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NSCAA Tournament 1- Everything Thread

08-03-2009, 15:38
Since this post will be eaten by an ad, let me just say here that in the setting up of this tournament bracket I have a newfound respect for what the actual NCAA selection committee does.
08-03-2009, 15:45
Greetings everyone, welcome to Selection Sunday. My name is Kenny Moore and I am going to be your guide for this mornings proceedings. First, note that the first round will begin on Friday. Participants are encouraged to get as much practice time (OOC: Roleplay) in before that. Practice (Roleplay) will be the very important.

(Note that roleplay is very important. At this time all 13 participating nations have an equal chance of winning the tournament. RP bonus (which will be equally applied to all your schools that are alive) and of course randomness that occurs within the IBC scorinator is what will determine who wins and losses. Now, let’s get back to Mr. Moore).

The selection committee has chosen four cities to host our regionals. Several factors went into this decision. Our first regional will be in Port Royal, Dancougar (pauses for applause).Our second regional will be in SaxerVilla, Qazox (pauses again for applause). Our third regional will be in Concord Heights, Cassadaigua (pauses again for applause and can tell some may be surprised by that one). And finally, our fourth regional will be in Atlantea, Taeshan, specifically the Atlantea AirDome. (Waits for more applause).

Now for the host cities for the first two rounds. In the Port Royal bracket, the top half will be played in Hoji, Fujisawan Territories. The bottom half will take place in Woodstock, Sarzonia. In the SaxerVilla regional, the top half will be in Lakeland, Secristan and the bottom half in Toronto, Colbourne. In the Concord Heights regional, the top half will be in Northland, Arroza and the bottom half at the Fadron Pizza Center in Fadron, Taeshan. Then in the Atlantea bracket, the top half will take place in Zacic, Kjomasasopia and the bottom half in Eastport, Dancougar. Congratulations to all of our host cities. We wish you the best of luck and great success in hosting the games.

Let’s see what the selection committee has come up with. Note that the winner of the Port Royal and the Atlantea regionals would meet in a semifinal with the SaxerVilla and Concord Heights regional winners meeting up in Tundra Falls, Newmanistan.


Games 1-4 & 9-10 are in Hoji, Fujisawan Territories; Games 5-8 & 11-12 are in Woodstock, Sarzonia

Game 1: (1) University of Qazox (QZX) vs (16) University of Resurgens- Granite Harbor (ARR)
Game 2: (8) Putnam Lake University (NEW) vs (9) Till College (VPH)
Game 3: (5) University of Concord Heights (CAS) vs (12) Somerset University (SAR)
Game 4: (4) Lakeland University (SEC) vs (13) Akatsuki University (DAN)
Game 5: (6) University of Hoji- M (FJT) vs (11) Concord Heights Beauty School (CAS)
Game 6: (3) Syracuse University (COL) vs (14) Fairfield City University (NEW)
Game 7: (7) University of Petrol Harbor (ARR) vs (10) Yorkshire University (QZX)
Game 8: (2) South Bektys University (VPH) vs (15) Ancheron Metro University (TOC)

Game 9: Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2
Game 10: Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4
Game 11: Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6
Game 12: Winner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8

Games 13-15 are in Port Royal, Dancougar
Game 13: Winner Game 9 vs Winner Game 10
Game 14: Winner Game 11 vs Winner Game 12

Game 15: Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14


Games 16-19 & 24-25 are in Zacic, Kjomasasopia; Games 20-23 & 26-27 are in Eastport, Dancougar

Game 16: (1) Amherst Law School (SEC) vs (16) Midland Interisland University (FJT)
Game 17: (8) Western University (COL) vs (9) University of Northern Viridity (TOC)
Game 18: (5) Kildare Maritime Academy (DAN) vs (12) Tanner University (CAS)
Game 19: (4) Simona Baptist (ARR) vs (13) Concord City University (NEW)
Game 20: (6) Bektys State University (VPH) vs (11) Fadron University (TAE)
Game 21: (3) Zacic-Pittry Community College (KJO) vs (14) University of Iwosaka (FJT)
Game 22: (7) Grav-Vogg State (QZX) vs (10) Washington University (COL)
Game 23: (2) University of Southport (NEW) vs (15) Machrobat Military School (TAE)

Game 24: Winner Game 16 vs Winner Game 17
Game 25: Winner Game 18 vs Winner Game 19
Game 26: Winner Game 20 vs Winner Game 21
Game 27: Winner Game 22 vs Winner Game 23

Games 28-30 are in Atlantea, Taeshan
Game 28: Winner Game 24 vs Winner Game 25
Game 29: Winner Game 26 vs Winner Game 27

Game 30: Winner Game 28 vs Winner Game 29


Games 31-34 & 39-40 are in Lakeland, Secristan; Games 35-38 & 41-42 are in Toronto, Colbourne

Game 31: (1) Dover City University (NEW) vs (16) University of Lunarossa (DAN)
Game 32: (8) West Masaru State (KJO) vs (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji (FJT)
Game 33: (5) Telquin (TAE) vs (12) University of Pharamus (TOC)
Game 34: (4) Cambridge University (COL) vs (13) Grand Michealie Sports (KJO)
Game 35: (6) Dancougar Royal Academy (DAN) vs (11) Bridgefield University (SEC)
Game 36: (3) Reynea Area Community College (TAE) vs (14) University of Calcasieu (ARR)
Game 37: (7) Seclusion Coast State (ARR) vs (10) Pocono City Tech (NEW)
Game 38: (2) Joe Gibbs University (SAR) vs (15) Jamison College (SEC)

Game 39: Winner Game 31 vs Winner Game 32
Game 40: Winner Game 33 vs Winner Game 34
Game 41: Winner Game 35 vs Winner Game 36
Game 42: Winner Game 37 vs Winner Game 38

Games 43-45 are in SaxerVilla, Qazox
Game 43: Winner Game 39 vs Winner Game 40
Game 44: Winner Game 41 vs Winner Game 42

Game 45: Winner Game 43 vs Winner Game 44


Games 46-49 & 54-55 are in Northland, Arroza; Games 50-53 & 56-57 are in Fadron, Taeshan

Game 46: (1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (16) Naval Academy of Secristan (SEC)
Game 47: (8) Pine Forest State (ARR) vs (9) Woodstock City College (SAR)
Game 48: (5) University of Ancheron (TOC) vs (12) Sirinis Agricultural College (VPH)
Game 49: (4) University of Hoji- W (FJT) vs (13) Windsor University (COL)
Game 50: (6) Amherst School of Finance (SEC) vs (11) Shiratori University (DAN)
Game 51: (3) University of Qazox- Pika City (QZX) vs (14) St. Margaret’s College (CAS)
Game 52: (7) Eastern Masaru State (KJO) vs (10) Loudon Empire University (NEW)
Game 53: (2) Kishin Academy (DAN) vs (15) New Bruxen State (QZX)

Game 54: Winner Game 46 vs Winner Game 47
Game 55: Winner Game 48 vs Winner Game 49
Game 56: Winner Game 50 vs Winner Game 51
Game 57: Winner Game 52 vs Winner Game 53

Games 58-60 are in Concord Heights, Cassadaigua

Game 58: Winner Game 54 vs Winner Game 55
Game 59: Winner Game 56 vs Winner Game 57

Game 60: Winner Game 58 vs Winner Game 59


Game 61: Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 30
Game 62: Winner Game 45 vs Winner Game 60

Game 63 (THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP): Winner Game 61 vs Winner Game 62

(There is no 3rd place game)

Scorination Schedule (Approximate time of Scorinations- All times in Eastern USA time)

Friday March 13th
Port Royal Regional- 1st Round 9am
Atlantea Regional- 1st Round 10am
SaxerVilla Regional- 1st Round 11am
Concord Heights Regional- 1st Round 12pm

Saturday March 14th
Port Royal & Atlantea Regionals- 2nd Round 9am
SaxerVilla & Concord Heights- 2nd Round 10am

Sunday March 15th
3rd round, all regions- 10am

Friday March 20th
Quarterfinals, all regions- 9am

Saturday, March 21st
Semifinals- TIME TBD on tentative real-life plans, will know by the 17th.

Sunday, March 22nd
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Time TBD on same tentative real-life plans.

The Tournament in Bracket Format is Located Here:

On that site, it is possible to make predictions, so if you would like to do that, it should be pretty self-explanatory once you register to the site. (Registration is a must to make predictions). The scoring will be done completely automatically, so it will take no effort at all on my part. (I like that part).
08-03-2009, 18:26
Since this post will be eaten by an ad, let me just say here that in the setting up of this tournament bracket I have a newfound respect for what the actual NCAA selection committee does.

(ooc: Dang straight, used to do this up in Massachusetts for the MIAA for their hockey tourneys, deciding between a 8-6-4 team from the 4th best conference in Division 2 and a 7-7-4 team from the best conference in the same division to get the 16th spot drove me nuts. Glad they finally decided that any team with a .500 record or better gets in...)
08-03-2009, 23:24
Below is a Xanga entry for an employee working at The Palestra in Woodstock.

"Wow, we're going to host a sub-regional in this new NSCAA Tournament. We've seen championship basketball from the Stars in the International Basketball Championships, now we're going to see if some college schools can bring similar play here.

"I'm really excited about the prospect. I can't wait until tomorrow when we start fielding media credential requests from all the international outlets that are going to be coming here. It's going to give us a chance to show off The Palestra and let people see how great this building is.

"If there's anyone here who's more excited than I am, it's the Woodstock City College Catering staff. They're really kicking it into high gear cooking all kinds of foods. They'll have selections from each of the countries for Media Days and Open Practices, then there'll be Sarzonian food during some of the match days. I hear they're actually going to make a Portland Omelet for the breakfast work sessions.

"They're setting up some of the chairs courtside now. I hear The Portland Press-Herald is going to be covering the games here while the Daily Mail staff is going to cover all the Sarzonian teams in the tournament. You'd think The Daily Mail would want to stay here, but it seems they're putting more priority on the Sarzonian teams and they're hoping for at least one of them to make a run for it. Oh well. I like the Press-Herald better anyway.

"I guess I'd better get back to work. This should be loads of fun seeing all the foreign media and players here."
08-03-2009, 23:50
By the way who was the team that got the at large bid out of Taeshan. I'm thinking MMS, but that was a league winner. I just can't seem to remeber who was not a league winner out of the teams.
08-03-2009, 23:56

@ Hoji, Fujisawan Terr.
(16)URGH v. (1) Univ. of Qazox (Duh.)

Well it was a nice dream for the Golems, but their draw of the Fighting Pike had got to spell doom for URGH.

@ Woodstock, Sarzonia
(7)UPH v. (10) Yorkshire Univ. (Qazox)

Journalists are supposedly always salivating at the chance to get a good free meal, and the spread at the Palestra is supposedly one of the best even without their inclusion of the traditional Arrozan mid-day meal of fried fish, okra or beans, and corn bread. Their inclusion will definitely leave a lot of sportswriters in need of stain removers or new shirts. In the actual game, UPH has got to be a favorite against the less experienced Terriers.


@ Zacic, Kjomasasopia
(4)Simona Baptist v. (13)Concord City U. (Newmanistan)

The highest seeded team from Arroza, Simona Baptist looks to carry the flag deep into the Taeshani regional.

@ Toronto, Colbourne
(14)Calcisieu St. v. (3) Reynea Area C.C. (Taeshan)

Not much to be said here. Reynea Area looks to steamroll the Voyageurs.

(7)S.C.S.U. v. (10) Pocono City Tech (Newmanistan)

S.C.S.U's proven they can beat the big teams, but they have to be careful not to overlook the Newmanistanis in this trap game.

@ Northland, Pine Forest, Arroza
(8)Pine Forest St. vs. (9)Woodstock City College (Sarzonia)

The Sarzonians are going to have to deal with the decidedly unpleasant confines of Bartow Arena, the smallest arena in the tournament and filled to the brim with fans of the home province Ironmen. Big win for P.F. State.
09-03-2009, 01:33
The 1st ever NS Collegiate Basketball tourney had its selection show earlier today and the SaxerDome was chosen as a host for the SaxerVilla Regional finals. The sub-regions for the SaxerVilla Regional will be Lakeland, Secristan; and Toronto, Colbourne. No Qazox teams are in the SaxerVilla regionals.

5 of the teams Qazox applied to participate did get in, of the 6 that applied

#1 University of Qazox (24-1) PORT ROYAL (DANCOUGAR) REGIONAL
#10 Yorkshire University (22-5) PORT ROYAL (DANCOUGAR) REGIONAL
#7 Grav-Vogg State (20-8) ATLANTEA (TAESHAN) REGIONAL
#3 University of Qazox-Pika City (26-2) CONCORD HEIGHTS (CASSADAIGUA) REGIONAL
Failed to make field:
Qazox Military Academy Cadets (17-11)


A full NSCAA brack-by-bracket breakdown is coming tommorrow.

(Qazox' offical OOC predictions:
09-03-2009, 01:35
First Round Matchups Announced


(6) Bekyts State University (VPH) vs (11) Fadron University (TAE)

The first matchup is the Fadron Fitin' Fish versus the Bekyts State University squad from Vephrall. The Fish coming of a great season will look to feed of there defense to win this game. They will also look to prove there lower seed wrong.

(2) University of Southport (NEW) vs (15) Machrobat Military School (TAE)
The Martians led by seniors Tad White and A.J Cardashian will look to take down the higher seeded Southport team from Newmanistan and bring some pride to China Island. There fast paced offensive scene should look to confuse the Porters.


(5) Telquin (TAE) vs (12) University of Pharamus (TOC)

The Cadets open up as a number five, and have a favorable matchup against the team from Tocrowkia. they will look to show force with a win.

(3) Reynea Area Community College (TAE) vs (14) University of Calcasieu (ARR)

The Rays will be taking on a lowly seeded Calcasieu team. The Rays second best in Taeshan will look to make it through the first round.


1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (16) Naval Academy of Secristan (SEC)

The star Taeshani college team the Aeros of Air Force will be taking on the team from the Secristani Naval school in this regions 1 versus sixteen. This game should not be close as the Aeros should be one of the top teams in the world and will look to use offensive prowress and defensive stability to wipe the floor versus the Naval Academy of Secristan.
09-03-2009, 03:04
Gary Clark gathered his players at the hastily assembled meeting in the small arena on the campus of Joe Gibbs University.

The Redskins men's basketball coach had sent everyone home after the team's double overtime loss to Woodstock City College in the NUAA championship game. Their season was over.

Note the word was. When athletic director Bobby Bethard called Clark, the telephone nearly fell out of Clark's right hand.

"You mean we've got another game to play?"

"Potentially as many as six."

"And all our guys are eligible, right?"

"Correct. Your point guard got a 2.5 last semester, so he's eligible. Barely."

That point guard being Breven Jacobs, he was a 6-foot-3 waterbug with slick ballhandling skills, but he was uneven firing the rock. He could easily get the Redskins into their up tempo offence and he was a tenacious defender, but he wasn't well known for his outside shot. He averaged just 6.2 points per game, but adds 7.3 assists per game.

That would be left to Kody Daniels. The 6-foot-5, 200 pound shooting guard led the nation by hitting 47 percent from three-point range. For Sarzonia, which just switched to a 22-foot-9 three point line, 47 percent wasn't bad. Using a 20-foot-9 three point line could make Daniels more deadly. With his 18.7 points per game average, that prospect couldn't be much fun for Redskins opponents.

Small forward Ryan Barkley could be seen throwing down a ferocious dunk. At 6-foot-8, 210 pounds, he was sinewy and strong, though he was much stronger as an offensive player than he was on defence. He also was deadly accurate from 20 feet in. However, he hit only four three-pointers the entire season on 28 attempts. Barkley averaged a career-high 6.9 rebounds per game to go with his 22.1 points per game average.

However, the bulk of the rebounding would come from the power forward and centre. That meant Joachim Benson, all 6-foot-8 and 235 pounds of him. He may not have the height of some power forwards, but he uses his bulk well to grab rebounds at a 10.9 per game clip. He scores an average of 12.4 points per game, mostly by being in the right place at the right time for tip-ins. He said he also studies shooters to learn where they might miss certain shots.

The team's center was a relatively short 6-foot-9 Will Shane. However, what he lacks in height, he makes up with pure girth (250 pounds). He's also a tenacious rebounder (9.7 rebounds per game), and averages 8.8 points per game. He scored a career-high 21 points on 7-for-12 shooting in the championship game against the Warlocks.

The bench consisted of three guards (at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds; 6-foot-2, 167 pounds and 6-foot-5, 190 pounds), three forwards (6-foot-7, 215 pounds; 6-foot-8, 202 pounds and 6-foot-10, 215) and one centre (7-foot-2, 255 pounds).

Clark is assisted by Rick Monk and Art Sanders. Clark looked at them before addressing the team.

