 racing, their vehicles are known for their good speed, good steering and good reliability. There’s nothing special about the vehicles, as Rennidan would rather show that it’s their driver’s skill that gets them by, rather than who uses the bigger engines. In what could be dubbed as the WGPC6.5, hosted by Pablicosta a long time ago, Rennidan came through to show they have some skill in the area. Here's hoping that luck can strike again.

Windizi Meshe F1-XP

Chassis: Carbon Fibre Aeropulse
Brakes: Windizi 6PC Brakes
Transmission: 8-Speed Windizi MagGear
Electronics: MoutangWindizi TechnoFix
Steering Wheel: Windizi PC3 SteeringTech
Tyres: Windizi Meshe RaceForce
Wheel: Windizi Meshe RF212Rims
Length: 4,325mm
Width: 1,422mm
Weight: 596kg
Cylinders: 8
VPC: 4
Engine: WMR-F1XP-V8
Engine Displacement: 2cm3
Engine Block: Aluminium/Titanium Weave
Cylinder Head: Aluminium/Titanium Weave
Crankshaft: Steel
Weight: 102kg
Max. Engine Speed: 18,922rpm

Team Manager: Moyles Pawt (Age 86)

Team WMR:
Aerodynamics: 6
Cornering: 8
Reliability: 6

Micah Twels (Age 22)
Aerodynamics: 6
Cornering: 9
Reliability: 6

Mal Soe (Age 26)
Aerodynamics: 7
Cornering: 8
Reliability: 6

The Track

Misho Track
Length: 8.2 Km
Lap Record: 2:48.739, Forez Mondaz (2004,WMR-F1XP-V8. He later died on Burial during his celebration lap.)
Maximum Spectators: 35,000
Aero: 0.05
Cornering: 0.95

At first glance, or even on their first time around the track, many believe that this track can be overcome with better aerodynamics than cornering.

They usually crash and die in a brutal fire of nasty on the first corner.


1 – Burial – So called because of the number of drivers that have either met an untimely end or a very large medical bill. The long straight before it allows most drivers to hit top speed, meaning that if they don’t brake in time, their car will be taking a flying lesson very, very soon.

2 – Sleepy Man’s Corner (SMC) – This corner should be tough, but after the serious braking from Burial, it’s easy enough to take at low speed.

3 – Lanberd – So called because of a spectacular spin-out by Michael Lanberd in the early days of the track. He managed to wipe out all the other racers on this corner.

4 - Relax – So called because, after this corner, you’re out of the ‘Dire 4’, the first four corners which can be a right pain in the butt (and the ribs, the skull, the groin, etc. etc.).

5 – Understeer – So called because, after the ferocity of the ‘Dire 4’, many drivers forget they can now take it easy.

6 – Bump – It looks like a bump. What more is there to it?

7 – Oversteer – So called because, after the simplicity of Understeer and Bump, many drivers end up off the track here.

8 – Motaveli – So called because this is where Feros Motaveli flipped his car and died at the tragically young age of 19.

9 – Back Zee – So called because of how, instead of being an S-bend, looks more like a backwards ‘z’.

10 – Sweforf – So called because this is where Oliver Sweforf met his untimely end when his touring car went off the track and into the large ditch, catching fire and, eventually, exploding, showering every first aider within a hundred foot in metal debris.

11 – Uliv – So called because this is where Micah Uliv crashed and lost his hand. We still haven’t found it, by the way.

12 – Hensworth – So called because this is where Phil Hensworth managed to roll his touring car, but managed to continue the race and, eventually, won the season.

13 – Unlucky For Some – So called because it’s corner 13, and four drivers have ended up in hospital in the last year thanks to this corner.

14 – Ease – So called because this is where Harry Ease was hit by an opponents car when he staggered from his crash in a daze.

15 – Raiser – So called because of the sudden bump of elevation on the apex in this turn.

16 – Level – So called because here the track returns to even.

17 – Moyles – So called because here is where the current team manager was left paralysed from the waist down in a horrifying twelve car pile-up.

18 – Flow – So called because this is supposedly the smoothest corner to ride through on the track.

19 – Demins – So called because this is where Simon Demins totalled his car, yet walked away without a scratch. (Later turned out he had internal bleeding and he died in his sleep).

20 – Junior – So called because this is probably the easiest goddamned turn on the track. No one has died on this! BE HAPPY!

21 – Blackjack – 21st corner, blackjack… gettit? Gettit? Get—Ah, screw it.

22 – Elbow – Not because it’s shaped like an elbow, but because where Gilligan Jones lost his arm from the elbow down.

23 – Smokey – So called because of the tire smoke that often fumigates this turn. The grass around it is dead from the lack of good air.

24 – Swifty – So called because you need swift reactions to keep top speed on this little bump.

25 – Standard – So called because it’s a standard turn.

26 – And Again So called because, well, now you've got to do it all again...
08-03-2009, 18:28
Team Manager-Ace Montgomery 56

Driver 1- Isaac Asirovecheck

Driver 2- Tyler White

J.J Yoda

Track to come if somone could make a picture of one i could describe.
09-03-2009, 01:21
Cafundéu's F1 Team: (

Team Name: Globo/Velog F1
Engine: Velog
Tires: Borrachudos

Aerodynamic: 9
Cornering: 7
Reliability: 4

The car: heavily sponsored (the team manager said that the team didn't get the predicted number of sponsors, he wanted more), black, with details in orange and white (


Driver 1: Bruno "Valeta" Borghi (Cafundéu): 10-7-4
Driver 2: André Luís Caconde (Cafundéu): 9-7-5

Test Driver: Paulo Baroni (Cafundéu): 9-7-5

Team Manager: Romualdo Siqueira

Cafundéu also wants to submit a track:

Name: Autódromo Afonso Lacraia Velog (aka Velogão)

Lap times around 1:18.750 (Romualdo Siqueira has the record: 1:18.119) - Length is 4,500m

An anticlockwise circuit, the Velogão has many curves, but most of them are high speed curves. The first curve (without numbers) is extremely dangerous, and some accidents can happen in the first lap or in other ones. The curves with numbers 5, 8 and 11 demand a good brake system, but in general, this is a short and fast circuit, with areas of overtaking opportunities (probably fewer than in other circuits).

It is located in the capital city, Cafundó do Juta, near the Lake Acarajé. It is also close to many factories, especially Canabrava Cachaça's main factory, and Velog Automobiles' factory.

Important: the probability of rain in Cafundó do Juta is very high. From January to April, it reaches 50%. From May to September, it is 20%. From October to December, it is 33%. (

Names of the curves/sectors:

0 (first curve): Curva do Diabo
1: Pé do Abreu
2: Dedão do Abreu
3: Desvio do Lago
4: Curva do Sargento
5: Espinho I
6: S do Senna
7: Curva Bola
8: Espinho II
9: Cabeça de Porco
10: Reta do Breque
11: Curva Mata-Um
12: Reta Oposta
13: Curvão do Maníaco
14: Curva do Jegue
15: Viradinha Final
16: Curva da Vitória
17: Reta Principal
18: Reta dos Pits
09-03-2009, 02:42
Taeshan, you need to decide on ONE single A-C-R for your team. Each of your drivers then gets to add one point to any of A, C or R. They can't have two different A-C-Rs.
09-03-2009, 03:06
Didn't relaise that in that caes it will be 6-6-8 with them each having one plus on aero
Blouman Empire
09-03-2009, 05:42
Team Name: Garand F1 Racing (Blouman Empire)

Team Prinicpal: Sir Edward Garand

A-C-R: 7-7-6
Team Driver1: Mark Freldsam
Team Driver2: John Baloney
Test Driver (3rd): Ryan Lokonariggar

Car model: G1-1
Feldsam will have hisbonus point on conering and Baloney can have his bonus point in reliablity.

I don'thave a track, if it is a requirment then I will attempt to make one up if not then I wont bother about it. Well not yet I will need to play around with software to do it, does anyone have some clues on helping me with the best software to use?
09-03-2009, 07:38
Team Revél-Celestar
Car designation: RCR09GP-A

5-9-6 for both.
Driver 1: Adrian Girolamo (bonus to A)
Driver 2: James Evans (bonus to R)

Circuit Jacques Strappe, Outineau
Also nicknamed "le castor ronge".
Proposed location for the Grand Prix du Kelssek (English: Grand Prix of Kelssek).
Cornering 0.60, Aero 0.40.
Lap record 1:14.102.
09-03-2009, 08:27
Blouman, it is not a requirement to enter a track as well as a team. You can enter one in either, or one in both.