"Men, we're going to have to gear up quickly for this tournament. We've got two days of practice here at the Richie Petitbon Arena before we fly to Toronto. We're going to have to concentrate on basketball if we're going to do as well as the student newspaper expects us to. Now, are there any questions?"

Hearing none, Clark cleared his throat.

"Remember, lads, we meet here at the area at 7 a.m. sharp. Don't nobody be a minute late."
09-03-2009, 05:32
Be aware that this scorinator does use NBA point scoring averages so scores will be more NBA-ish then NCAA.

This is no longer a concern. Dancougar has shown me a simple adjustment to make to have the scores be more NCAA like.
09-03-2009, 06:43
(ooc: Yay 66-62 games instead of 92-88
09-03-2009, 07:26
(ooc: not the right place, but still: the Aussies beat down the Mexicans in the WBC... damn:eek:)

Hoji, Fujisawan Territories Subregional
In the Hoji, Fujisawan Territories Subregional, UofQ seems to have an easy match-up with lightly regarded University of Resurgens- Granite Harbor of Arroza, though URGH did win the Northeast Conference title, a 16-12 team vs. an 24-1 team is usually a mismatch.

In the most uneven 8-9 matchup of the tourney, pits the 32-3 Putnam Lake University (NEW) against the 24-10 Till College (VPH). Putnam Lake, as the most underseeded team (should be at worst be a 3 seed,) should win easily.

University of Concord Heights (CAS) at 28-3 and the 2-time defending Cassadaiguan national champions seem to be underseeded a bit at a 5 (should be a 2 or 3). They should have little trouble with Somerset University of Sarzonia at 21-8.

Lakeland University of Secristan at 27-3 takes on 21-6 Akatsuki University of Dancougar. Lakeland seems to be on a roll as of late, and should beat Akatsuki.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
UofQ vs. Putnam Lake University: Putnam Lake with the "upset".
Lakeland University vs. University of Concord Heights: Might be the best 2nd round match-up in tourney, UCH in OT.

Woodstock, Sarzonia SubRegional

University of Hoji- Men at 24-8 take on the 25-6 Concord Heights Beauty School of Cassadaigua. If you are looking for a 1st round upset, look no further than this matchup.

Syracuse University (25-1) might be the most dangerous offense in the tourney, while (31-4) Fairfield City University is the most dangerous 14 seed in the tourney. This will be the highlight match of this subregional on Day 1, as Syracuse avoids the upset.

Another Arroza-Qazox matchup, this one being (26-7) University of Petrol Harbor vs. (22-5) Yorkshire University. UPH should have no trouble running over the grind-it-out pace of YU, but if YU keeps it close late, don't be suprised if they win.

South Bekyts University of Vephrall at 27-8 in the toughest College basketball federation would be a favorite over almost anyone. The Ancheron Metro University of Tocrowkia (22-11) is no exception, though expect SBU to be tested early.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Concord Heights Beauty School vs Syracuse University: Syracuse ends the Hairdressers dreams.
University of Petrol Harbor vs South Bektys University: SBU wins over the outgunned UPH.

(based on our matchups)
Putnam Lake University vs University of Concord Heights: Putnam Lake continues to show the committee they were underseeded.
Syracuse University vs South Bektys University: South Bektys University defense will win the day.

Regional Final: Putnam Lake University vs. South Bektys University

REGIONAL WINNER: South Bektys University edges out PLU to make the trip to Newmanistan.
09-03-2009, 08:23

So you thought the college basketball season was over when Lakeland University defeated Amherst Law School for the national championship. Well, you thought wrong. The Secristan Department of Sports is proud to announce that this year there will be a World Championship. They are excited, obviously for the profits that this will bring in and we will cover the rate structure for the tournament in just a bit. There will be sixty-four school participating, representing thirteen countries. Each nation has a minimum of three schools in the tournament. Secristan will six colleges in the tournament. The Final Four will take place in Tundra Falls, Newmanistan and the four regionals are in Dancougar, Taeshan, Cassadaigua, and Qazox. Lakeland was chosen for a series of first and second round games within Qazox bracket. The eight schools that will come to Secristan are top seeded Dover City University from Newmanistan, who should love their reasonably close draw against Dancougar’s University of Lunarossa. West Masaru State of Kjomasasopia, Lesser Antilles University at Hoji from the Fujisawan Territories, Telquin of Taeshan, Tocrowkia’s University of Pharamus, Cambridge University of Colbourne, and Grand Michealie Sports of Kjomasasopia will be playing at least one game in Secristan. The same auction format will apply for these games, however seats in two sections per game will be reserved for students of each school in a separate auction.

Amherst Law School drew the #1 seed in the Taeshan regional. After they were stunned by Lakeland for the title, they often said they wished they could have another chance. Suddenly, this chance has presented itself and they should make the most of it and have a good run.

Lakeland University is in the bracket of death. The Secristani national champion is the #4 seed in the Port Royal regional, but it’s the top half of this bracket that is brutal. You have the powerful top seed University of Qazox and the two-time defending champion of Cassadaigua, the University of Concord Heights. The #8 seed of Newmanistan’s Putnam Lake University is also rather strong. They’ll get some good basketball in Hoji, that’s for sure.

The Amherst School of Finance is the #6 seed in the Concord Heights bracket. The Accountants will have a good first round test against Shiratori University of Dancougar, but should prevail. Further advancement could be tough, but they may surprise people.

Bridgefield University is the #11 seed in the Qazox bracket. They are very happy to be here and have a chance, and while a first round win could happen against the Dancougar Royal Academy, they will not likely make it to Qazox.

Jamison College is the #15 seed in the same SaxerVilla regional and are drawn against powerhouse Joe Gibbs University of Sarzonia. Jamison will be looking to create several Redskins turnovers and steal a win.

Finally, expect plenty of passion when the #16 seed Naval Academy meets the top-seed Air Force Academy of Taeshan in the Concord Heights regional. While the Sailors are huge underdogs, games between military branches are normally very exciting.

Price Structure for pay-per-view telecasts:
First-Round (not involving Secristan nor in Secristan): 2 rusas
First-Round (Games in Lakeland): 5 rusas
First-Round (Games involving Secristan): 20 rusas
Second-Round (not involving Secristan nor in Secristan): 5 rusas
Second-Round (Games in Lakeland): 10 rusas
Second-Round (Games involving Secristan): 20 rusas
Third-Round (Games not involving Secristan): 10 rusas
Third-Round (Games involving Secristan): 30 rusas
Fourth-Round (Games not involving Secristan): 20 rusas
Fourth-Round (Games involving Secristan): 50 rusas
Semifinals (Not involving Secristan): 30 rusas
Semifinals (Involving Secristan): 100 rusas
FINAL (Secristan not involved): 50 rusas
FINAL (Secristan involved): 125 rusas

Fans purchasing later rounds in advance that COULD involve Secristan will receive the not involving Secristan rate until Secristan is confirmed as being in that bracket.
09-03-2009, 14:08
Ashley’s Univ. Of Concord Heights Blog

The party was just getting underway. Sarah and her boyfriend had just finished bringing the kegs up to Kirsten’s dorm and we were ready to get to work on them. Basketball was no where on my mind, we had finished that with our second straight national championship, and as a senior it marked the end of my collegiate career. There had been some talk that some countries were considering organizing a world championship this year, but it just seemed way to far fetched to me. I definitely didn’t think something would happen now. Two months until graduation, and I just got finished with all of mid-terms that professors just love to conspire against us students and schedule them all together in a three day period. It was gonna be a crazy night. When Coach Russell called me, I had only begun my first drink and at first I thought this was a prank. Practice tomorrow at 8am? For what? That world championship tournament, it was really going to happen. I still didn’t believe her, so she told me to turn on the news. That wasn’t easy because the TV had been claimed by people who were watching the World Cup game. So I looked it up on my phone and it talked about Concord Heights hosting a regional. And that we were in the tournament and were going to play on Friday. We would have to travel to the Fujisawan Territories.

I ran over to tell Sarah, but coach was already calling her to let her know the news as her boyfriend stood beside her frustrated that she was taking a serious phone call that would probably spoil the evening. Practice tomorrow at 8am. Suddenly, we couldn’t drink all night. We had to prepare for this school called Somerset University. So we got to practice that morning and coach forgave us for having hangovers because it was on very short notice, but we had to quickly get back into a serious basketball mode. She handed us all a copy of the tournament bracket and I think the word to describe our feelings then was overwhelmed. A world championship of college basketball. It sounds big, it sounds fun, and no one knows what they are getting into. We were assigned a #4 seed and some of then wondered if we should been higher. Who is this Somerset University? We did some research on them and felt good that this was someone we could beat, but then these other schools. Lakeland? The University of Qazox? Putnam Lake University? We saw the other Dagan teams on there and that got us pumped up more then anything really.

Basketball is not over yet! Come Friday, we’ll be ready for Somerset. The parties can be put on hold.
09-03-2009, 15:32
Coach Andrew Quentin shook his head when he saw the group draws.

The coach of the Somerset University Serpents men's basketball team muttered as assistant coach Lou Penney walked into his office.

"What's the matter, boss?"

Quentin picked up a copy of the bracket and showed it to Penney.

"We're a 12 seed. We play a team from Cassadaigua in the first round."

"Why is that a problem?"

"Look here," Quentin said as he swiveled around in his chair to the computer on his desk. He typed in a few keys and pulled up a blog entry. [OOC: Cassadaigua, if you intended your character's blogs to be private so that other teams couldn't access them, let me know and I can change this!]

"A girl from the University of Concord Heights is sounding pretty confident they can beat us."

"Well, City College beat us in the second round."

"Don't remind me, Lou."

"They haven't seen our squad at its best in a while. For us to get the ranking we think we deserve, we need to beat the Woodstocks of the world. And to get some respect in this new tournament, we're going to have to beat the University of Concord Heights."

The two men then stood up after a few more words and walked into the practice session at The Dockyard ( in Portland. The on-campus arena was beginning renovations, and Portland's professional team was on a three-game road trip, so The Dockyard was more than happy to host the session, even though it was on the other side of town from Somerset University.

Quentin looked at Penney as the two men neared the door to the main floor.

"Chris is back from injury, right?"

"Doctors just cleared him to resume practice."


Somerset University Serpents

Coach: Andrew Quentin, 45
Associate head coach: Lou Penney, 57
Assistant coaches: Jon Matlock, 42
Matt Kovarik, 36

Starting lineup
No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. PPG RPG APG
2 Geo Papadakis PG 6'3" 205 Sr. 7.2 2.1 6.5
14 Chris Gratton SG 6'5" 210 Jr. 18.6 3.4 2.3
20 Matt Nathan SF 6'7" 220 Sr. 14.2 4.1 1.8
32 Ben Russell PF 6'8" 240 Fr. 9.9 11.4 0.2
33 Mike Perkins C 6'10" 255 So. 13.2 9.1 0.1

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. PPG RPG APG
10 David Love G 6'1" 175 Fr. 5.8 0.9 2.2
13 Tim Simpkins F/C 6'9" 225 Jr. 8.1 5.2 1.3
15 Steve Wesley SF 6'8" 215 So. 7.1 1.6 0.4
21 Earl Hancock PG 6'4" 200 So. 4.7 0.4 3.1
24 Jeff Malone SG 6'4 215 Jr. 6.8 1.3 0.8
25 Ken Coleman G/F 6'6" 210 Sr. 2.1 1.7 1.0
30 Joe Benson C 7'2 260 Fr. 4.1 6.6 0.0
09-03-2009, 16:11
[OOC: Cassadaigua, if you intended your character's blogs to be private so that other teams couldn't access them, let me know and I can change this!]

It's cool, all my blogs would be accessible to anyone online.
09-03-2009, 18:16
( OOC: Just a note, it's Bektys, not Bekyts. This goes for both BSU and SBU. Thanks. :) )

from the sports section of the Meice Journal

Four Vephrese universities to compete for world basketball championship

TUNDRA FALLS, Newmanistan -- A sizable number of Vephrallers likely aren't even quite certain how basketball is played. In terms of popularity, it lags well behind better-known sports such as football, gridball (and its Vephrese variant, piivel), and baseball. Even fewer know that it is played competitively at the university level. However, the Collegiate Sporting Alliance (the same organization that sets up the college football competition) has recently completed its first basketball season, and now four of the top teams in the nation are hoping to make it to the so-called "Final Four" of the NSCAA Tournament in Tundra Falls.

There are a total of 64 schools from thirteen nations competing. Here's a look at the Vephrese entrants and what they'll be facing: (9) Till College (short name: Till)

Location: Cloohends, Till
Enrollment (approximate): 8,500
Regular season: 23-9 (1st in East Coast Conference, T-5th overall)
CSA tournament:

Entered as #5 seed
1st round: W 61-59 v (12) Western Darnai
Quarterfinals: L 63-67 v (4) Eastern Darnai

First round opponent: (8) Putnam Lake University [NEW] (Hoji, Fujisawan Territories) Bektys.png (2) South Bektys University (short name: South Bektys or SBU)

Location: Mersira, Bektys
Enrollment (approximate): 32,600
Regular season: 26-6 (1st in Isthmian Conference, 1st overall)
CSA tournament:

Entered as #1 seed
1st round: W 76-55 v (16) Northern Darnai
Quarterfinals: W 70-57 v (8) Calamen
Semifinals: W 67-51 v (4) Eastern Darnai
Final: W 60-53 v (6) Sirinis Ag

First round opponent: (15) Ancheron Metro University [TOC] (Woodstock, Sarzonia) State.png (6) Bektys State University (short name: Bektys State or BSU)

Location: Spostrat, Bektys
Enrollment (approximate): 24,100
Regular season: 25-7 (T-2nd in Isthmian Conference, T-2nd overall)
CSA tournament:

Entered as #2 seed
1st round: W 80-69 v (15) Taeschand
Quarterfinals: W 77-65 v (7) Salle
Semifinals: L 64-67 v (6) Sirinis Ag

First round opponent: (11) Fadron University [TAE] (Eastport, Dancougar) Ag.png (12) Sirinis Agricultural College (short name: Sirinis Ag)

Location: Tauppabas, Sirinis
Enrollment (approximate): 8,400
Regular season: 22-10 (1st in Big West Conference, T-8th overall)
CSA tournament:

Entered as #6 seed
1st round: W 67-63 v (11) Anhenir
Quarterfinals: W 70-59 v (3) Riestre-Clyddly
Semifinals: W 67-64 v (2) Bektys State
Final: L 53-60 v (1) South Bektys

First round opponent: (5) University of Ancheron [TOC] (Northland, Arroza)

All in all, we're fairly surprised at some of the high seedings our teams have received, given Vephrall's complete lack of experience at the international level. Then again, BSU and SBU have had to deal with a pretty tough Isthmian Conference slate. Quite how most of the really good teams ended up there, we're really not sure. But the bottom line is, we really have absolutely no idea how these teams are going to fare. But hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?
09-03-2009, 21:13
CSN breaks down the Colbournian teams first round matchup

#3 Syracuse Vs. #14 Fairfield City U
Syracuse's high octane offense and full court press should wreak havoc on Fairfield City

#8 Western University Vs. #9 University of Northern Viridity
Western is in for a tough match up the slow paced offense has run into a couple of bumps here and there against the tougher defensive teams

#7Grav-Vogg State Vs. #10 Washington University
Washington is going to have a tough time trying to win this game the offense at time has seemed to stall and cant deliver but there defense keeps them in the game

#4 Cambridge University Vs. #13 Grand Michealie Sports
Cambridge's offense will steal the show with many fast breaks and give and go's

#4 University of Hoji- W Vs. #13 Windsor University
Windsor looks to spoil U of Hoji with a tenacious offense and tight defense
10-03-2009, 01:40

Zacic, Kjomasasopia Subregional
Amherst Law School of Secristan at 28-2 is a strong #1 seed, while (21-11) Midland Interisland University of Fujisawan Territories is the best #16 team in the tourney. Being the best 16 seed usually means you give the #1 a scare until late, which will happen here.

23-3 Western University of Colbourne takes on (25-8) University of Northern Viridity of Tocrowkia. Both teams are probably underseeded as this would be a great 2nd round matchup, but will be a win for UNV, in overtime.

Dancougar's Kildare Maritime Academy at 24-4 takes on Cassadaigua's Tanner University (26-6). This battle of national runners-up favors KMA, but don't be suprised if TU pulls off an upset.

Simona Baptist of Arroza, (29-1) will be out to prove they should have gotten a top 2 seed somewhere. Unfortunately for Newmanistan's Concord City University (29-3) thier soft schedule will cost them here, SB in a blowout.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Amherst Law School vs. University of Northern Viridity: ALS wins a tough battle to advance to the Sweet 16.
Kildare Maritime Academy vs. Simona Baptist: Simona Baptist will win easily, as KMA will be spent after their 1st round fight.

Eastport, Dancougar SubRegional

Bektys State University of Vephrall (27-8) should cruise against Fadron University of Taeshan (20-9) in a case of overseeding FU (should be a 13 or 14).

Zacic-Pittry Community College of Kjomasasopia (29-0) is the most puzzling team in the tourney. While going unbeaten in their nation, they didn't play that difficult of a schedule. Compare that to the (22-7) University of Iwosaka of Fujisawan Territories, who played in one of the tougher conferences in their nation. IF there is a 14 over a 3 upset, this is the most likely one.

Grav-Vogg State QCAA Tourney Runners-up (ooc see here: ( takes on a good (22-4) Washington University from Colbourne. This one could go either way, but WU has just enough experience to win.

University of Southport of Newmanistan (29-1) is one of the better teams in the tourney. Machrobat Military School of Taeshan (20-10) is seriously overmatched here and it will show as University of Southport will win by at least 15.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Bektys State University vs University of Iwosaka: Bektys State University wins though UI will keep it close through-out.
Washington University vs University of Southport: Southport will make it to the Sweet 16 easily as WU can't keep up with the speed of US.

(based on our matchups)
Amherst Law School vs Simona Baptist: Simona Baptist knocks off the Secristani entry in a classic.
Bektys State University vs University of Southport: University of Southport and BSU follow up the ALS-SB classic with another one, with Southport winning in the fianl minutes.

Regional Final: Simona Baptist vs. University of Southport

REGIONAL WINNER: University of Southport wins the battle with Simona Baptist to head home for the Final FOur.
10-03-2009, 04:16
A Breakdown Of The Five Taeshani Teams In The Tournament

Air Force Aeros

Starting Five
Colby White PG SR
Max Warmonger SG FR
Tyler Price SF SR
Zack Long PF JR
Jake Perlonger C SO

Key Backups
Isaac White JR PG
Matt Williams SO C

The Aeros are the ten time reigning champions of the Taeshan College Athletic Association's Basketball Tournament. White a four year starter should look to help lead the team past many of the other teams in the tourney with their mid tempo free shooting game.

Fadron University Fitin' Fish

Starting Five
J. J. Tylers PG SR
Dunleavy Verington SG JR
Tad Eringer SF JR
Willy Graves PF JR
Ted Forceng C SO

Key Backups
Bill Smith SO C
Korol Djuke SO PG

The Fitin' Fish are coming of their best season ever in the TCAA and Senior Point Guard J. J. Tylers will look to leave the school with its first great season. The Fish are glad to be here.

Machrobat Millitary Institute Martians

Starting Five
Ryan Folly PG SO
Jake White SG SO
Kolby Smith SF SR
Jack Warchester PF FR
Ticky Peters C SR

Key Backups
Manny Ltsry SG FR
Chet Yolgar SF SR

The MArtians are not as bad as their seed may lead you. They had the highest amount of points per game with 98.2. They also had the worst defense, but either way they are fast.

Reynea Area Community College Rays

Starting Five
Holger Veits PG SO
Ute Gretnar SG FR
Qwaran Jite SF JR
Litey Williams PF JR
Xavier Chen C FR

Key Backups
Tolby Jeeves PG SR
Volgen Sie C SR

The Rays finsihed second this season as they have 8 out of the ten season in the history of the Basketball Tournament. 80% of the team is mainly German Speaking and thats why they are so good. Even though over 90% of Taeshan speaks both German and English when these guys talk its hard to keep up.

Telquin Cadets

Starting Five
George Long PG SR
Seth Whit SG JR
Tlyer Prince SF SR
Coryn Kellens PF SR
Vevita Helens C SO

Key Backups
Tony Ulirey C SR
Helmut Green PG JR

The Cadets spend most of there year outside camping so when they get back to school for the 20 weeks of Basketball season they play and they play until the last minute because at Telquin you do not like to camp out on Lake Minor and in those woods.
10-03-2009, 04:50
Note for those who might not know these:

ppg= Points per game
apg= Assists per game
rpg= Rebounds per game
spg= Steals per game
bpg= Blocks per game

University of Qazox Panthers:(27-2), 3rd place in QCAA Tourney
Style of Play: (Phoenix Suns) Fast break offense, 2-3 zone defense
Off: 9.5/10 (83.0 ppg)
Def: 6.0/10 (68.5 ppg)

Starting lineup:
PG: #14 Jack Mercyhurst (6'2 167) Soph. 8.6 ppg, 10.5 apg, 2.5 spg
SG: #12 Issac di Erian (6'1 196) Fresh. 10.5 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 3.0 spg
SF: #24 Alvin Hayes (6'4 215) Jr. 13.1 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 2.5 spg
PF: #27 Randy Foyle (6'5 220) Sr. 14.7 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 1.7 bpg
C: #33 Xavier Hardee (6'11 250) Jr. 17.3 ppg, 12.7 rpg, 3.3 bpg

Bench: 18.8 PPG
PG: #17 Paca Javeri (6'0" 159) Fresh.
SG: #11 Gary Hao (6'3" 196) Jr.
SF: #26 Mike Johnson (6'4' 220) Sr.
PF: #20 Karl Haines (6'7' 236) Sr.
C: #32 Sean Binder (7'0 242) Soph.
3G: #13 Jesus Sanchez (6'2 211) Soph.
3F: #30 Terry O'Hallan (6'9 233) Sr.
Fujisawan Territories
10-03-2009, 08:39
Hoji Metropolitan Daily Record Online

Evening Commentary: Kings and Queens prepare for NSCAA tourney
The University of Hoji men’s and women’s basketball teams are headed to the NSCAA Tournament, along with the men’s teams from Midland Interisland University and Lesser Antilles University at Hoji, and the University of Iwosaka women’s team. All of the first round matches for the teams from the Territories look to be uphill battles with the exception of the fourth seeded UH women, who will face Windsor University in Northland, Arroza.

The Kings on the other hand, will face Concord Heights Beauty School as a sixth seed. Though projected to win, the Kings could struggle most of the game if they fall behind early, and a loss is not outside the realm of possibility by any means. Like many of the Kings’ games, the final score will be relatively close, and UH should not underestimate their opponents. The Kings have lost close games to lesser teams throughout their latest season and it is absolutely critical for UH to take control of the game early on.

Fans can expect a blowout of the Gladiators as we project MIU to fall to Amherst Law School by a sizable margin. In fact, it’s doubtful MIU will be able to get much done in the game and the team from Sanawa will face much humiliation and embarrassment as a result.

University of Iwosaka’s women also have a tough game, and as has been the problem through many consecutive seasons, UI looks to have a slow start that could cripple their chances outright. Don’t anticipate a Tsunami upset. It won’t happen.

A vastly improved LAU-Hoji team (as of late) will take on West Masaru State in Lakeland, Secristan. In what is largely viewed as the most even of the games Territorial teams are playing in, the Warhawks have an honest shot at winning, and if they do, they’ll most likely be facing Newmanistan’s Dover City University. They definitely can pull off the win against West Masaru State, but realistically, the Warhawks’ journey would come to an abrupt end against Dover City University.

Six games in the first two rounds of the tournament will be played in the Millennium 2000 Arena in the historic Waterfront District of Hoji, marking the first international hosting the stadium has ever undertaken. Engagements previously scheduled in the Millennium have been moved to other venues to make way for tournament hosting. The tournament will also mark the first time an international sporting event will be played in the Territories since the Hurricane football team lost a bitter match to Qazox late in the World Bowl V season, which resulted in rioting.

Partying was rampant on the UH campus upon word that the Kings and Queens were selected for the NSCAA Tournament. Both are current national champions in men’s and women’s collegiate basketball respectively. UH is home to a prestigious, virtually unrivaled athletics department, with national titles in all women’s sports and every men’s sport except football, and the university has also produced Olympic champions like swimmer Jozenna Nai.

Territorial teams in the first round
#6 University of Hoji (M) vs. #11 Concord Heights Beauty School
#1 Amherst Law School vs. #16 Midland Interisland University
#3 Zacic-Pittry Community College vs. #14 University of Iwosaka (W)
#8 West Masaru State vs. #9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
#4 University of Hoji (W) vs. #13 Windsor University
10-03-2009, 18:37
An official announcement from the sponsor of the Port Royal region: "Hello, I'm Harold Jamison, CEO of Aclaf Dancougar. Our organization has insured you and your loved ones now for over 25 years, and we're honored for your business and trust. The goal of Aclaf is to provide peace of mind in a world filled with uncertainty and madness. And although it is precisely that madness which urges us to move forward day after day, our commitment is unwavering.

It is in that spirit that we announce our public support for another kind of madness which will overtake gymnasiums within our city and in others all over the world. But the spirit goes beyond simple madness. Our finest young men and women from top colleges and universities will meet for the first time in an international forum. They will be given a chance to compete with others like them for worldwide recognition and honors, while at the same time learning valuable lessons to carry us forward as a united world. Strength. Dignity. Respect. A mutual admiration for one another in the field of competition, not unlike the mutual trust between insurer and insured.

It is for these reasons that we at Aclaf Dancougar are proud to sponsor the Port Royal bracket of this first NSCAA Tournament. We hope that these games are able to bring joy to the fans and a feeling of accomplishment to the players. For all of us at Aclaf Dancougar, we wish success to all competitors, even though you are all already winners. May the best team win!"

Dancougar First Round Matchups
Predicted winners in bold.

Port Royal Regional
(4) Lakeland University (SEC) vs (13) Akatsuki University (DAN)

Atlantea Regional
(5) Kildare Maritime Academy (DAN) vs (12) Tanner University (CAS)

SaxerVilla Regional
(1) Dover City University (NEW) vs (16) University of Lunarossa (DAN)
(6) Dancougar Royal Academy (DAN) vs (11) Bridgefield University (SEC)

Concord Heights Regional
(6) Amhert School of Finance (SEC) vs (11) Shiratori University (DAN)
(2) Kishin Academy (DAN) vs (15) New Bruxen State (QAZ)
10-03-2009, 20:01
Note for those who might not know these:

ppg= Points per game
apg= Assists per game
rpg= Rebounds per game
spg= Steals per game
bpg= Blocks per game

Yorkshire University Tigers: (24-7), 4th place QCAA Tourney
Style of Play: (Princeton) slow it down 3-guard offense, man-to-man pressure defense
Off: 6.0/10 (67.4 ppg)
Def: 9.0/10 (52.2 ppg)

Starting lineup:
PG: #17 Clay Herdon (5'11 178) Sr. 7.0 ppg, 8.0 apg, 4.0 spg
SG: #18 Kevin Jordan (6'1 182) Sr. 6.5 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 2.5 spg
3G: #19 Ty Higgins (6'4 189) Jr. 13.0 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 1.6 spg
PF: #29 Sean Paulsen (6'5 220) Sr. 11.3 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 2.1 bpg
C: #30 Craig McDormott (7'2 262) Jr. 15.8 ppg, 10.5 rpg, 2.1 bpg

Bench: 13.8 PPG
PG: #11 Brian Bichoff (6'3 159) Fresh.
SG: #12 Kyle Issacs (6'3 196) Fresh.
3G: #13 Fred Dunham (6'2 211) Soph.
SF: #28 Lester Ervin (6'8 212) Soph.
SF: #27 Muhammad A'Rashid (6'5 220) Sr.
PF: #26 John Francis (6'10' 236) Sr.
C: #31 Eric Falston (7'1 242) Soph.
10-03-2009, 20:34

Lakeland, Secristan Subregional
Dover City University (35-2) of Newmanistan is the prohibitive favorite to win the tourney. They will have little trouble getting past University of Lunarossa of Dancougar (24-6).

West Masaru State of Kjomasasopia at 27-2, is the worst seeded team in the tourney (should have been at mininum a 4 seed) and they will take it out on (23-7) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji of Fujisawan Territories.

Telquin of Taeshan at (24-3) is the dark horse in this bracket and should be able to defeat the (24-9) University of Pharamus of Tocrowkia rather easily.

Cambridge University of Colburne, (24-2) is out to prove that they deserve a 4 seed (We had them at a 6...) but Grand Michealie Sports of Kjomasasopia (26-3) is the wrong team to prove it against. GMS in a upset.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Dover City University vs. West Masaru State: WMS puts up a good fight, but Dover City will advance to the Sweet Sixteen.
Telquin vs. Grand Michealie Sports: Telquin avoids a 2nd GMS upset to move on to SaxerVilla.

Toronto, Colbourne SubRegional

Dancougar Royal Academy (21-5) is one of the most internatioanlly known college teams, while Bridgefield University (26-4) of Secristan is not. DRA wins in a rather close one.

Reynea Area Community College of Taeshan (25-5) is probably the most tourney-tested team in the field and that will not help an underwhelming (17-11) University of Calcasieu from Arroza. RACC wins in a rout.

(25-8) Seclusion Coast State of Arroza vs. (30-4) Pocono City Tech of Newmanistan. The best 7-10 matchup in the tourney will see SCS win in the final moments.

Sarzonia's Joe Gibbs University (28-4) is the weakest of the #2 seeds, but they shouldn't have problems beating a (22-8) Jamison College of Secristan team.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Dancougar Royal Academy vs Reynea Area Community College: Reynea Area Community College knockes off DRA in a close one.
Seclusion Coast State vs Joe Gibbs University: Joe Gibbs University wins a close one against the best Arrozan team in the tourney.

(based on our matchups)
Dover City University vs Telquin: DCU advances, but don't be suprised if Telquin knocks off the overall #1 seed.
Reynea Area Community College vs Joe Gibbs University: Joe Gibbs University survives once again, in OT.

Regional Final: Dover City University vs. Joe Gibbs University

REGIONAL WINNER: Dover City University makes it 2 Newmanistani teams in the Final Four, as they outclass JGU.
11-03-2009, 06:52
Note for those who might not know these:

ppg= Points per game
apg= Assists per game
rpg= Rebounds per game
spg= Steals per game
bpg= Blocks per game

Grav-Vogg State Golden Caribou:(23-9), QCAA Tourney Runners-up
Style of Play: ('90 Chicago Bull's Triangle) 1-3-1 zone defense
Off: 8.5/10 (78.1 ppg)
Def: 8.0/10 (63.7 ppg)

Starting lineup:
PG: #3 Patrick Borkowski (6'3 204) Sr. 16.9 ppg, 9.7 apg, 3.7 spg
SG: #6 Jack Crozier (6'2 192) Soph. 6.5 ppg, 8.0 apg, 4.1 rpg
SF: #9 Willie Kidd (6'6 211) Sr. 11.4 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 4.6 apg
PF: #12 Christopher D'angelo (6'8 229) Sr. 19.6 ppg, 10.2 rpg, 1.1 bpg, 1.2 spg (QCAA Player of the Year)
C: #15 Antonio Salter (7'0 245) Sr. 10.5 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 5.7 bpg

Bench: 13.2 PPG
PG: #2 Justin Burnette (5'10 159) Jr.
SG: #4 Justin Keyes (6'1 196) Fresh.
G/F: #8 Eric Granado (6'6 211) Soph.
SF: #10 Jonathan Grimes (6'9 220) Fresh.
PF: #14 Bobby Sommers (6'10 236) Fresh.
C: #16 Daniel Caldwell (7'1 232) Sr.
C: #18 Aaron Hefner (6'10 256) Soph.
11-03-2009, 16:08
The following is the blog entry of a reporter for a small weekly newspaper based in Woodstock on the eve of the opening matches of the Woodstock Subregional.

Had a look at the seating assignments for the opening fixtures here. I was given a seat at centre court right next to the dude from The Portland Press-Herald! I can't believe it!

I've been to The Palestra for matches before, and I've covered games here before, but there've never been so many foreign media here. There's a much wider variety of food here than there usually is. I tried some fried fish, beans and corn bread since the Arrozan team were practicing on the main court down below. Damn that shit's good!

There've been a few more teams and some more interviews. Seems as though most of the foreign media are taking me as seriously as the major outlets have. One dude from Qazox asked me what I thought of their predictions. I told him I thought City College was under-rated and that Joe Gibbs U was overrated. He seemed to agree with me. I told him I'm just not sold on Gary Clark as a hoops coach.

I haven't seen Somerset University, so I have no idea how good or not they are. They won the Northern Conference, so they can't be all that bad. The SoCon is pretty weak. That's why I think Joe Gibbs U has such a great record. They keep beating up on the crap teams there. I mean Townshend College? Bausch State? Please! Bausch State hasn't had a Premier Flight win since Sarzonia became a country! Townshend College's last winning season happened in Sarzo's first term as president.

The Northern Conference is tough, though. Lot of good teams up there and the Serpents always schedule themselves a bunch of tough non-conference match ups. I know City College doesn't have a great record, but they play in THE toughest conference in Sarzonia. They also had a lot of injuries and illnesses, but they started playing to form at the right time. They haven't lost a game since their regular season finale. I wouldn't sleep on the Warlocks if I were anyone they played.

But back to the spread here. There's supposed to be some Vephrali food tonight after South Bekyts's practice. They've also got Tocrowkian food. I'm going to try to sample both. I hear Catering's also supposed to serve Sarzonian Fried Chicken during tomorrow's game in addition to some of the foreign food they're serving. I think I'm going to need to get a larger size pants once this tournament's done.