Kelssek, same thing as Taeshan, you can only have one single A-C-R across both drivers, who each then get a bonus point in any category of your choice.
09-03-2009, 08:35
Sorry, got a bit confused with the instructions and just bunged in what I did last time. Fixed.
The Candrian Empire
09-03-2009, 15:43

Twin Crescent Racing is back

James KeFlinger, the quick leadfoot native
Scott LeCroix, the dynamic Casarian.

Will post one of my two tracks when I have time

Also, will make a new car template.

09-03-2009, 22:18

Nethertopia's one and only racing team will participate in this competition. Based in Mignon, mister big spender Sam Wendell has once again been bored, as it seems. After the takeover of Candelariasian football club Marquez-Onwere and the sponsorship of the Nethertopian highest football league he's now found a hobby in possessing his own race team.

Anyway, let's get on with it. We have two drivers, who remain yet quite unknown. Extensive bio's will probably appear after the start of this competition. Yaay. We have no technical mumbo jumbo due to the fact that someone was too lazy to read through the F1 car wikipage. What we do have, is a template.

A-C-R: 8-7-5

Driver one: Arie de Winter (aged 27)
A-C-R: 8-8-5

Driver two: Xabier Overtoon (aged 20)
A-C-R: 8-7-6

Backup driver: Alexis de Souza (aged 28)
A-C-R: 8-7-5

We also have a proposed circuit. Huzzah. The green lines indicate the end of a sector and the big red line is the start/finish, as you've prolly guessed already.

The Mignon Race Circuit
Length: 5.573 km
Lap record: 1:35.599
Aero: 0.65
Cornering: 0.35

1: Corner one.
2: Corner two.
3: Corner three.
4: Cor... You get the general idea, don't you? No exceptions, except for 9, which is a tunnel and not exactly a corner. It's called Tunnel, in case you are wondering.
Quintessence of Dust
10-03-2009, 16:14
Thinking about it I probably wouldn't have the time to participate in this, but could I just submit a track?
10-03-2009, 17:20
Team: Silverstar Airways Team KPL
ACR: 8-6-6
Driver 1: Nick Wagoner (8-7-6)
Driver 2: Stephen Raynor (8-6-7)
IC car name: S101
Sorthern Northland
10-03-2009, 18:09
Team name:Asal éide spóirt Sorthern Motor Racing Team
Team ACR rating:7-7-6
Driver One:Eamon St Columba 7-8-6
Driver Two:Nicoló Santon 7-7-7

The Sorthern Motor Racing Association will also submit a track, once the people building it finish striking and get on with the job.
10-03-2009, 20:39
Yes, you can submit only a track if you wish.
11-03-2009, 05:13
WTH Qazox will try once again to win something!

Ganja Vodka Racing Team (Formerly known as Ox-Cola Racing):

A-C-R for the Team: 6-8-6

#5: Bryon Rechs: (6-9-6) Age 23.
#6: David Carpathi (6-8-7) Age 27.
(Numbers based on where I was at in Contructors pts when WGPC6 ended, which was 9th)

Previous Team Finishes:
WGPC Season 5:
Constructors: 6th place: 97 points
8th- Frank Church: 49 pts
9th- William Burns: 48 pts

WCPC Season 6: (season ended with 3 races left on schedule)
Constructors: 9th place: 57 points
8th- Stephan Villenueva: 42 pts
23rd- Henri Ferregamo: 15 pts

Previous GP of Qazox races:
S5 GP of Qazox: (old Course)
Pole Winner: Scott Stoddard (Stellar-WRM) 1:56.97 (track record)
Race Winner: Cyril Heliodoros (New Dracora Aerospace Ltd.) 2:39:39.05

S6 GP of Qazox: Not Held.
Pole Winner: N/A
Race Winner: N/A

Course: Fallon Hill Raceway, North Joehio, Qazox.
(ooc: YES... it is a crappy MSPaint pic...)
(Black is the Pit lane)
# of Laps: 61
Track Length: 5km (3.125 Miles)
Track record: 1:56.37 by Henri Ferrigamo
11-03-2009, 14:21
Team name: Everest Racing Team
Team ACR rating:6-7-7
Driver One: Jason Smith 6-8-7
Driver Two:Nathan Mellows 7-7-7
12-03-2009, 22:17
Team: SYDI'ha Konihekta
(SYDI being an acronym for SYdi'het la'DIsira meaning 'convenient speed' and being the advertising slogan of Konihekta JSK)
A-C-R: 7-6-7

First driver: Rovertu Matejo S~vali, aged 29 (7-6-8)
Second driver: Salikema Jumnan, aged 23 (7-7-7)
Test Driver: Ja-Si~lk Lju, aged 27 (7-6-7)
IC name of the car: ATiA235 (both the abbreviation and the number are inside jokes of the technical team which somehow survived despite management knowing about them)
13-03-2009, 05:17
We would like to submit a second track, to be used if necessary (this would be the Landau Institute GP rather than a 2nd Cafundéu GP):

Name: Autódromo Local Doutor Armando Paz (aka Armando Paz) - located inside the Landau Institute

Lap times around 47 seconds (Doctor Sandro Murchid has the record: 0:45.830) - Length is 3,247m

As usual with tracks located in the region close to Cafundéu and Estresse Intenso, this is an anti-clockwise circuit. It is a pretty easy one, and very enjoyable, to drive in, as the drivers will be able to be in nearly maximum speed for most part of the track. As this circuit is located inside the Landau Institute, it is indoor, so climate doesn't affect it (there is air conditioning). The only problem is that cars broken inside the track won't be removed easily. To compensate this, at least injured drivers can be assured they'll have a good assistance, as there are a lot of doctors there. (

1- Reta dos Boxes
2- Curva Dr. Ross
3- Extensão do Setor Leste
4- Curva Dra. Abgenel
5- Curva Prof. Germano Paiva
6- Curva Boca de Jumento
7- Extensão do Setor Oeste
8- Curva da Invaginação
9- Curva Dr. Landau
10- Curva Tronco de Jequitibá
11- Curva Prof. Bangu Melo
12- Seta Gigante do Dr. Bossa Vega
13-03-2009, 06:45
Grand Prix of Ad’ihan track submission

As the track has recently been modified to remove the S-Bend Sequence and replace it with "The Bump", there is no competitive lap record for the circuit.
13-03-2009, 13:30
InfoInternet Liventia Racing from Liventia announce their intention to participate in the 7th NationStates World Grand Prix Championship.

Team A-C-R: 9-6-5
Driver 1: Adam Richardson (10-6-5)
Driver 2: Matthew Portland (9-7-5)
Car: LR-27

Liventia Airways Grand Prix of Liventia East (Track 1)
As this is a new circuit, there is no top lap time.

Grand Prix of Liventia West (Track 2)

Top lap time: 1:29.450
13-03-2009, 18:03
Current signups (teams):
In reverse order of signup at this point

1. InfoInternet Liventia Racing (Liventia) 9-6-5
2. SYDI'ha Konihekta (Rejistania) 7-6-7
3. Everest Racing Team (Lecland) 6-7-7
4. Ganja Vodka Racing Team (Qazox) 6-8-4 You're two points short. You can choose to keep it this way or top it up to 20 points.
5. Asal éide spóirt Sorthern Motor Racing Team (Sorthern Northland) 7-7-6
6. Silverstar Airways Team KPL (Kura-Pelland) 8-6-6
7. Team WendellCorp (Nethertopia) 8-7-5
8. *Twin Crescent Racing (The Candrian Empire) This signup was marked prelim... need the info soon.
9. Team Revél-Celestar (Kelssek) 5-9-6
10. Garand F1 Racing (Blouman Empire) 7-7-6
11. Globo/Velog F1 (Cafundéu) 9-7-4
12. Taeshan Grand Prix Team (Taeshan) 6-6-8
13. Windizi Meshe F1-XP (Rennidan) 6-8-6
14. Monteluci F1 (Van Luxemburg) 7-7-6
15. Bostopia F1 (Bostopia) 8-7-5

This puts us nicely at 15 teams (14 + 1 preliminary signup). I'll be happy to take up to 20 teams.