I'd better get going. The SID's walking around with the interview schedules. I'm looking forward to the games!
11-03-2009, 17:42
Shanika’s Tanner University Blog

None of us even knew where this Kjomasasopia place is, nor did we know how to pronounce it. Soon now, we will not only know where it is, but we will be playing basketball there in this thing called the NSCAA Tournament. Growing up as kids and aspiring to be professional basketball players, one of your dreams along your journey is to win a college championship. It’s not your final goal, but you know how difficult it is. There are just over 300 colleges in Cassadaigua’s premier division and some are much better then others. You play in a 64 team tournament, and one school is the national champion. In the CBA, there are 32 professional organizations. Do the math, the national championship in college is a much more rare title to win. We made it all the way to the final before UCH knocked us off. They have one hell of a program there in Concord Heights. I know I’ll get another chance in my senior year next year.

In the meantime, I’ve been concentrating on my studies, with this 25-page philosophy paper that’s due next week being the main time consumer. It’s coming along well though, and it is a good thing that I did not procrastinate with it, because now I would have even less time to complete it. There is going to be a world championship of college basketball now. Another 64-team tournament and it looks like there are thirteen nations involved. This is quite an honor for the 64 schools to be able to say that they participated in the inaugural NSCAA tournament and the winner will be historic. All of us here would love for that to be us. We looked at the draw and saw that we were the #12 seed in the Taeshan bracket. Taeshan is a nation we have heard of as Cassadaigua had played them recently in the World Cup and in the World Baseball Classic. Our opponent will be the Kildare Maritime Academy of Dancougar. We knew nothing of this school until we began watching tapes. At least through them, we have some idea about things they like to do and stuff, but we’re not going to be able to get too familiar with them. They will be in the same predicament. That makes this tournament even more interesting if it wasn’t already, because no one has any common opponents outside of other schools from your country potentially so no one knows how you will stack up. Hopefully our inside game will be effective against Kildare and we can outrebound them the way we outrebound most everyone else. It would be an upset according to the bracket since it is a 5-12 game and we are the 12, but who really knows for sure. Our seed doesn’t bother us, although we are a little surprised to see the Beauty School get a better seed. They are 11th. Besides winning the championship, I bet all schools in the tournament have a secondary mission, that is to be the best school from their country in the tournament. We will make the most of it and I hope all of you will be watching!
12-03-2009, 04:27

Northland, Arroza Subregional
Taeshan Air Force Academy (29-0) is one of the few unbeatens in the tourney and a solid #1 seed. They won't be beaten by the (24-7) Naval Academy of Secristan, but it will be fun to listen as to the Academies out cheer each other.

Pine Forest State (20-10) of Arroza is not an 8 seed, in our opinion (a 13 seed tops) and Sarzonia's NUAA champions Woodstock City College (22-10) will prove that.

Tocrowkia's University of Ancheron (25-8) is a very good Dark horse canidate to make the Final Four. Vephrall's Sirinis Agricultural College (25-11), will give them a great fight, but the upset bid will fall short.

(28-4) University of Hoji- Women's of Fujisawan Territories are the best Women's team in this tourney, but can the best women beat the (20-6) Windsor University of Colburne? YES.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Taeshan Air Force Academy vs. Woodstock City College: Taeshan Air Force Academy goes to the Sweet Sixteen but WCC will push them into Overtime to do it.
University of Ancheron vs. University of Hoji- Women's: The girls of UH will not make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

Fadron, Taeshan SubRegional

Can Secristan's Amherst School of Finance (24-8) 'buy' a win against Shiratori University of Dancougar (20-8)? Probably, but they won't need to as SU's weak non-conference schedule will doom them here.

University of Qazox-Pika City is the most complete team that Qazox has in this tourney. St. Margaret’s College (27-4) of Cassadaigua will be a tough test for the Fighting Pike, but UQPC advances.

Kjomasasopia's Eastern Masaru State (27-2) built their record against the weakest conference in their nation, while Newmanistan's Loudon Empire University (27-4) underwhelmed in their tounrey appearence, but LEU will advance.

Kishin Academy of Dancougar (22-5) is on a roll, winning the DCAA title and they will face a New Bruxen State (Qazox) team that lost 4 of their last 5 games. No chance here of a 15 seed upset.

In the 2nd round (based on our matchups):
Amherst School of Finance vs University of Qazox-Pika City: University of Qazox-Pika City can't be bought, as ASF will learn as UQPC rolls into the next round.
Loudon Empire University vs Kishin Academy: Kishin Academy keeps a third Newmanistani team out of the Final four with a dominating performance.

(based on our matchups)
Taeshan Air Force Academy vs University of Ancheron: University of Ancheron upsets the unbeaten TAFA in a thriller that goes down to the final shot.
University of Qazox-Pika City vs Kishin Academy: Kishin Academy makes it to the Elite Eight in a close game as Qazox' best chance at title ends.

Regional Final: University of Ancheron vs. Kishin Academy

REGIONAL WINNER: Kishin Academy shoots down the Dark horse run of UA to make the Final Four.


Semifinal One:
South Bektys University (Vephrall) vs. University of Southport (Newmanistan): South Bektys University continues their great run knocking off the local favorites.

Semifinal Two:
Dover City University (Newmanistan) vs. Kishin Academy (Danocugar):
A battle of the titans. IF this match-up happens, it will be the de-facto championship game. Dover City University keeps the home fans around for one more day in a nailbiter.


South Bektys University
Dover City University

Dover City University sends the home nation home happy with a double-digit win over SBU.

PREDICTED CHAMPIONS: Dover City University (Newmanistan)
12-03-2009, 06:46
(Narrator: It’s time for your Pocono City Sports Report! Here’s your host Meghan Traynor and co-host Kevin Collins.)

Traynor: Good morning, I’m Meghan, he’s Kevin.

Collins: I’m sure they figured that.

Traynor: Last night the Rockets actually make it two in a row in World Cup qualifying with a win in Centralia.

Collins: Big friggin’ win it was.

Traynor: We await word on when the World Cup of Hockey will actually begin, but first, how about this NSCAA Tournament in college basketball?

Collins: Pretty exciting time for all the bracketologists out there. Final four in Tundra Falls, gotta love it! I hope this becomes a regular event.

Traynor: Are you ready for some bracketology, Kevin?

Collins: Yes, let’s get this underway. Which bracket would you like to start with, my dear?

Traynor: Let’s start with the Taeshan bracket, where the Friday the 13th hype may have already gotten best of them. That’s also when this tournament begins.

Collins: Taeshan publicists should have stated that here, huh?

Traynor: (laughs) I guess so.

Collins: This is the bracket that has the University of Southport as the #2 seed, which is a fair spot. Amherst Law School of Secristan is the top seed here, and we know a little bit about them to know that they deserve that. The selection committee may also have feared a lawsuit if they were not the top seed.

Traynor: The top half of this bracket should be the Law School all the way. Concord City U is in this bracket but will probably be overwhelmed by the #4 seed Simona Baptist.

Collins: Concord City didn’t like their seeding. Perhaps they were more deserving of a 10 or a 11, but not more. Amherst Law School advances in the top half with Simona Baptist their biggest concern. Kildare Maritime Academy of Dancougar is in tough with Tanner University of Cassadaigua. These 5-12 games are usually very exciting.

Traynor: I have the Law School and Kildare making the sweet sixteen, with the Law School prevailing, but you never know.

Collins: I don’t think the Law School will be ousted early. Now, let’s move to the bottom half. U Southport should roll. Zacic-Pittry plays out of what looks to be a weak competition level, so they don’t impress me, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Iwosaka upset. Southport cruises to the elite eight.

Traynor: Say what you want about Zacic-Pittry, but they are a champion, so they know what it takes. They won’t lose until they play Southport. Southport then beats the Law School to make the final four.

Collins: Agree, Southport is the best team in this bracket. But then, we are biased Newmanistanians, aren’t we?

Traynor: Moving to the Dancougar regional. The top half of this bracket is quite strong. Putnam Lake is an 8 seed?

Collins: Absolutely. Putnam Lake racked up the record against weaker opponents. Maybe I would have put them in a 6, but we got to remember, this is a world tournament, not a national one. PLU needs to be prepared Till College, I just watched a tape of Till, they match up well.

Traynor: Putnam Lake will win the first round game….

Collins: No they won’t.

Traynor: As I was saying, Putnam Lake will win the first round game before falling to the University of Qazox. The 5-12 and 4-13 brackets are tough but both Concord Heights and Lakeland are champions, so they know how to win in a tournament.

Collins: Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. You know one of these schools will be looking forward to the second round that they choke against their first round opponent. Byebye Lakeland.

Traynor: Concord Heights goes to the elite eight. Book it.

Collins: I’m holding you to that.

Traynor: They are a two-time champion. They know how to win in this format, and they will feel slighted by being a #5 seed.

Collins: That’s a fair point, but U Qazox gets the job done. UCH gets to that game, but that’s it.

Traynor: In the bottom half, South Bektys of Vephrall and da Cuse of Colbourne are the favorites.

Collins: That they are, but don’t overlook that this bracket has the most attractive team of the tournament, Concord Heights Beauty School. Did you graduate from there, Meghan?

Traynor: Haha. No. U Southport baby!

Collins: That’s right, how could I forget.

Traynor: The Beauty School might look good, but they will only have one game to show it. Hoji and the Cuse are interesting second round game, could go either way.

Collins: It would be, but we’re not going to see that game. The Beauty School beats Hoji, then falls to Syracuse, who then falls to South Bektys.

Traynor: I’m calling my somewhat of a sleeper. Hoji Men all the way to the elite eight. Petrol Harbor beats South Bektys in the second round. Concord Heights then beats Hoji to make the final four.

Collins: South Bektys to the elite eight, where they beat U Qazox to make the final four, then they beat Southport to make it to the championship.

Traynor: Wow. Southport gets to the title game by beating Concord Heights.

Collins: Remember folks, she is a U Southport alumnus. Another Concord, Concord City is a 14 seed here. Deserved?

Traynor: Absolutely.

Collins: Now, to the other side. The top seed in the SaxerVilla is the national champion, Dover City University. Do they cruise to the elite eight?

Traynor: Taeshan’s Telquin worries me.

Collins: Oh stop. DCU to the elite eight.

Traynor: Probably.

Collins: Bottom half has Pock City Tech, how far do they go as the #10 seed?

Traynor: One and done. Not because I don’t like them, but Seclusion Coast State is a horrible draw for them SCSU is very impressive.

Collins: I think I might have to agree with you, not that it matters, because Joe Gibbs University beats either in the second round.

Traynor: I agree.

Collins: Reynea Area, in a thriller, stuns Joe Gibbs and makes the elite eight where Dover City eliminates them.

Traynor: JGU is a great school, not just as a sports outlet, but their students really come away with tremendous work ethic and character. I look for JGU to have quite a run here, making it to the final four by knocking out DCU to get there.

Collins: Now, the Concord Heights bracket. The top half is better then a lot of people realize.

Traynor: You think so?

Collins: The Air Force Academy of Taeshan deserves their top seed, but U Ancheron of Tocrowkia and the U Hoji women are going to formidable opponents. I’m going with Hoji to knock off the Air Force Academy and make the elite eight.

Traynor: What is it with you and Hoji? You also picked their men’s side to make the elite eight.

Collins: They have good draws.

Traynor: There are good schools in this bracket. But the Taeshan Air Force Academy will be able to answer all their challenges and make the final eight.

Collins: Bottom half, Kishin Academy of Dancougar cruises.

Traynor: I don’t know if I’d say cruises. But they should get through. Qazox-Pika City will be tough opponent.

Collins: Would be if they’d play. The Amherst School of Finance will eliminate them in the second round.

Traynor: Whatever you say, Kevin.

Collins: Kishin Academy then defeats the Hoji Men to get to the final four, then they defeat Dover City to get to the championship.

Traynor: Dover City will be tough to eliminate in Tundra Falls. The cities are only about 150 miles apart, remember. However, I have DCU going out to Joe Gibbs. The Redskins then defeat the Taeshan Air Force Academy to make the championship against Southport.

Collins: You’re final, as I have it is South Bektys against the Kishin Academy. Which the Kishin Academy wins. And I know who you’re going to pick already. Remember again, this is a U Southport alumni about to speak.

Traynor: Southport against Joe Gibbs. Southport wins. Woohoo!

Collins: Told you.

Traynor: Where’s Pock City U?

Collins: They didn’t make it.

Traynor: Exactly, so stop being jealous that my school is in it and yours isn’t!

Collins: They got snubbed!

Traynor: Whatever. Well that’s going to do it for this segment. Up next, is yet another second half charge brewing for the Rockets World Cup qualifying effort? More on that after this.

Collins: Stay tuned.
12-03-2009, 08:09
===============> This product sucks.

On the cusp of the start of the first ever NSCAA tournament, the teams from Tocrowkia prepare them selves for what is sure to be a hard-fought tournament. Though all four teams are the elite in Tocrowkian college basketball, the U of Ancheron has received the most positive predictions. Qazox sports writers predict they could even make the final four. None the less, nobody needs to be reminded that inaugural berths in international. sports tournaments have been historically rough on teams from Tocrowkia. The Nordics baseball team went 1-and-4 in their first outing, and the Nordics gridiron football squad was trounced to a 2-and-8 record in the World Bowl V.

Can the fine young men and women of these schools reverse this trend? We'll find out soon!
12-03-2009, 16:46
Ally’s Concord Heights Beauty School Blog

We’ve been reading a lot of these predictions being out forth all around the word for the upcoming NSCAA tournament. Many of them have been eager to take a shot at our chosen field of study. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard before, it happens here at home as well. Go ahead and think that we are just a bunch of barbie dolls that you will be able to cruise to a victory against. When I was looking for colleges as a high school senior, I was offered many scholarships from schools that wanted and needed a point guard. In high school though I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I hated school, couldn’t stand it, and there was no career field that I had any interest in. Sports, especially basketball, were my life, and this is really all I cared about. When I got the scholarship from CHBS, it really interested me. The curriculum would be less about philosophy and ancient history and more about looking hot! Now that sounded fun. I took the campus tour and was immediately informed that this was not just a beauty school, you did actually have to take science, mathematics, and english classes too as a foundation for your education. That was a turn off, but it was better then nothing. They had a good basketball program, and this is where I would go.

Well, I am almost done with my freshman year now, and it’s been fun. The boring classes you can pretty much coast through, and practically everyone does. The fun stuff, like basic cosmetology, I have found very interesting. I am doing very well in it! With the basketball, when we go on the road, we get made fun of all the time. That’s where the barbie doll references come in. But hey, the fact that we have the hottest basketball team in the country is something that I consider a compliment. We are serious athletes and committed to basketball excellence. If you disagree, then you’re stupid. We went 25-6. We beat the University of Concord Heights once during the regular season, splitting the season series with our conference and local rival. We feel that we can win a national championship one day, and I have three more years to do so. We go to this world NSCAA Tournament now, and it’s going to be fun and I know that we will have more people looking at us like we are some kind of joke. We play the Men’s University of Hoji team in Woodstock, Sarzonia, and we know that we can take them. We’re going to be making some noise in this tournament, you just watch! And we’ll be looking hot while we’re doing it!
12-03-2009, 20:56
Note for those who might not know these:

ppg= Points per game
apg= Assists per game
rpg= Rebounds per game
spg= Steals per game
bpg= Blocks per game

University of Qazox- Pika City Fighting Pike:(27-3)
Style of Play: (Utah Jazz-style Pick and Roll) 2-3 zone defense
Off: 7.5/10 (75.2 ppg)
Def: 9.5/10 (52.4 ppg)

Starting lineup:
PG: #17 Patrick Borkowski (6'2 204) Jr. 9.4 ppg, 12.6 apg, 2.7 spg
SG: #25 Tyrone Viceroy (6'3 192) Jr. 8.0 ppg, 5.0 apg, 5.0 rpg
SF: #41 Larry Johannson (6'4 220) Sr. 9.6 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 2.3 spg
PF: #30 Charles Bryant (6'9 241) Sr. 23.5 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 2.1 bpg, (QCAA leading Scorer)
C: #32 Mike James (7'3 257) Sr. 16.8 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 4.3 bpg

Bench: 7.9 PPG
PG: #6 Louis Bradshaw (5'10 159) Jr.
SG: #24 Oliver Tippen (6'1 196) Fresh.
G/F: #23 Greg Ash (6'5 209) Sr.
SF: #11 Bobby Worthy (6'5 220) Soph.
3F: #13 Robert Logan (6'10 236) Jr.
PF/C: #2 Danny Skyler (6'11 229) Soph.
C: #33 Jason Wareham (6'11 239) Sr.
12-03-2009, 21:07
Note for those who might not know these:

ppg= Points per game
apg= Assists per game
rpg= Rebounds per game
spg= Steals per game
bpg= Blocks per game

New Bruxen State Spartans: (20-9)
Style of Play: (3-point shooting/board crashing) 1-1-3 zone defense
Off: 8.0/10 (77.1 ppg)
Def: 7.5/10 (64.5 ppg)

Starting lineup:
PG: #7 Cody Cryan (5'11 189) Fresh. 12.4 ppg, 9.6 apg, 3.5 spg (QCAA Freshman of the year)
SG: #11 Willie MacDonald (6'1 186) Jr. 11.2 ppg, 5.2 apg, 4.2 rpg
SF: #13 Aaron Devlin (6'3 219) Sr. 13.1 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 2.3 spg
PF: #17 Ronald Cain (7'0 221) Soph. 15.5 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 2.1 bpg,
C: #19 Ju'an Dawkins (7'0 250) Soph. 16.8 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 3.2 bpg

Bench: 8.1 PPG
PG: #1 Fred Rizzo (6'0 186) Fresh.
SG: #2 Andrew Garland (6'4 211) Sr.
3G: #3 Greg Ash (6'1 222) Jr.
SF: #5 John Sherrill (6'5 220) Jr.
PF: #23 Russell Hanks (6'8 227) Jr.
C: #29 Russell Trejo (7'2 235) Soph.
C: #31 Randy Bender (6'10 241) Sr.

(OOC: Please note that all of Qazoxian teams records include the QCAA tourney, which was ICly, held after the draw for the NSCAA tourney)
13-03-2009, 02:03
El Presidente Sits In On Aeros Practice

When your leading a country youd don't have much time to stand in to watch a lot of Basketball do you? Well if your the Communist leader of Taeshan who like every President in Taeshani History has one big flaw, then you love of Basketball really stops you from work. Kazzy Tre' Willaims may be menical in all the forms of the word as a leader, but like many other famous Taeshanites he has a soft spot for the sport they love Basketball. Williams himself once led the Atlantea Area High School Avalanche to their only ever Atlantea Schools League championship. The league witch had only 48 schools back then (it now has 22 more from Greenville 5 More public schools from Atlantea and 6 more catholic schools from Atlantea) is perhaps the most famous High School League besides the full membership of all the Taeshan Island schools in The Taeshan Municipal Distict League. The sport of Basketball is well the favorite of all Taeshites.

Kazzy Tre' Williams of course is not one to brag, but his foul shot is one of the best in the world as he has been forming it up for years. In fact while he was at the Taeshan Air Force Academy to watch the Taeshan Favorites get ready for the tournament. He even went so far as to play some knockouts with the kids. The players of course did not know how to act around a person like this, were not totally starstruck but of course were a little frozen when the Pres came. Many of them though know what jhe has done for the country so far and are awaiting the day that he is taken out of the office, so they can get back to a more normal way of life. Williams alsoannounced today that extra security will be around the players coming from elsewhere to play in Taeshan and their fans from the protesters and such. The cities of Fadron and Atlantea have gone into a semi lockdown to help keep down the crowds and get ready for their second major job of hosting in history witch includes the ugly job that was the Rugby World Cup.
13-03-2009, 03:49
Atalanta Journal > International News
Ministry of State Denies Aeros' Biggest Fan

In a surprising decision handed down yesterday from the Arrozan Ministry of State, the government had decided that if Taeshani Communist Leader and current President Kazzy Tre' Williams were to enter the country of Arroza that he would not receive a govermental protection detail. In fact, the state would not be responsible for his protection in any way whatsoever. Rumors had abounded that Tre'Williams, an avowed basketball fan, had planned on entering the country for the Taeshan Air Force Academy Aeros' first and second round games at Bartow Arena in Northland. Ministry Sub-Chair Jennifer Downs had this to say in her meeting with the media:

"While we have no intention of stopping Mr. Tre'Williams from watching basketball in the same way that we would stop any other fan from doing so, it has come to our attention that this is an excessively hated man. With several other nations making creeping statements towards the "liberation" of Taeshan and for "regime change" in the country, we are going to have to maintain our neutral status and neither protect nor harm Mr. Tre'Williams. We have no intentions of picking a fight out of our weight class just so we could defend a communist."

At this time a response from Taeshan about the President's reaction or his possible plans to follow the Aeros has not been received.

Atalanta Journal > Food

NSCAA Tournament Full of Local Flavor!

Today in part 2 of our Tastes of the Palestra Special, we go behind the scenes with the lead cook to get his award winning recipe for Sarzonian Fried Chicken.

Sarzonian Fried Chicken Recipe


1 (3 pound) fryer (see Wikipedia on the difference between broilers, fryers, and roasting birds), cut into pieces
2 cups buttermilk
1 large onion, sliced
1/4 cup chopped mixed fresh herbs (parsley, tarragon, thyme) or a teaspoon each of the dried herbs.
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1/2 teaspoon onion salt
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper
2 cups grapeseed oil, or other high smoke-point oil such as canola oil, or peanut oil

1 Soak chicken overnight (at least 8 hours and up to two days) in buttermilk with onions, herbs, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

2 Drain in colander, leaving some herbs on chicken. In a large paper or plastic (sturdy) bag, mix flour with seasonings. Meanwhile, heat 2 cups oil in a large, heavy-bottomed skillet (cast Portland iron, anything else is unpatriotic) on medium high heat until a pinch of flour starts to sizzle when dropped in the hot oil (but not so hot that the pan is smoking). Remember when working with hot oil, always have a pan lid close by.

3 Place chicken pieces in bag with flour and shake until thoroughly coated. Add chicken to hot pan and fry on 1 side for 12-15 minutes, until golden brown, and then use tongs to turn the pieces over and fry for another 10-12 minutes, again until golden brown.

4 Use tongs to remove chicken from pan. Place on a rack over a cookie sheet or broiling pan for the excess oil to drain. Add more salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 4.

[I don't know. Blame the nyquil.]
13-03-2009, 03:58
Woodstock City College wasn't used to the international stage.

Truth be told, few if any of these players and coaches had much experience facing teams from other countries. However, it seemed especially acute for Troy Gambrill, coach of the Warlocks.

His team finished 22-10, not the most impressive record on the court by any stretch, but it finished with a hot streak. It won five straight matches to capture an unlikely championship, defeating the heavily favoured Joe Gibbs University Redskins 92-87 in double overtime. And yet, he felt the weight of disrespect. All the Sarzonian teams did.

No one gave the Somerset Serpents a ghost of a chance in spite of their winning the Northern Conference. Some prognosticators were quick to dismiss the Redskins as the weakest No. 2 seed in the tournament after their loss in the NUAA final. And some prognosticators expected the Warlocks to be one-and-done.

Gambrill took those thoughts with him as he headed to The Palestra's practice facility on the eve of the team's departure. His assistant coaches Matt Cullen and Tim Blake were installing the offensive and defensive sets, respectively. Gambrill knew the team would face an uphill battle, but he figured if his team could somehow latch onto the momentum they grabbed on the way to their unexpected title, they might do something.

Woodstock City College Warlocks

PG 5 Marcus Knight, So. (6-foot-2, 180 pounds; 7.8 ppg; 4.5 apg; 1.3 rpg)
SG 15 Pete Donahue, Fr. (6-foot-4, 205 pounds; 15.3 ppg; 3.2 rpg; 1.1 apg)
SF 10 Kendall Grady, Jr. (6-foot-7, 210 pounds; 11.4 ppg; 4.1 rpg; 1.2 apg)
PF 33 Joe Tatum, Sr. (6-foot-8, 245 pounds; 10.9 ppg; 11.2 rpg; 0.1 apg)
C 55 Yvgeny Danko, Fr. (6-foot-9, 250 pounds; 13.7 ppg; 9.2 rpg; 2.3 apg)

PG Darnell Atkins, Sr. (6-foot-5, 203 pounds; 7.8 ppg; 1.2 rpg; 4.9 apg)
SG Cole Whitaker, So. (6-foot-5, 220 pounds; 11.0 ppg; 1.9 rpg; 1.6 apg)
G/F Louis Kaplan, Fr. (6-foot-6 1/2, 210 pounds; 8.3 ppg; 0.9 rpg; 0.2 apg)
SF Jonah Combs, Jr. (6-foot-8, 209 pounds; 3.7 ppg; 1.2 rpg; 0.0 apg)
F/C Vasilio Benedotti, So. (6-foot-9, 240 pounds; 9.8 ppg; 7.1 rpg; 1.2 apg)
13-03-2009, 06:09
Starting Five- All Newmanistanian schools in tournament


PG: #3- Matthew Cannizaro, So. (6’4”, 25.3 ppg)
SG: #11- Jerome Pindell, Sr. (6’5”, 22.3 ppg)
C: #32- Jeff Flynn, Sr. (6’10”, 11.3 ppg)
PF: #23- David McHale, Jr. (6’8”, 14.7 ppg)
SF: #44- Eric Moore, Jr. (6’7”, 10.6 ppg)

Team Notes: Well-rounded team that can hurt you on the inside and from the outside. Pindell is also an outstanding defensive player, and Moore can bring the crowd to life with powerful dunks.


PG: #15- Zack Kapinski, Sr. (6’1”, 13.6 ppg)
SG: #23- Thomas Brownell, Jr. (6’5” 28.4 ppg)
C: #55- Mark Pinette, Jr. (7’1” 24.2 ppg)
PF: #30- Kenneth Millson, Fr. (6’11” 16.6 ppg)
SF: #35- Victor Gonzalez. So. (6’6”, 9.8 ppg)

Team Notes: Kapinski is racks up 15-20 assists per game consistently. Brownell can hit the shots from anywhere just about, and led the country in three point percentage. With great inside rebounding in Pinette and Millson, Brownell can have confidence in putting up the long range shot. Team plays strong fundamental basketball, and leaves the highlight reel dunks to other schools. Most of the time.


PG: #5- Chris Morrissey, So. (6’3”, 17.3 ppg)
SG: #4- Kevin Morrissey, Sr. (6’4”, 18.4 ppg)
C: #40- Pedro Baegra, Sr. (6’11”, 15.2 ppg)
PF: #00- Corey Ostroff, Jr. (6’9”, 14.9 ppg)
SF: #22- William Goulet, Jr. (6’7” 17.5 ppg)

Team Notes: Team is looking to prove that they deserved to be better then a #8 seed, although there are critics who feel they sugar coated their non-conference schedule. A very balanced lineup that relies more on defense and rebounding to win games. Ostroff can have a tendency to foul out.


PG: #10- Scott Lavelle, Fr. (6’6” 22.0 ppg)
SG: #20- Robert Sandberg, So. (6’7”, 12.4 ppg)
C: #52- Ukembe Ugalde, Jr. (7’3”, 20.2 ppg)
PF: #34- John Williams, Jr. (6’10”, 23.7 ppg)
SF: #50- Robert Cartier, Sr. (6’7”, 10.5 ppg)

Team Notes: The most flashy of the Newmanistan-based teams in the tournament. Ugalde and Williams will overpower almost anyone in man-to-man coverage. And if you allow them the chance, Lavelle and Williams have worked out this beautiful alley-oop that they try to execute at least once or twice in each game. They often operate on the fast break, leading to many of their games being high scoring.


PG: #14- Thomas Horrigan, Jr. (6’2” 19.5 ppg)
SG: #24- Stanley Rudinger, Fr. (6’4”, 14.3 ppg)
C: #55- John LaForge, Sr. (6’9”, 6.3 ppg)
PF: #33- Daiwan Nelson, So. (6”8” 25.3 ppg)
SF: #30- Alan Dailey, Sr. (6’5”, 13.8 ppg)

Team Notes: The complete opposite of Loudon Empire. Plays a “Princeton” style of offense. Accurate shooters from the outside as well, they sometimes have problems with the more physical teams they go up against.


PG: #1- Munir Mohammad, Jr. (5’10” 21.4 ppg)
SG: #3- Douglas Hurst, Sr. (6’4” 22.0 ppg)
C: #42- James Eggelhoeffer, Sr. (7’1”, 16.6 ppg)
PF: #40- James Roychika, Sr. (6’9”, 7.5 ppg)
SF: #43- Brian Stavis, So. (6’6”, 12.8 ppg)

Team Notes: Relies on the outside game more then not. Mohammad makes up for his lack of size by being incredibly agile and can usually find an open spot to shoot. He’s also quite pesky on defense. Roychika won’t score much, but he is fantastic on the boards. However, his 43% free throw shooting average will make him an obvious target if CCU is leading late.


PG: #12- Zachary Staulters, Sr. (6’4”, 15.6 ppg)
SG: #15- Kendrick Fischetti, Jr. (6’8”, 27.6 ppg)
C: #51- Steve Morrow, Fr. (6’7”, 11.5 ppg)
PF: #34- Stuart Cortella, Fr. (6’3”, 14.8 ppg)
SF: #35- Joseph Costello, So. (6’4”, 16.2 ppg)

Team: A young team that relies on Fischetti to carry them. The high scorer overmatched most opponents in FCU’s weak conference, but then was able to handle tougher opposition in the NEWCAA tournament. Morrow has a lot of potential, and maybe in a year or two they will be more dangerous.
13-03-2009, 06:24
(ooc: Anyone else see the Syracuse-UConn game last night/this morning? SIX OT's!!!! :eek: :eek: Damn. Too bad West Virginia will wipe the floor with 'Cuse in the semis...)
13-03-2009, 13:23
Today's Cutoff times: (some minor modifications), all times Eastern US time.

Port Royal Regional- 1st Round 11:00AM (approximately 2 1/2 hours after the time of this post)
Atlantea Regional- 1st Round 11:30AM
SaxerVilla Regional- 1st Round 12:00 PM
Concord Heights Regional- 1st Round 12:30 PM
13-03-2009, 16:25
It’s a historic day! The first ever (unless someone tried this a long time ago, in which case it’s probably irrelevant now) college basketball tournament.

The Port Royal Regional will be tipping off first. Hoji and Woodstock, here you go!

(Games Played)

And now let’s see those results!

Hoji, Fujisawan Territories:

(1) Univeristy of Qazox 84-62 (16) University of Resurgens- Granite Harbor
(8) Putnam Lake University 81-83 (OT) (9) Till College
(5) University of Concord Heights 85-78 (12) Somerset University
(4) Lakeland University 77-73 (13) Akatsuki University

Woodstock, Sarzonia

(6) University of Hoji- M 66-87 (11) Concord Heights Beauty School
(3) Syracuse University 78-72 (14) Fairfield City University
(7) University of Petrol Harbor 79-78 (10) Yorkshire University
(2) South Bektys University 91-77 (15) Ancheron Metro University

Second Round:

Hoji, FJT

(1) University of Qazox vs (9) Till College
(5) University of Concord Heights vs (4) Lakeland University

Woodstock, Sarzonia
(11) Concord Heights Beauty School vs (3) Syracuse University
(7) University of Petrol Harbor vs (2) South Bektys University

Up next, the Atlantea Regional in 20 minutes or so.....
13-03-2009, 16:54
Now, the Atlantea Regional!

Zacic, Kjomasasopia

(1) Amherst Law School 95-74 (16) Midland Interisland University
(8) Western University 77-75 (9) University of Northern Viridity
(5) Kildare Military Academy 72-79 (12) Tanner University
(4) Simona Baptist 84-80 (13) Concord City University

Eastport, Dancougar

(6) Bektys State University 69-75 (11) Fadron University
(3) Zacic-Pittry Community College 81-71 (14) University of Iwosaka
(7) Grav-Vogg State 72-68 (10) Washington University
(2) University of Southport 88-75 (15) Machrobat Military School

Second Round:

Zacic, Kjomasasopia:
(1) Amherst Law School vs (8) Western University
(12) Tanner University vs (4) Simona Baptist

Eastport, Dancougar:
(11) Fadron University vs (3) Zacic-Pittry Community College
(7) Grav-Vogg State vs (2) University of Southport

Up Next.... SaxerVilla
13-03-2009, 17:28
Saxervilla Regional!