Current signups (tracks):
In reverse order of signup at this point; backup tracks listed at bottom
1. Grand Prix of Liventia East (Folenisa Street Circuit (
2. Grand Prix of Ad’ihan (Circuit d'Ad’ihan) (
3. Grand Prix of Qazox (Fallon Hill Raceway) (
4. Grand Prix of Nethertopia (The Mignon Race Circuit) (
5. Grand Prix du Kelssek (Circuit Jacques Strappe) (
6. Grand Prix of Cafundéu (Velogão) (
7. Grand Prix of Rennidan (Misho Track) (
8. Grand Prix of Van Luxemburg (Pista Autodromo Nazionale Motorsport Moiano) (
9. Bostopian Grand Prix (The Fort Boston Circuit) (

1. Grand Prix of Liventia West (Motor Racing Circuit of Cyclonesville) (
2. Grand Prix of Landau Institute (Armando Paz) (
3. Kreuzbad Street Course (


If there's a local translation of your Grand Prix name you'd like me to use (e.g. Grand Prix du Kelssek rather than Grand Prix of Kelssek), or if you'd prefer to use an adjective form (e.g. Bostopian Grand Prix rather than Grand Prix of Bostopia) please do let me know.
13-03-2009, 18:09
As a side point, qualifying for WGPC 7 will be run to the RL format as far as the scorinator allows. Currently it's set up to give 12 qualifying runs, with the best lap counting. I intend to adjust this such that the first four, next four and last four columns are each treated as Q1, Q2 and Q3 IRL.

However, with an enlarged number of drivers compared to RL (currently 30 drivers) it's likely Q1 will eliminate all the DNQs (bottom 6-12, depending on the final number of drivers) and Q2 will settle the bottom half of the starting grid, with Q3 settling the top half (compared to bottom 5-next 5-top 10 IRL).
Quintessence of Dust
13-03-2009, 19:08
The Grand Prix of Quintessence of Dust ("The Quintessential Grand Prix").

Malinowski Memorial Circuit, Rahlia, Pulona.

Track image, rendered using some pretty shit hot graphics software:

Track length: 3.952 km
Fastest lap: 1.17:5575 (Janveer Singh)
Laps: 72

Will provide extra details if needed.
13-03-2009, 20:38
The Taeshani team shall be nown as Ricky Zellefrow Incorprated (RZI).
17-03-2009, 12:06
Final call for entrants (both teams and tracks).
Sorthern Northland
17-03-2009, 13:41
Slani adverts.
Sorthern Northland
17-03-2009, 13:43
Sorthern Northland's track submissions. No record for either as of yet, due to them being new circuits.
17-03-2009, 16:13
In case needed, here's a second Nethertopian entry, the track is situated on the Nth Eagle Islands, a group of small islands North of Nethertopia, inhabitated with a bunch of Greek-Orthodox humans (which is a Nethertopian puppet).

Circuit Zeus Irona
Length: 3.412 km
Lap record: 1:01.478
Aero: 0.4
Cornering: 0.6

(The start is called Zeus/Overthrow of the Titans)
1: Poseidon
2: Hades
3: Hestia
4: Hera
5: Ares
6: Athena
7: Apollo
8: Aphrodite
9: Hermes
10: Artemis
11: Hephaestus
Candelaria And Marquez
17-03-2009, 22:05
Eh, gowon then.

Team Name: Movilla Patton-Carmichael F1 (Candelaria And Marquez)

Team Principal: Gabriel Antonio Cordero

A-C-R: 5-8-7

Driver 1: Joe Allon ~ 6-8-7
Driver 2: Jesús Garcia ~ 5-9-7


The Grand Prix of Candelaria And Marquez

City West Racetrack, Lexaton, Albrecht

Fastest Lap Time: 1:10:361 [But likely to be shaved considerably by the greater quality of vehicles on offer at global level]

Length: 3.703km

Ancient and temporarily out-of-date NSwiki page, for some reason (
18-03-2009, 14:26
And signups are closed. Unfortunately I'm not able to include The Candrian Empire due to an incomplete signup.

There are 15 teams this season (30 drivers); 24 will qualify for each Grand Prix.
There will be 12 races, with none of the five backup tracks used.

Each race will comprise of a qualifying day and a race day. Practice will not be scorinated, but you may RP your own teams' practice.

There will be between two and five days between each Grand Prix weekend; at most this will mean a season of 83 days (it won't actually last that long), and at the least 48 days (more likely closer to this number).

Qualifying will be conducted in three sessions. The first session will knock out six drivers (the non-qualifiers for the race). The second session will eliminate the 12 slowest cars, who will fill spots 13-24 on the grid. The final session will determine the starting order for the top 12.

Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers for each race (or, when there are less than 10 finishers, for drivers classified in the top 10), as per follows: 18-14-11-9-6-5-4-3-2-1. Teams will also score the same number of points scored by their drivers. The driver and team with the most points at the end of the 12 races will be crowned World Drivers' and World Team Champions.

The first race weekend will be scorinated this Saturday, March 21, at 0400 UTC (qualifying) and Sunday, March 22, at 0500 UTC (race). An RP thread will be put up (together with the finalised GP race schedule) tomorrow, Thursday March 19.
18-03-2009, 19:40
Liventia, what about Car Numbers?? Just asking.
18-03-2009, 19:45
Car numbers will be allocated based on each team's average points per race from WGPC 5 and 6.
18-03-2009, 19:58
Got ya.
18-03-2009, 20:42
So waht does that mean for non earlier entered teams just the numbers left after that i guess.
18-03-2009, 21:09
That's right. Car numbers only matter in terms of placing in the pits.
19-03-2009, 02:25
So what would those In Fact be?
The Candrian Empire
19-03-2009, 04:40
Team Plan (A-C-R)


Driver Bonuses

James KeFlinger +1 Reli

Scott LeCroix +1 Corner

both tracks + preferred track will be up in a minute; have to find the records based on previous runs and figure out which one is the preferred one (it rotates)


Midland Park Raceway Circuit (*
LAP # 63
RECORD LAP 1.17.210 (Thomas Johnson, 2006) (RECORDS MAY BE OUT OF DATE BUT I CBA)

Mt. Melanis Raceway (


Distance 6.101 KM
LAP RECORD 1:34.364 (David Prast, 2006)
19-03-2009, 08:45
You've really put me in a bind, as I clearly said signups would close yesterday at 1200 UTC and made a post at 1330 saying I'm not able to include your entry as you didn't sign up in time. It's unfortunate and I would like to have seen you involved but I'm not going to go back on my word. Apologies.
19-03-2009, 09:05
Here are the averages by team for WGPC5 and 6 (this does NOT include the Pablicosta-run "WGPC7"). If you've participated in either one but are listed as being new, please inform me. New teams are listed in order of WGPC7 signup.

WGPC5 (10) WGPC6 (10) Races Avg Car no.s
Bostopia F1 159 107 20 13.3 1+2
InfoInternet Racing 98 124 20 11.1 3+4
Ganja Vodka Racing Team 97 57 20 7.7 5+6
Globo/Velog F1 65 10 6.5 7+8
Movilla Patton-Carmichael F1 30 10 3.0 9+10
Monteluci F1 20 10 2.0 11+12
Team Revél-Celestar 5 10 0.5 13+14
Windizi Meshe F1-XP NEW 15+16
Taeshan Ricky Zellefrow Incorporated NEW 17+18
Garand F1 Racing NEW 19+20
Team WendellCorp NEW 21+22
Silverstar Airways Team KPL NEW 23+24
Asal éide spóirt Sorthern Motor Racing Team NEW 25+26
Everest Racing Team NEW 27+28
SYDI'ha Konihekta NEW 29+30

Reserve drivers will be given car numbers 31 onwards in order of necessity.
19-03-2009, 19:06
Due to their not being a true WDC due to WGPC6 not finishing, we feel it would be inappropriate to take car number 1.

Bostopia F1 requests that their first driver, Jack Berry have number 0, and Luke Marsh 2. We thank the authorities for their co-operation in this matter, and look forward to hearing back from them.
19-03-2009, 20:35
Um when you do the races and stuff the Taeshan can be dropped from the name.