Lakeland, Secristan:

(1) Dover City University 83-69 (16) University of Lunarossa
(8) West Masaru State 64-70 (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
(5) Telquin 82-83 (12) University of Pharamus
(4) Cambridge University 71-77 (13) Grand Michealie Sports

Toronto, Colbourne

(6) Dancougar Royal Academy 92-71 (11) Bridgefield University
(3) Reynea Area Community College 89-87 (OT) (14) University of Calcasieu
(7) Seclusion Coast State 79-71 (10) Pocono City Tech
(2) Joe Gibbs University 95-65 (15) Jamison College

Second Round:

Lakeland, Secristan:
(1) Dover City University vs (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
(12) University of Pharamus vs (13) Grand Michealie Sports

Toronto, Colbourne:
(6) Dancougar Royal Academy vs (3) Reynea Area Community College
(7) Seclusion Coast State vs (2) Joe Gibbs University

And finally, the Concord Heights regional coming up.
13-03-2009, 17:48
And Alas, the Concord Heights Regional (I thought the first round scores would read easier by doing it in four unique posts. After this round, they will all be in the same post)

Northland, Arroza:

(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy 85-79 (16) Naval Academy of Secristan
(8) Pine Forest State 82-84 (9) Woodstock City College
(5) University of Ancheron 80-77 (12) Sirinis Agricultural College
(4) University of Hoji- W 75-72 (13) Cambridge University

Fadron, Taeshan:

(6) Amherst School of Finance 83-74 (11) Shiratori University
(3) University of Qazox- Pika City 97-95 (2OT) (14) St. Margaret’s College
(7) Eastern Masaru State 79-89 (10) Loudon Empire University
(2) Kishin Academy 86-84 (15) New Bruxen State

Second Round:

Northland, Arroza:
(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (9) Woodstock City College
(5) University of Ancheron vs (4) University of Hoji- W

Fadron, Taeshan:
(6) Amherst School of Finance vs (3) University of Qazox- Pika City
(10) Loudon Empire University vs (2) Kishin Academy
13-03-2009, 21:45
3 Out Of Five Ain't That Bad

Yesterday was the opening night of the first NSCAA Tournament and 3 out of the five Taeshani teams made there way into the second round. The first winner was the Fadron Fitin' Fish an 11 seed who upset number 6 seeded Bektys State University with a 75-69 victory that prroved the critices(QAZOX) who said they were not placed at the right place in the bracket and prooved to the rest of the teams they could play big. The second team was Number 1 seeded Taeshan Air Force academy who easily defeated the Naval Academy of Secristan 85-79 in a game that prroved they deserved the number 1 seed in the bracket. The third and final winner was the Reynea Area Community College Rays who defeated number 14 University of Calcasieu in a game that was barely won with a last second clutch shot by Freshman Harry Potter who stunned the fans with his only shot of the night, many have said had a magical twist. The two losing sides were the number 5 Telquin Cadets who fell out after two of their stars were injured in the oepning minutes of their game versus number 12 University of Pharamus who still barely managed to win the game. The second loser was number 15 Machrobay Military Institute who after getting such a bad ranking easily fell to a more pumped Joe Gibbs University team.
14-03-2009, 05:02 Results
Port Royal Regional
Hoji, Fujisawan Territories Subregional:

1 2 Final
#16 URGH (16-13) 37 25 62
#1 UQazox (28-2) 43 41 84

Lead by 24 points from Xavier Hardee, and 23 from Alvin Hayes, the Panthers pulled away in the 2nd half over a game University of Resurgens-Granite Harbor. URGH was within 6 at the half and just 1:30 into the 2nd half the game was tied at 45. Then UQazox went on a 23-4 run over the next 6:12 to break open the game. UQazox will face Till College of Vephrall who upset a very good Putnam Lake University in overtime.

Woodstock, Sarzonia Subregional:

1 2 Final
#10 YorkU (24-8) 31 47 78
#7 UPH (27-7) 42 37 79

Twice the Tigers came back from double-digit deficits, down 11 at halftime and 66-50 with 4:52 left in the game. A 25-7 run over the next 4 minutes, sparked by 17 points from Ty Higgins (of his season high 31), gave Yorkshire University their only lead of the game at 75-73, but back-two-back threes by University of Petrol Harbor made it 79-75 with 23 seconds left. A three pointer by Kevin Jordan cut the lead to one and after two missed UPH free throws with 5.3 seconds left, a 15-foot jumper by Clay Herdon clanged off the front iron to save the UPH win.

Atlantea Regional
Eastport, Dancougar Subregional:

1 2 Final
#10 Wash (22-5) 33 35 68
#7 GVSt. (24-9) 34 38 72

A 3-pointer by Patrick Borkowski with 10.4 seconds left gave the Golden Caribou a 70-68 lead, and a missed 3-pt attempt by Washington University was corralled by Christopher D'angelo, who nailed two free throws with 1.3 seconds left to seal a 72-68 win for Grav-Vogg State. D'Angelo was held to only 12 points, but scored 8 of the Golden Caribou's final 13 points. GVState will take on University of Southport in the next round.

Concord Heights Regional
Fadron, Taeshan Subregional:

1 2 OT 2OT Final
#14 SMC (27-5) 40 38 7 10 95
#3 UQPC (28-3) 42 36 7 12 97

In quite possibly the game of the 1st Round, UQPC survived in 2 overtimes against St. Margaret’s College. SMC tied it at 78-all in regulation with a 25-foot heave at the buzzer. Charles Bryant nailed a 15-footer with 1.1 seconds left in the first overtime to tie it again at 85. A 6-0 run to begin the 2nd overtime gave the Fighting Pike a 91-85 lead, which would barely hold, as SMC missed a tying 17-footer with 3.5 seconds left. Mike James, who fouled out early in the first OT lead the way with 31 points on 11-13 shooting from the line. The Fighting Pike will take on Amherst School of Finance, 83-74 winners over Shiratori University in the 2nd round.

1 2 Final
#15 NBSt (20-10) 35 49 84
#2 Kishin (23-5) 38 48 86

Trailing 84-81, two missed free throws with 17.9 seconds left by Ju'an Dawkins; allowed #2 Kishin Academy to escape what would have been the biggest upset of the tourney by the New Bruxen State Spartans. Despite 28 points from both Dawkins and Aaron Devlin, the Spartans couldn't make their free throws, finishing the game 16-27 from the line, compared to Kishin's 23-28.'s Upset of the day:
Saxervilla Regional
Lakeland, Secristan SubRegional:
#13 Grand Michealie Sports of Kjomasasopia (27-3) def. #4 (24-3) Cambridge University of Colburne 77-71 (And we called it in our preview!)'s Qazoxian Player of the Day:
Xavier Hardee (UQazox) 24 pts, 13 rebs, 5 blocks.
Fujisawan Territories
14-03-2009, 07:47
Hoji Metropolitan Daily Record Online

Evening Commentary: UH women, LAU-Hoji men victorious

It was the end of the road for the Kings after only their first game, but the Queens were able to pull off a sloppy three point win over Windsor University in Northland, Arroza. The final score was a little too close for comfort for Queens fans, especially on the heels of the Kings loss, but perfectly illustrates just how ill prepared the fourth seeded Queens are.

Up by thirteen late in the game, the Queens staved off a late Windsor University rally, but nearly lost the game. Hopefully the scare will serve as motivation for the Queens to keep it together in their game against the University of Ancheron. They’ll need every bit of luck and faithful execution of their game plan to win. Still the enthusiasm for the ladies remains high as they are the best remaining team in the tournament for the Fujisawan Territories.

The Queens weren’t the only Territorial team to win in the first round. The Lesser Antilles University at Hoji men’s team beat eighth seeded West Masaru State by six in Lakeland, Secristan. The Warhawks will next face top seeded Dover City University.

Many were shocked and dismayed by Concord Heights Beauty School’s sound upset over the UH men, and the mood on campus was a bit dreary. The loss perhaps signals the end of an era of UH dominance in men’s collegiate basketball, as it appears LAU-Hoji has finally risen through the ranks.

University of Hoji (women’s)
PG Ryoko Hasekura (Jr., 5-9, Hoji, Iwosaka/Friendship Academy)
SG Saiko Honda (So., 6-0, Tijuku, Narasaka/Rankin Community College)
SF Hizuru Abukara (Sr., 5-10, Hoji, Iwosaka/Yukino Kawa High School)
PF Yuri Tsukota (Fr., 5-11, Atezu Bay, Iwosaka/Atezu Bay High School)
C Sakina Nishimura (Jr., 6-3, Hoji, Iwosaka/Hoji Metropolitan High School)

G Chiko Ouchi (So., 5-11, Juhat, Akihiro/Juhat High School)
G Tomoko Sakai (Fr. 5-11, Nanchin, Narasaka/Nanchin Public High School)
F Koto Tsuji (So. 6-1, Magiku, Iwosaka/Lemuria High School)
F Ryoko Shirai (Fr. 5-9, Hoji, Iwosaka/St. Catherine’s)
C Yuzuka Kodama (Jr. 6-1, Hoji, Iwosaka/University of Iwosaka)

Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
PG Hoshi Nawabe (Jr., 6-3, Hoji, Iwosaka/Hoji High School)
SG Arinobu Kamo (Sr., 6-2, Koshima, Fujisawan Mainland/Chansai-yun High School)
SF Tatsuzo Kawazu (Fr., 6-4, Hoji, Iwosaka/Hoji Central High School)
PF Ujiyasu Joshuyo (Sr., 6-5, East Atlantis, Iwosaka/Poseidon High School)
C Nin-sei Kato (So., 6-6, Magiku, Iwosaka/Magiku High School)

G Yorikata Komatsuzaki (So., 6-2, Hoji, Iwosaka/Hoji Metropolitan High School)
G Motonaga Sen (Fr., 6-0, Magiku, Iwosaka/Magiku High School)
F Dai Nakanoi (Fr. 6-1, Ninpei, Jokata/Ng Won-si High School)
F Hyobee Fuwa (So. 5-11, Coastal Atsuzai, Iwosaka/Coastal Atsuzai High School)
C Zansho Kuga (Fr. 6-4, Bailang, Sanawa/North Coast High School)

Territorial Scores
#11 Concord Heights Beauty School 87, #6 University of Hoji (men) 66
#1 Amherst Law School 95, #16 MIU 74
#3 Zacic-Pittry Community College 81, #14 University of Iwosaka (women) 71
#9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 70, #8 West Masaru State 64
#4 University of Hoji (women) 75, #13 Windsor University 72

At the Millennium
#1 University of Qazox 84, #16 University of Resurgens- Granite Harbor 62
#9 Till College 83, #8 Putnam Lake University 81 (OT)
#5 University of Concord Heights 85, #12 Somerset University 78
#4 Lakeland University 77, #13 Akatsuki University 73

Upcoming Territorial Games
From Lakeland Secristan: #1 Dover City University vs. #9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
From Northland, Arroza: #5 University of Ancheron vs. #4 University of Hoji (women)

Upcoming Games at the Millennium
#1 University of Qazox vs. #9 Till College
#5 University of Concord Heights vs. #4 Lakeland University
14-03-2009, 11:49
Here’s Meghan Traynor and Kevin Collins with your NSCAA Tournament Update.

Traynor: Well half the games in the NSCAA Tournament have been played, and the field is down to 32. Soon enough, we will be down to a sweet sixteen. Not really a great day for Newmanistan’s teams. Only three out of seven advance.

Collins: I expected that Till College would beat Putnam Lake University, but I am still disappointed with that result, overtime or not. Putnam Lake campaigned that they should be a better seed, but I do not think that they look good against Till.

Traynor: Well, all this will do now is make the critics of PLU get louder, and perhaps next season they will strengthen that non-conference schedule.

Collins: Early exit in the NEWCAA’s now a first round exit here. Quite disappointing. University of Qazox looked good, and should get through here.

Traynor: Fairfield City University hung with Syracuse from Colbourne for a while, but couldn’t pull off an upset. There, I think, we should be happy with the effort.

Collins: I guess, I didn’t really expect much out of FCU in this tournament, and while it would have been nice to see them win, Syracuse represents the best chance for Colbourne’s representation, and they took care of business. There was an upset in the 6-11 bracket above them, which should further help Syracuse.

Traynor: Quite an exciting game in this bracket between Yorkshire and the University of Petrol Harbor.

Collins: It was a good battle for both of them, the type of game you like to have in the first round, I think, and they could cause fits for South Bektys.

Traynor: Concord City University was the third Newmanistanian to be ousted in the first round, by Simona Baptist of Arroza. CCU trailed by 18 at halftime and did a nice job coming all the way back to tie, but the Arrozan school pulls it out.

Collins: Simona Baptist got conservative in the second half, and rested their starters too long and it almost came back to haunt them. This could have been a big upset, but at least one team from the Empire won in this bracket.

Traynor: That’s right! The University of Southport got a solid win over the Machrobat Military School. Really proud of the way that my alma mater played!

Collins: You should be. They will have a tough game against Grav-Vogg State, but as long as Southport is up for the game, which I am sure they will be, then they head to the sweet sixteen.

Traynor: Tanner University and Fadron University had upsets in this bracket. If Fadron beats Zacic-Pittry Community College, then they go to Atlantea, likely to play Southport. That won’t be easy.

Collins: It won’t. Obviously Southport would have the crowd against them, but they should win on talent.

Traynor: Dover City University had no problems with the University of Lunarossa in Lakeland.

Collins: A lot of DCU alum in the stands in Lakeland. I guess with a degree from DCU, you can afford those high ticket prices.

Traynor: Look for them to win over the LAUH. Two upsets here with the 12 and 13 seeds winning in this bracket.

Collins: Is this Cinderella’s bracket? Too early to say, but it’s the leading candidate right now. Pocono City Tech was the fourth loser in a disappointing game, I thought they would play Seclusion Coast State much closer then that.

Traynor: Well, I guess. SCS is a solid threat.

Collins: Loudon Empire cruised over Eastern Masaru State, and the Kishin Academy, who some people have picked to win this whole thing, survived a major scare against New Bruxen State. The other Qazoxian school in Fadron, Qazox-Pika City survived a double OT scare against a motivated St. Margaret’s College side.

Traynor: Loudon Empire vs Kishin Academy will be a good game, but Kishin should recover. Some people will say that Pika City took St. Margaret’s lightly, but you know what I see? Very good results across the board from Cassadaigua’s entries in the first round.

Collins: Well, we will see what happens in the second round. Until then, enjoy the games!

Traynor: And go Southport!
14-03-2009, 14:17
Second Round Results:


Hoji, Fujisawan Territories:
(1) University of Qazox 91-78 (9) Till College
(5) University of Concord Heights 84-74 (5) Lakeland University

Woodstock, Sarzonia:
(3) Syracuse University 81-74 (11) Concord Heights Beauty School
(2) South Bektys University 80-82 (7) University of Petrol Harbor

In Port Royal, Dancougar:
(1) University of Qazox vs (5) University of Concord Heights
(3) Syracuse University vs (7) University of Petrol Harbor


Zacic, Kjomasasopia:
(1) Amherst Law School 105-102 (2 OT) (8) Western University
(4) Simona Baptist 89-79 (12) Tanner University

Eastport, Dancougar:
(3) Zacic-Pittry Community College 74-82 (11) Fadron University
(2) University of Southport 85-80 (7) Grav-Vogg State

In Atlantea, Taeshan:
(1) Amherst Law School vs (4) Simona Baptist
(2) University of Southport vs (11) Fadron University


Lakeland, Secristan:
(1) Dover City University 81-83 (OT) (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji
(12) University of Pharamus 90-73 (13) Grand Michealie Sports

Toronto, Colbourne:
(3) Reynea Area Community College 74-78 (6) Dancougar Royal Academy
(2) Joe Gibbs University 82-70 (7) Seclusion Coast State

In SaxerVilla, Qazox:
(9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji vs (12) University of Pharamus
(2) Joe Gibbs University vs (6) Dancougar Royal Academy


Northland, Arroza:
(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy 86-73 (9) Woodstock City College
(4) University of Hoji- W 91-90 (OT) (5) University of Ancheron

Fadron, Taeshan:
(3) University of Qazox- Pika City 93-91 (OT) (6) Amherst School of Finance
(2) Kishin Academy 79-84 (10) Loudon Empire University

In Concord Heights, Cassadaigua:
(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (4) University of Hoji- W
(3) University of Qazox- Pika City vs (10) Loudon Empire University
14-03-2009, 23:52
Even though his Redskins won their first two games, making them the only Sarzonian team to advance to the Sweet 16, Coach Gary Clark was sweating.

The 82-70 win over seventh seeded Seclusion Coast State wasn't what had Clark concerned. It was what the No. 6 seeded Dancougar Royal Academy did to the No. 3 Reynea Area Community College in the other game in Toronto. They upset RACC 82-78, meaning that the Redskins would be prohibitive favourites once again.

"That was a close basketball game, wasn't it," Clark said. "Royal Academy can play some ball."

So, too, can the rest of the Sarzonian teams. Even though Somerset University fell in its opening match, the 84-78 defeat was closer than some observers expected. The Serpents led by nine with 4:20 to go before they ran out of gas. Meanwhile, the Woodstock City College Warlocks played like a team that didn't have its legs as top-seed Taeshan Air Force Academy had its way with the capital's college.

That meant it would be up to the Redskins to hold high the navy and silver. Joe Gibbs won its first match in a laugher. The second one started out looking that way until Clark pulled all five starters with five minutes remaining in the second half. When Seclusion Coast cut a 17-point lead to four with 1:20 remaining, all five starters returned to the court, building the lead back to 12.

"We're going to have to get better if we want to progress farther in this tournament," Clark said. He added that he drew no satisfaction from seeing Woodstock City College lose its game.

"We're thinking of national pride now," he said. "This isn't about revenge. It's about winning honours for our country. Besides the great food at The Palestra, that is."
15-03-2009, 03:04
Two Advance To Sweet Sixteen

And then there was two. Only two Taeshani teams remain in the Nationstates College Championship series, and now were getting to the big named stages. First up was the Fadron Fitin' Fish with yet another upset win through there 11 seed defeating number 3 Zacic-Pittry Community College. The Fitin' Fish who many though would bow out after last weeks thriling game made it to the SS with a big run and gun style of play. Team two is Number 1 Taeshan Air Force Academy who defeated Woodstock City College out fo Sarzonia a number nine side. The Aeros easily walked past the Woodstock squad out musceling and running them. So that means of course that Number 3 Reynea Area Community College fell. They lost to Number 6 Dancougar Royal Academy. This is not as suprsing of a match as the Royals barely beat them by four and the two teams were very evenly matched.
15-03-2009, 04:34 Results
Port Royal Regional
Hoji, Fujisawan Territories Subregional:

1 2 Final
#9 Till (25-11) 36 42 78
#1 UQazox (29-2) 53 38 91

The Panthers started the game on a 28-7 run, and never looked back, sending Till Colege home early. Lead by 23 points from Randy Foyle, 15 rebounds from Xavier Hardee, and a school-record tying 17 assist from Jack Mercyhurst, UQazox advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in PORT ROYAL, DANCOUGAR to take on the University of Concord Heights from Cassadaigua, which is shaping up to be an interesting match.

Atlantea Regional
Eastport, Dancougar Subregional:

1 2 Final
#7 GVSt. (24-10) 42 38 80
#2 South (31-1) 47 38 85

The Golden Caribou lead 77-70 with 1:58 left, but a 15-3 run to close out the game by the University of Southport ended Grav-Vogg State's upset bid. The Golden Caribou missed 6 consecutive free-throws, allowing the comeback. Christopher D'angelo lead all scorers with 34 points, but missed what would have been a game-tying 3-pointer with 9.5 seconds left.

Concord Heights Regional
Fadron, Taeshan Subregional:

1 2 OT Final
#6 ASF (25-9) 45 35 11 91
#3 UQPC (29-3) 47 33 13 93

Once again 40 minutes wasn't enough for the Fighting Pike, as they missed their last 7 shots of regulation, allowing Amherst School of Finance to come back from an 80-73 deficit in the final minute. Both teams traded a couple baskets early in the overtime, but Amherst School of Finance began to miss and UQPC built a 91-85 lead that would hold after Tyrone Viceroy, who lead UQPC with 37 points; nailed 2 free throws with 3.9 seconds left to make it 93-88. A half-court shot by ASF went it, but it was too late, as the Fighting Pike advance to the next round. They will take on Loudon Empire University, who stunned Kishin Academy 84-79.'s Upset of the day:
Concord Heights Regional
Fadron, Taeshan SubRegional:
#10 Loudon Empire University (29-4) def. #2 (36-3) Kishin Academy 84-79.'s Qazoxian Player of the Day:
Tyrone Viceroy (UQPC) 37 pts, 8 rebs, 7 assists.
15-03-2009, 04:38
(ooc: Notice how the SaxerVilla regional has the most upsets?... No one wants to play in Qazox...:( LOL)
15-03-2009, 04:55
OOC: I notice Arroza's team went 2-0 at The Palestra.

Guess they all liked the food there. :cool:
Fujisawan Territories
15-03-2009, 08:30
Hoji Metropolitan Daily Record


It was a wild day for Territorial teams in the NSCAA Tournament, as both remaining teams- yes, both- teams posted overtime wins. First, Lesser Antilles University at Hoji shocked Dover City University 83-81 in overtime, and then the University of Hoji women topped the University of Ancheron by one, 91-90.

If there was ever any doubt about who the better team in men’s collegiate basketball is, between the University of Hoji and LAU-Hoji, that doubt has all but evaporated. Dover City University was the only top seed to lose in the tournament thus far, and the win is considered a monumental upset by many in the Territories, as the local media had been projecting Dover City University to reach the title game. LAU-Hoji can now be considered the best men’s team in the Territories, with the UH men on the decline. The Warhawks face the twelfth seeded University of Pharamus next, and are expected to win.

It was another close game for the UH women, again winning by three or less, and the Queens trailed by twelve at the half. The tournament thus far has been quite a bit more challenging than anticipated for the Queens, who were largely viewed as the Territories’ best team. UH will play the top ranked Taeshan Air Force Academy next, and are likely to struggle, if not lose.

“There’s no time to take a break. We’ve got to press on. Obviously, we’re not happy with the way we’ve been playing, and we have to play better or we’re going to end up on the losing end,” said guard Saiko Honda.

The two overtime wins weren’t the only suspenseful events of the day, as a different kind of drama played out on the University of Hoji campus. As many students were in their dorm rooms watching the Queens take on the University of Ancheron, a man identified as Mareo Kentaro showed up on campus with a nine millimeter semiautomatic handgun demanding to see his girlfriend. Ai Fujishima, a psychology student at the university spotted Kentaro and immediately called police on her cell phone. Fujishima, a paraplegic, is being lauded as a hero for her quick and decisive action during en episode which could have just as soon turned tragic. She said she didn't know the gunman, but was compelled to call to prevent yet another senseless act of violence on a Territorial college campus. Three students were killed last month in a shooting on the University of Jokata campus.

“What this young lady did was save lives, and that is commendable. She is a bystander that took action snd we applaud that because this man had homicidal intent, and a tragedy has been prevented,” acting police chief Yachi Matoke said during a press conference.

Police officers from the Hoji Police Department and the university’s own police force responded, entering in a standoff with Kentaro. A few minutes after responding, Kentaro fired on officers, wounding two. Both officers were taken to area hospitals and are in stable condition. Kentaro was shot and killed by a seven year HPD veteran who is not being identified pending an internal investigation. The officer who fired the fatal shots was placed on paid administrative leave as per protocol.

Territorial Scores
#9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 83, #1 Dover City University 81 (OT)
#4 University of Hoji (W) 91, #5 University of Ancheron 90 (OT)

At the Millennium
#1 University of Qazox 91, #9 Till College 78
#5 University of Concord Heights 84, #4 Lakeland University 74

Upcoming Territorial Games
#9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji vs. #12 University of Pharamus
#1 Taeshan Air Force Academy vs. #4 University of Hoji (W)

Upcoming Games at the Millennium
Hosting in the Fujisawan Territories is complete. The staff at the Hoji Metropolitan Daily Record would like to congratulate the University of Qazox and the University of Concord Heights on their subregional appearances and hope they enjoyed their time in the City of Hearts.
15-03-2009, 15:31
Today the field gets cut down to the elite eight. The next day of scorination of the tournament will be Friday, so again plenty of time for more Rps!


(1) University of Qazox 79-74 (5) University of Concord Heights
(3) Syracuse University 81-89 (7) University of Petrol Harbor

Regional Final:
(1) University of Qazox vs (7) University of Petrol Harbor


(1) Amherst Law School 86-87 (OT) (4) Simona Baptist
(2) University of Southport 91-78 (11) Fadron University

Regional Final:
(2) University of Southport vs (4) Simona Baptist


(9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 78-71 (12) University of Pharamus
(2) Joe Gibbs University 90-80 (6) Dancougar Royal Academy

Regional Final:
(2) Joe Gibbs University vs (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji


(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy 85-78 (4) University of Hoji- W
(3) University of Qazox- Pika City 84-83 (10) Loudon Empire University

Regional Final:
(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (3) University of Qazox- Pika City
15-03-2009, 18:07
(OOC: Nooo! I don't have anyone left! But I do have a nice lead in the predictions thing :) )
15-03-2009, 18:07
1 Left In The Midst

3 matches ago we found 5 teams from Taeshan entered into the First ever Nationstates College Championship Tournament, now just a few weeks later we find only one team left pulling from the midst to join seven other in the ranks of an Elite Eightest. Unfortunately it is not suprising eleven seed the Fadron Fightin' Fish whose many fans went home from Atlantea sad after their team finally bowed out of the tournament with their 13 point loss to Number 2 University of Southport. The team that made it to the Elite Eight that represents are country is of course Number 1 seede Taeshan Air Force Academy. The Aeros defeated Number Four the University of Hoji Womens team 85-78 to make it into the Elite stage. Next up will be University of Qazox- Pika City in what will be perhaps the hardest test for the Aeros going against one of the two teams left from regionmates Qazox who will look to knock them of there pedistal. It will be an exciting offensive game for many to watch.
15-03-2009, 18:09 Results
Port Royal Regional
1 2 Final
#9 UCH (30-4) 43 31 74
#1 UQazox (30-2) 32 47 79

Trailing 43-32 at halftime, The Panthers started the 2nd half on a 23-5 run over the first 5:42 to take a 55-48 lead over the 2-time defending Cassadaiguan national champions. That would be the biggest lead of the game for UQazox, as UCH would battle back to tie it at 69-all with 1:13 left. But the Panthers made their free throws down the stretch, including a rare 4-pt play by Gary Hao which made it 77-72 with just 15 seconds left. Randy Foyle lead the Panthers with 26 points and 13 boards. UQazox will take on the 7th seed (29-7) University of Petrol Harbor for the right to advance to the Final Four.

Concord Heights Regional
1 2 Final
#10 LEU (29-5) 39 44 83
#3 UQPC (30-3) 37 47 84

Well it didn't go into overtime, but once again the Fighting Pike won a close game as a Scott Lavelle 20 footer clanged off the back rim as time expired preserving the 84-83 win. This game was back-and-forth with neither team having a lead greater that 5 points (UQPC 52-47 at the 12:51 mark). There were 27 ties but the big shot of the game was Oliver Tippen's 3-pointer to put UQPC up 82-78 with 39 seconds left. Bobby Worthy, who came in for an injured Larry Johannson; who missed the remainder of the game with a sprained right shoulder, lead the way with 21 points and 8 steals. The Fighting Pike try to hand the #1 seed Taeshan Air Force Academy (32-0) thier first loss of the year in the regional final on Friday.'s Upset of the day:
Port Royal Regional:
#7 University of Petrol Harbor (29-7) def. #3 (27-2) Syracuse University 89-81.'s Qazoxian Player of the Day:
Randy Foyle (UQazox) 26 pts, 13 rebs, 4 steals.
15-03-2009, 18:09
(OOC: Nooo! I don't have anyone left! But I do have a nice lead in the predictions thing :) )

(ooc: well at least you'll win something....:p)
15-03-2009, 23:52
OOC: I notice Arroza's team went 2-0 at The Palestra.

Guess they all liked the food there. :cool:

It was the chicken.
16-03-2009, 05:36
The Kingdom of Dancougar presents Guilty Token Late Coverage Theatre!

ANNOUNCER NO. 1: ... Hollis for three. No! Rebound and the quick foul, so with under forty seconds to play, it's back to the line for Joe Gibbs, and they've been solid at the line here in the second half. This to run the lead to ten.

ANNOUNCER NO. 2: Disappointing run for the Dancougar schools perhaps, only one into the Sweet Sixteen, but when you consider the national team's only qualified once for the tournament it helped found, you can't expect much more. There's a lot of work to be done from the grassroots level to really grow basketball within Dancougar, and hopefully the kids watching at home start to get some ideas from this kind of tournament.

ANNOUNCER NO. 1: Another two free throws extend the Gibbs lead, so it's 88-77, and here's Perkins to push it upcourt. Hollis. Extra pass to Upton, who shoots for three. Got it! Thirty three on the clock and Perkins will foul on the inbounds, his fourth, and the 'Skins go back to the line. So let's take a look back at the way they got here, the Royal Academy.

ANNOUNCER NO. 2: Yeah, it started with a 92-71 romp over Bridgefield in the opening round, and they got away from favored Reynea Area CC in the second, using a late 10-2 run sparked by a pair of Kerry Hollis threes to win 78-74. Better luck than the champs from Kishin Academy, they went down to Loudon Empire in what turned out to be a good tight game, but they let it get away and couldn't close the gap late.

ANNOUNCER NO. 1: Both free throws go down, still they fight on. Upton gives to Hollis, who wants the shot, not there. Hollis wants to give it back, bad pass, turnover! Twenty four on the clock and that's all the resistance they've got in them. The Redskins will run out the clock and stay here in SaxerVilla. The Lesser Antilles await them in the Elite Eight, and there is your final. Joe Gibbs University defeats the Dancougar Royal Academy 90-80. This has been a presentation of DSPN, your nationwide sports leader. For more on the tournament, visit us online at dspn dot dan, keyword NSCAA. Good night!
17-03-2009, 07:36
ELITE EIGHT Preview (Part 1 of 2)

(1) University of Qazox vs (7) University of Petrol Harbor

How they got here:
#1 UQazox (30-2)
1st Round: def. #16 University of Resurgens-Granite Harbor 84-62
2nd Round: def. #9 Till College 91-78
3rd Round: def. #5 University of Concord Heights 79-74

#7 University of Petrol Harbor (29-7)
1st Round: def. #10 Yorkshire University 79-78
2nd Round: def. #2 South Bektys University 82-80
3rd Round: def. #3 Syracuse University 89-81

New Bruxen Casino Line: UQazox -11.5

(2) University of Southport vs (4) Simona Baptist

How they got here:
#2 University of Southport (32-1)
1st Round: def. #15 Machrobat Military School 88-75
2nd Round: def. #7 Grav-Vogg State 85-80
3rd Round: def. #11 Fadron University 91-78

#4 Simona Baptist (32-1)
1st Round: def. #13 Concord City University 84-80
2nd Round: def. #12 Tanner University 89-79
3rd Round: def. #1 Amherst Law School 87-86 (OT)

OUR PREDICTION: University of Southport 82-Simona Baptist 78 (OT)
New Bruxen Casino Line: University of Southport -6.5
20-03-2009, 02:48
"C'mon guys! Rotate! Rotate!"

Gary Clark was cajoling his Redskins during practice the night before Joe Gibbs University's Elite 8 matchup against sixth seeded Dancougar Royal Academy. "Get your hands up! Play some defence!"

He blew the whistle dangling from his neck.

"You! And you! Where's the intensity! Where's the focus! These teams aren't going to lie down for you!"

"Coach," one player yelled. "We're busting our asses here!"

"So does every other team here," Clark retorted. "You think those teams just kick back and eat chicken? No! They bust their asses, they study tape, they get their hands up, they rotate and they play as a TEAM. That's what we need to do."

"Everyone, two laps around the outside of the Palestra. Now move!" Clark pretended not to hear the groans and grumbles from the players as they trudged toward the starting line for their laps.

Two hours after the last player showered and left for his dorm room, Clark was still in the arena. He noticed a graying man walk slowly toward him.

"Hi Glenn," Clark said with a weary smile.

"Good to see you Gary," Glenn Whitman said. Whitman, the longtime athletic director at Joe Gibbs University, was getting ready to announce his retirement after this NSCAA Tournament.

"You look like you're worried."

"I am," Clark said. "We don't look crisp out there."

"Your guys have never practised well," Whitman said. "I don't think I've ever seen you happy with a practice session.

"You know what, though?" Whitman said. He leaned in a little bit. Considering Whitman's 5-foot-10 frame, that meant the 6-foot-4 Clark had to lean down to listen.

"Your team plays a lot better than they practice. They've always done that. This is a team that plays better when its back is to the wall."

"That's just it," Clark said. "Dancougar Royal Academy pulled off an upset. Otherwise, we'd have faced Reynea Area Community College."

"They're a good team," Whitman said. "But so are we. Just get out there and play your game. You'll be OK."

Whitman then turned around and walked out of the arena, leaving Clark alone with his thoughts and his anxiety.
20-03-2009, 03:55
ELITE EIGHT Preview (Part 2 of 2)

(2) Joe Gibbs University vs (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji

How they got here:
#2 Joe Gibbs University (31-4)
1st Round: def. #15 Jamison College 95-65
2nd Round: def. #7 Seclusion Coast State 82-70
3rd Round: def. #6 Dancougar Royal Academy 90-80

#9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji (26-7)
1st Round: def. #8 West Masaru State 70-64
2nd Round: def. #1 Dover City University 83-81 (OT)
3rd Round: def. #12 University of Pharamus 78-71

New Bruxen Casino Line: Joe Gibbs University -7.0

(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy vs (3) University of Qazox-Pika City

How they got here:
#1 Taeshan Air Force Academy (32-0)
1st Round: def. #16 Machrobat Military School 88-75
2nd Round: def. #9 Woodstock City College 86-73
3rd Round: def. #4 University of Hoji- Women's 85-78

#3 University of Qazox- Pika City (30-3)
1st Round: def. #14 St. Margaret’s College 97-95 (2OT)
2nd Round: def. #6 Amherst School of Finance 93-91 (OT)
3rd Round: def. #10 Loudon Empire University 84-83

New Bruxen Casino Line: Taeshan Air Force Academy -4.5
Fujisawan Territories
20-03-2009, 09:07
Hoji Metropolitan Daily Record Online

Evening Commentary: It’s do or die for Warhawks in Elite Eight match

The Lesser Antilles Univeristy at Hoji men’s basketball team took advantage of the break in action to return to the Territories Monday morning for a daily dose of intense practice on their home campus before catching a mid afternoon flight back to Qazox on Thursday. Coming home was no party for the Warhawks, who wasted no time hitting the court for practice. In fact, they were deep in practice less than forty five minutes after disembarking from their flight home.

“I’m going to bring you this damn close to wanting to never pick up a basketball again. That’s how hard I’m going to push you,” head coach Meiko Tsukawaki told his players before one such practice session. “I’m asking all of you right now if you belong on this team, and believe me, before we hit the court against Joe Gibbs all of you will have an answer. Nobody expected us to be here. Nobody gave us a chance, but guess what? We’re here to win it.”

LAU-Hoji has become something of a pleasant but unexpected surprise in the NSCAA Tournament, after narrowly stunning top seeded Dover City University in overtime, and then beating twelfth seeded University of Pharamus by seven to reach the Elite Eight, although the Warhawks will truly be tested against second seeded Joe Gibbs University. Though expected to lose, hope remains high in the City of Hearts for the last remaining Territorial team in the tournament.

The team received a warm welcome from a swarm of fans and LAU-Hoji students on hand to greet the team upon arriving at Hoji International. By contrast, the University of Hoji’s women’s team received a bit of a lukewarm reception on their return home, following their 85-78 loss to the Taeshan Air Force Academy.

The University of Hoji campus has been quiet and sober over the last week as the media had descended upon the university to cover the Queens’ exit from the tournament and the police shooting that occurred on campus, and many students have found it hard to concentrate under such a bright spotlight. It will take a while for things to get back to normal on campus, but some of the more the humble Queens players are taking their loss in stride.

“I’m proud of our two wins, and I think we played well, but the Taeshan Air Force Academy is a great team, so we have nothing to be ashamed of in losing to them,” Queens guard Saiko Honda said.

That’s a sentiment that many share, but admittedly, it’s disappointing that UH couldn’t make it further in the tournament. The Warhawks will probably experience that same disappointment when they play Joe Gibbs University. There’s always the chance they can pull off an upset like they did against Dover City University, but that chances is slim. And even if the Warhawks got their upset, they’d still face an equally challenging battle in the Final Four. Win or lose, LAU-Hoji has accomplished more than anyone ever gave them credit for being capable of.
20-03-2009, 14:33
Who's going to the final four in Tundra Falls? Find out soon.

(1) University of Qazox 89-69 (7) University of Petrol Harbor

(2) University of Southport 93-75 (4) Simona Baptist

(2) Joe Gibbs University 86-82 (9) Lesser Antilles University at Hoji

(1) Taeshan Air Force Academy 79-87 (3) University of Qazox- Pika City


University of Qazox vs University of Southport
Joe Gibbs University vs University of Qazox- Pika City

Games will be scorinated at 9am Eastern US time Saturday.
The championship will be scorinated at 5PM eastern US time Sunday
20-03-2009, 15:13
Of all the times to institute a laps rule for technicals, Joe Gibbs University coach Gary Clark thought to himself. His Redskins just defeated ninth seeded Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 86-82 after surviving a 10-1 run late in the game.

However, he'd warned the team that any technical fouls would result in the entire team running a lap around the Gibbs campus. He didn't expect to be the one to draw a technical foul. He did that when small forward Kody Daniels was called for traveling on a layup that would have given the Redskins a 10-point lead with two minutes, 11 seconds left in the second half.

"All right, let's go," he said, trying to sound authoritative. He knew assistant coach Art Sanders wouldn't have a problem with running the lap. He ran two such laps every morning and was in better shape than some of the players. However, it'd been quite a while since Clark ran that much.

By the time the team was finished with its lap around campus, Clark wheezed. He had to go visit the trainer as assistant coach Rick Monk addressed the team.

"We made it to Tundra Falls," he said. "The University of Qazox-Pika City are going to be a tough opponent. Qazox have two teams in the Final Four. We have to do our part to ensure that one of those two teams goes home.

"It won't be easy. They're used to close games. Their game against Taeshan Air Force Academy was more lopsided than their first three games put together. And Taeshan Air Force dominated until that point. We're going to have to rotate faster, play more defence and hit our shots to do well. We can't afford any more stupid mistakes," Monk said, casting a quick glance toward the trainer's office.

"Practice begins at 8 a.m. tomorrow here at the arena. When we get done, we'll be on the flight to Tundra Falls. Make sure you pack everything you need, including your textbooks."

Monk then saw Clark walking out of the trainer's room looking slighly wan.

"Good luck, gentlemen," Monk said, dismissing the team. After the players left, Clark turned to Monk.

"Man, I really fucked up getting that T."

"I know. I told the team we couldn't afford any more stupid mistakes."

"The Qazoxians predicted we'd be out after the Elite 8. They said we were the weakest No. 2 seed in the tournament."

"Oh really," Monk said. "Interestingly enough, we're one of only two No. 2 seeds remaining in the tournament."

"I know," Clark said. "Pika City are used to close matches. We just played our first close match of the tournament. You think we can handle it if it gets close late?"

"We proved it against Lesser Antilles," Monk said. "When they had a four-point lead with a minute left, that's when we got consecutive 3s from Kody. He was then money on the charity stripe. We have it in us to survive a close game. But we also know they do, too.

"Get some rest, Gary. You're going to need it."
21-03-2009, 03:54 Results
Port Royal Regional Final
1 2 Final
#7 UPH (29-8) 35 34 69
#1 UQazox (31-2) 43 46 89

Alvin Hayes scored 38 points as the Panthers dominated University of Petrol Harbor to advance to the Final Four. While close in the first half, UQazox finished the final 2:09 of the first half on a 13-4 run, to open a 43-35 lead. Petrol Harbor missed thier first 9 shots of the 2nd half, as the Panthers scored the first 14 points to open up a 57-35 lead, a lead that would only once dip below 20 points (71-52 at 8:13). The Panthers will face local favorites University of Southport (33-1) in the first Semifinal.

Concord Heights Regional Final
1 2 Final
#3 UQPC (31-3) 41 46 87
#1 TAFA (32-1) 39 40 79

Leading 82-79 with 52 seconds left, Senior guard Greg Ash nailed quite possibly the biggest shot of his carrer at UQPC, a 3-pointer just before the shot clock expired giving the Fighting Pike an 85-79 lead over previously unbeaten Taeshan Air Force Academy. A missed 3-pointer with 31 seconds left, put Charles Bryant on the line for 2, which he made, providing the final points as UQPC advances to the Final Four in TUNDRA FALLS, Newmanistan to face Sarzonia's Joe Gibbs University (32-4).'s Upset of the day:
Concord Heights Regional Final:
#3 University of Qazox-Pika City (31-3) def. #1 (32-1) Taeshan Air Force Academy 89-81.'s Qazoxian Player of the Day:
Alvin Hayes (UQazox) 38 pts, 7 rebs, 6 assists.

Semifinal #1
(1) University of Qazox vs (2) University of Southport

How they got here:
#1 UQazox (31-2)
1st Round: def. #16 University of Resurgens-Granite Harbor 84-62
2nd Round: def. #9 Till College 91-78
3rd Round: def. #5 University of Concord Heights 79-74
Quarterfinals: def. #7 University of Petrol Harbor 89-69

#2 University of Southport (33-1)
1st Round: def. #15 Machrobat Military School 88-75
2nd Round: def. #7 Grav-Vogg State 85-80
3rd Round: def. #11 Fadron University 91-78
Quarterfinals: def #4 Simona Baptist 93-75

OUR PREDICTION: UQazox 81- University of Southport 77
New Bruxen Casino Line: University of Southport -2.5

Semifinal #2
(2) Joe Gibbs University vs (3) University of Qazox-Pika City

How they got here:
#2 Joe Gibbs University (32-4)
1st Round: def. #15 Jamison College 95-65
2nd Round: def. #7 Seclusion Coast State 82-70
3rd Round: def. #6 Dancougar Royal Academy 90-80
Quarterfinals: def. #9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 86-82

#3 University of Qazox-Pika City (31-3)
1st Round: def. #14 St. Margaret’s College 97-95 (2OT)
2nd Round: def. #6 Amherst School of Finance 93-91 (OT)
3rd Round: def. #10 Loudon Empire University 84-83
Quarterfinals: def #1 Taeshan Air Force Academy 87-79

OUR PREDICTION: University of Qazox-Pika City 87- Joe Gibbs University 82
New Bruxen Casino Line: University of Qazox-Pika City -3.5
21-03-2009, 03:56
(ooc to Secristan: WTG you got the Final Four correct!!!!)
21-03-2009, 14:11
Who's going to the final? Find out soon.

And here it is......

University of Qazox 84-74 University of Southport
Joe Gibbs University 78-73 University of Qazox- Pika City

Final will be scorinated in 32 hours. 5 pm EDT.
21-03-2009, 16:07
The final horn brought sweet relief for Gary Clark and his Redskins.

Joe Gibbs University jumped out to a big lead and survived a furious rally from the University of Qazox-Pika City to defeat the Concord Heights regional champions 78-73 in a match at Tundra Falls, Newmanistan.

Now the Redskins (33-4) would face another University of Qazox for the right to lift the first-ever NSCAA Tournament championship trophy. This time, the Redskins would be the underdogs and would wear their burgundy uniforms for the first time in the tournament.

That was fine with Clark.

"We've been underdogs the last few matches," he said. "Qazox's media dismissed us as the weakest No. 2 seed in the tournament. Now we're the last No. 2 seed standing."

To wit: The University of Southport, which won the Atlantea Regional was the other No. 2 seed remaining in the tournament, but fell to University of Qazox 84-74 in the first Final Four match up. There will be no third place fixture.

Kody Daniels scored a game-high 28 points on 11-for-18 shooting, including three 3-pointers. More importantly, the Redskins won the rebounding battle, outrebounding Qazox-Pika City 46-32.

"That was huge," Daniels said of the rebounding edge. "We needed to hustle and get on the boards, and we needed to be accurate with our shots. Then we needed to hold on."

They did in spite of a game closing 18-4 run that turned a 74-55 romp with 2:48 remaining into a nail-biter. Clark had taken out his starters, but with the lead down to four, he returned all of them to the court.

"Give them credit," Clark said. "They battled back. They made it tough on us at the end, there."
21-03-2009, 18:18 Results
Semifinal #1
1 2 Final
#2 South (33-2) 39 35 74
#1 UQazox (32-2) 33 51 84

Trailing 45-33 early in the 2nd half, Randy Foyle (23 points) and Xavier Hardee (24 points) took over, scoring 17 of the Panthers' next 20 points during a 20-3 run to take a 53-48 lead with 10:26 remaining. Southport battled back and with 2:09 left, the game was tied up at 69-all. But back-to-back three's by Jack Mercyhurst made it 75-71 and Southport couldn't keep up as UQazox advanced to the championship to take on...

Semifinal #2
1 2 Final
#3 UQPC (31-4) 31 42 73
#2 JGU (33-4) 45 33 78

Joe Gibbs University jumped out to an early 17-2 lead and at one point in the 1st half lead 35-19. But the Fightung Pike battled back to within 5 at 78-73 with 1:16 left, but that was as close as they would get, as the Redskins advanced to the Championship to take on UQazox. Charles Bryant had 35 points in the loss, including going 7-7 from 3-pt range.'s Qazoxian Player of the Day:
Charles Bryant (UQPC) 35 pts, 11 rebs.


(1) University of Qazox vs (2) Joe Gibbs University

How they got here:
#1 UQazox (32-2)
1st Round: def. #16 University of Resurgens-Granite Harbor 84-62
2nd Round: def. #9 Till College 91-78
3rd Round: def. #5 University of Concord Heights 79-74
Quarterfinals: def. #7 University of Petrol Harbor 89-69
Semifinals: def. #2 University of Southport 84-74

#2 Joe Gibbs University (33-4)
1st Round: def. #15 Jamison College 95-65
2nd Round: def. #7 Seclusion Coast State 82-70
3rd Round: def. #6 Dancougar Royal Academy 90-80
Quarterfinals: def. #9 Lesser Antilles University at Hoji 86-82
Semifinals: def. #3 University of Qazox-Pika City 78-73

OUR PREDICTION: UQazox 86- Joe Gibbs University 82
New Bruxen Casino Line: UQazox -3.5
22-03-2009, 22:05
Cutoff & tipoff for the final. Will be University of Qazox or Joe Gibbs University?

University of Qazox 77-85 Joe Gibbs University

Congrats to Sarzonia's Joe Gibbs University.
22-03-2009, 22:23
Congratulations also to Cassadaigua for winning the Prediction Challenge with 103 points. Taeshan, who finished 2nd, was the only one who picked Joe Gibbs University.
22-03-2009, 22:43
(stupid ad)
22-03-2009, 23:37
Will Shane lined up at the free throw line.

Unlike the other four Redskins players on the court, Shane had a terrible free throw percentage. He hit only 62 percent of his foul shots on the regular season and clanged 11 of his 27 free throw attempts in the matches leading up to this NSCAA Tournament final.

However, with power forward Joachim Benson nursing a hamstring pull after the half, Shane had to play. He'd missed four of his first six foul shots before this point, a minute 27 remaining in regulation with Joe Gibbs University leading 78-77. The University of Qazox-Pika City fouled Shane, using what their coach described as "smack a Shane" in an effort to get rebounds of expected misses.

Shane stepped away from the foul line for a moment, inhaled and exhaled deeply before stepping back to the stripe. The referee bounced the ball to him. He looked down at the floor, bounced the ball twice, then set himself and let fly.

Swish. Exhale. Catch the ball bouncing back to him from the referee. Dribble twice. Set himself. Swish. 80-77. Point guard Breven Jacobs stole an inbounds pass, then quickly found Shane. Another foul came, the eighth of the half for Qazox-Pika City. Again, Shane went to the line. Again, the breathing. Again, he hit both shots. 82-77. Now it was a two-possession game.

On the defensive end of the floor, Shane blocked a shot, which Jacobs gathered and started a rush down the court, where he was fouled as he hit a layup. He hit the resulting free throw and the Redskins had an eight point lead, making it a three-possession game.

Two more desperate 3-point attempts from Qazox-Pika City fell short in the final moments and the final whistle sounded. That sent Gary Clark and the Redskins bench into a jumping frenzy as they soon piled on top of each other at centre court.

The Redskins may have fallen short of national championship glory at the hands of Woodstock City College, but they came through when it counted the most on the world stage. Even though Sarzonia was entitled to send six teams to compete in the first-ever NSCAA Tournament and only sent three, its regular season standard bearer completed the job.

"World champs, baby!" came the exultations of the players as they lined up the ladder at the east basket. Each player lined up to ascend the ladder with a pair of scissors to snip off part of the string. Even the hobbled Benson, who jumped in spite of the stinging pain he felt in his hamstring when his team won, limped up the ladder with scissors in hand to snip off one of the strings.

Finally, it was Clark's turn. He snipped off the last string, then held the net high in the air and pointed at Bobby Bethard, the JGU assistant athletic director for basketball operations. He'd been designated as athletic director in place of longtime AD Glenn Whitman, who looked up from the foot of the ladder.

Clark beckoned for Whitman to climb the ladder and grab the rest of the net, but Whitman shook his head. Finally, Clark descended the ladder and convinced Whitman to grab one half of the net. Both men raised their arms in triumph.

Joe Gibbs University finally had itself the championship it thought it should have earned earlier. But the National University Athletic Association championship had gone to a luckier Woodstock City College Warlocks team. This time, luck was on the side of the burgundy and gold.
23-03-2009, 03:04
(ooc to Sarzonia, you played UQPC in the semis, and UQazox in the finals.. TWO different teams entirely! and WTG...ya bastard! LOL)
23-03-2009, 03:13 Results
1 2 Final
#2 JGU (34-4) 40 45 85
#1 UQazox (32-3) 39 38 77

In a game that was close throughout, Joe Gibbs made their free-throws down the stretch, breaking open a 78-77 game with 1:27 left to win the first NSCAA basketball tourney over UQazox. Xavier Hardee lead the pnathers with 29 points and 18 rebounds, but when Hardee fouled out with 2:07 left and UQazox holding to a slim 72-70 lead, JGU took full advantage and drove to the net on the inexperienced Sean Binder, who would up with 4 fouls in just 5 minutes of game time.

While the QCAA didn't win the tourney, being the only nation to have two teams in the Final Four showed, that the future of Qazoxian basketball looks bright.'s Qazoxian Player of the Tourney:
Xavier Hardee (UQazox) 24.2 PPG, 11.4 RPG, 3.5 BPG
23-03-2009, 05:33
Congrats to the winners and thanks Newmanistan for putting it together. Looks like the scorinator still needs tweaking for college, but it worked! Yay!
03-04-2009, 20:11
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05-04-2009, 00:48
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